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Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Update: Jul 14 @ 4:07pm

- try to force a starting position for all civilizations on all map types to prevent the bug (return to main menu) introduced by the June patch.

Update: Jul 6 @ 5:29am

- restore "Export to Lua" button in Worldbuilder, and update code to include coastal lowland altitude
- restore YnAMP riversID (for imported maps) and flow direction to plot Editor tab in Worldbuilder
- add option to import lowland placement for converted maps
- add option to disable the map generator random placement of floodplains for imported map (no rivers flooding then)
- change the method to prevent Civilizations without TSL to be placed on the map, instead of not assigning them a Starting Position (which now makes the game exit to main menu) the mod remove all their units on the first turn, but it has a side effect : you may find geographic features named from those removed Civilization around their temporary starting position
- bug fix: do not try to call MarkCoastalLowlands() when it does not exist (for example when loading a WorldBuilder's mapmod)
- allow scenario placement of Capitals and Imported Cities (from the <ScenarioCities> or <CityMap> table) even when there is no maximum number of cities defined (and still use the limit when it's defined)
- various bug fix for the scenarios placement code
- add some scenario data (cities, territories, units, improvements, routes) formatted in XML to the lua.log when using the "Export Map to Log" function
- add <MaxDistanceFromCapital> and <OnlySameLandMass> parameters for city placement using the scenario generator
- add an example of settings for a generated scenario ("YnAMP generated placement")
- add option on setup screen to prevent any scenario placement
- fix river flow in North-East section of the Play Europe Again map thanks to Mew151
- various fix to the scenario generator code
- fix "Export to Lua" code that was failing when not using Gathering Storm
- add a check to prevent placement in scenario of civilizations that shouldn't have a TSL for the current map (but were force-placed to avoid the crash to main menu introduced with civ6 latest patch and players without starting position)
- restore Restart button in WorldBuilder

Update: Jun 8 @ 11:43am

- no more automatic random placement for missing strategic resources on a map, it's now an option when you select "Import" for resources placement
- "Coastal Lowland" placement option is now available for all maps, including non-YnAMP
- add an "Empty" entry to the "Coastal Lowland" placement option, to prevent sea rising
- bug fix: don't place Coastal Lowland near lakes

Update: Jun 6 @ 11:11am

- deactivate WB override in prevision of the June patch

Update: Jun 3 @ 2:46pm

- hotfix for CS selection broken by previous update

Update: Jun 2 @ 6:06am

- move back all scenario and CS options to the default section an remove custom sections to fix some of the issues with compatibility and when setting MP games (including the Play By Cloud error)
- implement international road placement, all available options for scenario in the setup screen should work now

Update: Jun 1 @ 1:51am

- initial release of the scenario generator for placing Cities, Territory and Roads (some options are not coded yet, like number of roads per city and international roads, and some won't do anything if the map/scenario don't support them, like "import" if there is no custom scenario and "City Map" on maps without Real City Naming)
- add option to select specific City-States for a game (need the YnAMP AdvancedSetup.lua and AdvancedSetup.xml replacement to be loaded, so not compatible with mods that change that file like Sukritact's)
- crash fix : do not try to place NW truncated by a custom selection of a map region
- bug fix : some Korean texts where using the <en_US> tag
- crash fix : change code for Ocean start position
- add "Panama" option for the Giant Earth (change hills to flatland near Panama for a canal)
- fix WorlBuilder panels, hide Firaxis brush tools, as YnAMP's has more size and allows more placement types

Update: Apr 24 @ 10:36am

- update Simplified Chinese texts (and bug fixes to Korean and En/US
Cities text files) thanks to gamesyofo
- add some parameterIDs (and UI) for generated scenarios setup (but only
a portion of City placement is coded in game)
- add initial support for hot loading custom movie background and title
logos on the main menu for scenarios
- add release number to Lua.log to save some support time by filtering
reports from users with outdated versions of the game

Update: Apr 14 @ 4:27am

- compatibility fix : can select Civilization in both setup screen, not just the advanced setup screen.
- compatibility fix : no duplicate entries for maps.
- add <DisabledByFeature> tag to the ExtraPlacement table (allows conditional placement of Volcanoes to prevent overriding of custom NW like Krakatoa or Fuji)
- bug fix : don't place missing strategic resources if the "No Resource" placement option is selected
- various change and addition to the (W.I.P) scenarios code and tables

Update: Mar 16 @ 6:03am

- update Simplified Chinese translation thanks to gamesyofo
- add Korean translation thanks to S2SKY
- add "Lowland placement" option (normal or "deeper" where sea rising can reach further inland, following flatland plots)
- add <Elevation> tag for the ExtraPlacement table, allowing Lowland setting/override on specific plots