Introducing Steam Audio

23. Februar - christen

Steam Audio is now available, delivering an advanced spatial audio solution for games and VR apps. Steam Audio includes several exciting features that significantly improve immersion and open up new possibilities for spatial audio design.

The Steam Audio SDK is available free of charge, for use by teams of any size, without any royalty requirements. Steam Audio currently supports Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. Just like Steam itself, Steam Audio is available for use with a growing list of VR devices and platforms.

Visit the Steam Audio Community Hub to hear examples of what's possible with Steam Audio.

Destinations: The Quest Update

31. Januar - Lawrence

Complete quests, collect souvenirs, and stick them to your head! The Quest Update to Destinations is here, with a host of new features and content to explore.

Introducing Geocaching Quests

Travel to various Destinations to find hidden item caches using the new Cache Finder tool. Locate one, and you (along with anyone questing with you) will earn a wearable item or avatar head to customize the way you look. Fancy a different hat than the one you found? Trade with other Destinations players on Steam or head over to the Steam Market. A new set of geocaching quests will appear each week, so get out there and find some caches!

New Avatar Options

Show off your sense of style with new avatar customization options. You can now place hats, hair, and other wearables (which you’ve found on various quests) on your head. Resize and recolor every item to your taste, then save the whole set as a preset outfit for quick access.

New Destinations, Tools, and More

Two new official Destinations have arrived: ponder the cosmos in the Clockwork Orrery, or enjoy a relaxing stay on the water at Illia’s Retreat. With the addition of tools, like the Airbrush and Drone Controller, players have new ways to interact with the world and other players. We’ve also added new avatar heads, avatar hands (complete with gestures of course), and a refreshed interface which makes it easier to meet up with friends in Destinations.

Ballooninator vs Pop Zapper

Collaborate in multiplayer with the Airbrush tool

Take control of the skies with the Drone Controller

Whether you're using a Vive, Rift, or any other OpenVR compatible headset there's never been a better time to book a tour in Destinations. (Motion controllers are required for Quests, Tools, Props, and Wearables).

As always, let us know what you think in the discussion boards.

Working on Khronos VR Standard

6. Dezember 2016 - Programmer Joe

Today the Khronos Group announced a new open standard initiative for VR. The goal is to allow VR hardware and software to talk to each other without the need to go through anybody’s proprietary API.

As the number of competing VR systems grows, this effort will provide a stable platform for application developers to target. And as new VR headset manufacturers come online, the same standard will give them access to a broad set of applications without the need to convince anyone to port those applications to the new piece of hardware.

This new standard is the next logical step from what we’ve been working on with OpenVR. The VR team at Valve is hard at work with the rest of the VR standard group at Khronos to define these APIs. Over time we expect significant pieces of OpenVR itself to be replaced by the Khronos APIs.

If you work on VR hardware or engines, we invite you to join us and work on the standard through Khronos. You can find information about joining Khronos on the Khronos site.

Welcome to Steam OSVR Headsets

29. November 2016 - Chet

Last week we added an additional icon for titles that are compatible with OSVR headsets, that is the ominous image above.

Thanks to Open VR support, the OSVR HMDs launch with over 200 titles already showing support and more developers will be verifying support and adding the icon every day. If you are a developer, give it a go, reach out to the fine folks at OSVR by email - - to get your very own developer kit.

This is the first new HMD we have added since this past spring when both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive launched on Steam and this won't be the last new headset supported. As the industry keeps growing, changing, and experimenting, Steam will be there to help you experience the latest VR content on whatever device you choose.

Recent New Titles

21. November 2016 - Chet

A quick recap of a few of the recent titles.

First up is Google Earth VR - which is available for free! We have strong emotional attachments to physical locations, so the first thing we see everyone do when playing around with Earth is to is load up their childhood homes or other locations that are special to them in their lives.

After that, other popular destinations have included - checking out other cities you have lived in, cities you will visit, or even cities you will only visit virtually. Don’t forget you can go to human scale (available in the settings), or stomp around any of the maps as a giant. Let us know where your favorite locations are. Mine is pictured above, sitting above Cleveland Browns Stadium, celebrating their perfect season. (Earth stores the pictures in "\\Users\User\Pictures\Google Earth VR")

EVE: Valkyrie is now available and for a limited time you also get Gunjack free! One of the cool things players may not be aware of in this cross-platform space shooter is, each platform has a ship available unique to that platform.

Cowbots and Aliens is a multi-player game that embraces teleportation. This highly polished game has some great weapons but make sure to use headphones as the positional sound means everything in this one.

Climbey is a strange one. In this climbing racer... not sure that is a category, but either way in this game you race people by climbing through courses. It is exhausting but fun. Warning, some of us found the intro training levels a bit... um... uncomfortable, but we were all fine in the races.

VR The Diner Duo is a PC monitor to VR Co-op game. Can you make the food fast enough for the impatient customers? You can work together with one person in VR and the other at the computer or you can go it alone in VR. This is a great party game.

For more games, there are new ones every day, you can now visit the dedicated VR landing page at