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|||||To close UI press (“Shift + E”)|||||
Note: Manual Build is now On by Default
Ark Settlements brings in a new level of gameplay to Ark by giving you the ability to build entire villages, manage and keep expanding them to grow them in to towering tech cities. Insure there are enough workers to work the industries including Food, Forestry and mining, whilst keeping the city hydrated with pumping stations and water wells. In time the mod will also have its own economy complete with shops and a global economy affecting the supply and demand factors of the city.

In short Ark, Settlements is a city building and management mod. It adds another level of game play on top of the Ark whilst not breaking the immersion or lore of the base game. Inspired by SimCity and City skylines this mod adds Plots to the game the three main types are Residential, Industrial and Supply buildings. Future updates will feature Commercial plots with a full supply and demand chain along with NPC civilians. If played on a server than the ability to sends trade caravans will be made possible along with one of the final features being City raiding.
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NPC’s are only in phase 1 and will be further developed in future updates
Current Tasks
1. Entertainment Plots
2. Compliance Plots

Current Bugs on the list to fix for next version
1.NPC spawning issues

Quick Start

Starting a town
To start a settlement, you will need a city hall. This is the main object of any settlement and defines the level of the town. Once a plot is placed the town hall will be built and cycle time will be determined 20 minutes ahead of the c you can now place other plots down.
Next you will need some residents to work the many other plots that will be placed down, currently, there are two residents per residential plot. And each building requires at least 2 unemployed residents. Other plots can be placed down but will not reach level 1 until there are enough unemployed residents. On the other hand, if you have too many unemployed residents no more houses will be built.

Next, you will want to set up somewhere to store goods place down a warehouse plot to increase the minim cap of stored goods. Level 1 warehouses store 50 of each type. Following that, you will need water and supplies for the city place down one of each of these plots

Finally, we can start placing down industry plots there are currently 3 types of industry
, Food: Food industry’s supply the city with food either that is from hunting, ranching or framing.

Forestry: The forestry industry supplies the city with building materials such as wood thatch, fibre, and other grown items.

Mining/mineral: Mineral industries supply the city with stone, flint, obsidian and even Oil and higher levels.

Check Roadmap here:
Keep up to date with the Developer blog here:
Learn with Mod Wiki Here: Still in development
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Aug 21 @ 3:42am
Jun 1 @ 4:23am
mods that dont work together
Suur Renegade
Jul 12 @ 6:38am
What use is this?
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TankinatorFR 17 hours ago 
@Kiwiboys Thank you for your answer. I will have a look at it again. But, I am sceptikal. I was indeed able to get a message telling me that there wasn't enought water (nothing about supply). I was surprised. I believed that one water plot and 100 water stock would be enought to start a small village. Last time I tried, the city had a 200 stockpile of water and supply, 3 working water plots, 2 working supply plots, and the food, stone and wood plots were still not working.
But I will have a look again as soon as I can and will keep you informed. Thanks
Kiwiboys  [author] Aug 21 @ 3:46am 
@TankinatorFR There was a new system added to the auto upgrade loop. The city now checks to make sure you have enough water and supply's to sustain the city's upkeep. With the Hud UI open go up to the plot and try manual upgrade in the upper left hand corner a message will state what is required.
Kev Aug 21 @ 2:37am 
lol sim settlements without the required people behind the operation. good luck.
LuLuBuuBuu Aug 18 @ 10:58am 
What servers with high population use this?
Armatron Aug 16 @ 12:51pm 
ya i have 14 ppl in city
Armatron Aug 16 @ 12:50pm 
well i have all working but the farm.... got them up to 100/100 for all but 0/100 for farm.... wont let me upgrade city without 125 food.
Nathan the Legionnaire Aug 14 @ 10:55am 
Exact same issue. They make -15 instead of +15 for me.
123 Aug 14 @ 8:40am 
I have the same ? as below
TankinatorFR Aug 14 @ 2:46am 
Since the update that re-added the PNJ, the forestry, mining spot and the farm won't be worked, resulting in no production. Only water and tools are working. Setting up an other city somewhere else (even on a fresh map) don't seem to change anything. Also, is there a reason for them to always go to the nearest lake and swim in circle until they die ?
IndigaterJones Aug 6 @ 2:15pm 
I found that if they get stuck while spawning I can use a flyer to pick them up and drop them one at a time.