ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Update: Aug 31 @ 4:23am

Update 3.5.16

-Added new Main plot for class structure
-Added sub plot Happiness
-Added sub plot compliance
-Added Park plot to happiness plots
-Added guard barracks to compliance plot
-Rebalanced mod
-Removed worker requirement for warehouse
-Boosted water and supply production amounts
-Improved compliance tax and production calculations
-Happiness and compliance now directly tie in to production and tax
-Added extra display box to UI
-UI logic added for compliance and happiness to both Hud UI and details UI

--Bugs fixed—
-fixed issue with upgrading to Adobe
-fixed issue with not being able to upgrade certain plots
-fixed issue with details screen not calculating correctly
-Other small things

Update: Aug 6 @ 3:03am

Update 3.4.2
-Complete rebuild of AI/NPCs to insure no more saves will be damaged
-Several bugs fixed including snapping to foundation issues and Adobe Wall not having any collision
-unlocked Tire 3 Adobe
-NPC generation added
-re added features from 3.3.24
-Fixed bugs that were reverted in 3.3.24
-Code foundations complete for happiness and compliance system
-Master Plot created for all future plot types

Update: Jul 6 @ 6:34am

Rolled back to before NPCs

Update: Jul 6 @ 6:24am

Reverted to old version

Update: Jul 5 @ 11:54pm

Update 2.3.25 --Hotpatch--
--Bugs fixed---
-Fixed toggle underplots destroying town hall instead of underplot
-Added a force show cursor to City details screen
-Added further code to force new NPCs to be on your team and non hostile

Update: Jul 4 @ 7:37am

Update: 3.3.24
- Phase 1 Resident NPCs
- Basic Animation system to handle movement
- Basic Life death states for NPC
-Spawn system for NPC
-Full clothing support NPC
-Randomised Nameing NPC
-Randomised hair color and Styles
-Basic wander system
-Base Code for Phase 2 NPC added

-----Bugs Fixed------
-City wall calculation issue on game load
-Cycles spamming between 11:40pm and 12:00am
--Plots snapping under foundations
- Unable to upgrade to Adobe teir
- Issues with UI interactions
- Town Hall plot not Destroying
-----Known issues-------
-Destroying a city sometimes leaves remaining buildings
-NPCs can do random things for random reasons

Update: Jun 17 @ 10:12pm

--Hotpatch 1 --
-Fixed city wall upgrade without city level
-Fixed Citywall adobe ==> thatch error
-Fixed City under-plot foundations not being removed
-Can now manually remove Under plot Foundations

Update: Jun 13 @ 2:57am

Build 3.2.0
-Added 17 New buildings
-Teir 3 Adobe Added
-City walls added (up to Teir 3)
-New plot interactive items added
-Larger building support
-City Wall Costs and upkeep added
-Core code for happiness system
-Resident strike backbone added
-Teir 3 Tax rewards added
-City Wall upgrade now works locally to save on CPU usage
--------Bugs Fixed ---------------
-City walls not linking to city
-City walls float to int conversion not correct
-Plot builder name was incorrect
-Cycle check now checks if the game was paused
-Destroying city not removing underplot foundations
-Adjusted City hall costs
-Strange collision issues with water plots

Update: May 22 @ 11:47pm

-Debug Logging added at vital functions of the mod
-Critical reload issue Fixed
-Under plot foundations are now on city hall
-under plot foundations can now be removed

Update: May 16 @ 3:09am

Build 3.0.7
-New build has fixed errors