SteamVR Home: Holiday Props

19 грудня 2017 р. - Lawrence

Happy Holidays! Our friends at Vive Creative Labs recently released a holiday update for their Driftwood environment. This update included, among other things, all the pieces you need to build a snowman.

Vive Creative Labs was kind enough to share this snowman kit with us and we are now making it available for all players in SteamVR Home, regardless of what environment you are in. Just look in your 'Things' menu to find all you need to make your own snowman as well as some festive holiday lights.

Have fun, and see you in SteamVR Home!

SteamVR Home: New Collectibles

11 грудня 2017 р. - Lawrence

Today we are making SteamVR Home Collectibles available for Fallout 4 VR, DOOM VFR, and Wrath of Loki: VR Adventure.

We're excited about the release of Fallout 4 VR, and we've worked with Bethesda Game Studios to do something special. As players play through Fallout 4 VR, they will unlock up to 10 Vault Boy figurines in SteamVR Home. There are a total of 20 unique possible figurines, and these special collectibles will be granted one at a time on a daily basis based on playtime in Fallout 4 VR.

Have fun, and see you in SteamVR Home!

SteamVR Home: Quick Inventory and More

22 листопада 2017 р. - Lawrence
We've updated SteamVR Home today with a new way to quickly equip tools, a new tutorial, and other quality of life updates and bug fixes.

Quick Inventory
Until now, it's taken several clicks through the in-game menu to find and equip different tools. With today's update there is now a shortcut: the quick inventory. Simply click and hold the grip button to see what tools you have unlocked, hover over your choice, and release the grip to equip that tool.

We think this will be a much more natural, more VR-specific way of interacting with the world in SteamVR Home. We're excited about this update and hope to add more of these kinds of intuitive interactions in the coming months.

Physics Prop Tutorial
This tutorial is the third installment of the SteamVR Home Environment tutorial series. Now that you've learned about Hammer and Basic Lighting and wrapped your head around Materials, it's time to dive into the details of Creating Physics Props for your SteamVR Home environment.

This new tutorial walks you step by step through:
  1. Constructing a prop
  2. Importing it to SteamVR Home Tools
  3. Adding physics
  4. Placing the prop in your SteamVR Home environment
  5. Adding surface properties
You can find the new tutorial here. We're looking forward to seeing what you create.

Quality of life improvements
With this update we've also made a number of improvements and fixes to SteamVR Home for all headsets. This includes fixing bugs related to the laser pointer and teleport, updating controller models automatically depending on your VR setup, and bug fixes for SteamVR Workshop Tools.

Also included are various quality of life improvements for the Oculus Rift (snap turning is now fixed for save games) and Windows Mixed Reality (updating tutorial panels and adding custom models).

Please see the patch notes for more info, and as always we'd love to hear what you think in the discussion boards.

SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality

15 листопада 2017 р. - Lawrence

Today we are excited to announce SteamVR compatibility with Windows Mixed Reality. We have been working closely with Microsoft to make this happen and believe this is a big step in growing VR as an open platform for developers and consumers. Now players can use any supported SteamVR content, purchased on Steam or elsewhere, with Windows Mixed Reality headsets on PCs above the minimum recommended specifications.

A Note from Microsoft on SteamVR Hardware Recommendations:
PC requirements vary for available apps & content on Steam. Please see the minimum requirements per title. Additionally we've found that running SteamVR on a PC with a GTX 1070 video card (or equivalent) and an Intel Core i7 processor on the latest version of Windows works well with a broad range of SteamVR applications.

If your PC does not meet these specs you won't be blocked from running Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR however this may impact the performance and quality of the overall experience.”
You can also test your PC with the SteamVR performance test.

Getting Started
Setting up SteamVR with your Windows Mixed Reality headset is simple. Once your headset is installed, you'll just need three things: a Steam account, SteamVR, and the Windows Mixed Reality driver. For more details on setting up SteamVR with Windows Mixed Reality,
visit this guide.

Once set up, refer to the quick guide below to learn how to navigate SteamVR with your Windows Mixed Reality controllers.

The diagram above has been updated to clarify usage of the Trackpads and Thumbsticks on Windows Mixed Reality controllers. Content developers have access to both and can update their content to use either or both the Trackpad and Thumbstick. Currently most content on SteamVR has been designed to look for Trackpads, which is why they are utilized by default.

Developers: the thumbstick state can be accessed at axis 2.

Upcoming Windows Mixed Reality Support on Steam

14 листопада 2017 р. - AdamK
On Wednesday November 15, support for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets will be made available to all Steam customers. Any user of a Windows Mixed Reality Headset will be able to use their device to purchase and play SteamVR content. We think this is a positive step for developers and growing the VR ecosystem. You can read more about Windows Mixed Reality here:

As part of the launch, we are adding options to Steamworks to allow developers to specify whether their titles support Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Most titles should work without any changes, though we encourage you to test with consumer hardware to make sure you are happy with the experience.

To display Windows MR support for your title, go to the “Edit Store Page” link on your App Landing Page, click the “Basic Info” tab, and scroll down to “Virtual Reality.” Uncheck the “Hide Windows Mixed Reality” and then publish to the store.

If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out in the SteamVR forums or contact Valve.
SteamVR Home: Driftwood by HTC Creative Labs