STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War 2.2.4
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Update: May 26 @ 5:51pm

- Several map updates (Phindar, Serenno maps added)
- Re-added m,ap preview images (on invasion/base layout sacreens)

- AI Improvements:
-- Improved the way defending ground forces interact with landing zones (defendedrs shouldn't care about enemy reinforcements, they can go take landing zones)
-- Certain defensive plans made more accessible to AI
-- Fixed EotH building namers in AI plans
-- Improved AI handling of planetary weapons (factions using PA HVGun should fire it now)
-- SSD asteroid collision removed to help with pathfinding
-- AI now takes reinforcements into account before deciding to retreat
-- Incrteased desire to upgrade starbase levels
-- Added Interdictor as independent category type for AI use
-- Other minor adjustments

- Validusia made available to all Imperial factions
- Validusia range increased, should now outrange most ships and actually be somewhat useful (2100 -> 3100)
- Nerfed Ewok hunter damage
- Various text fixes (including Trier, Okins and Kosh ship command text, boarding use depletion tooltip)
- Lag experiements: restored AI for inactive factions, incraesed galactic movespeed (may be reverted)
- Fixed Megamaser graphical effects (singles should no longer render as duals)
- MMT AoE damage removed. strong sinmgle-target damage, shouldn't wipe infantry squads- Gamescoring script restored, should track end-game stats more accurately now)
- Documentation updates: EotH only for now, added more stats to tooltips
- Potential fix for crash opn completion of Katana Fleet mission (needs more testing)
- Elrood income 220 -> 120
- Oto, Empress, Validusia prices adjusted
- Empress Proton Torpedo launch count 2 -> 1 for all HPs
- Raid fleets temporarily disabled in era-progressive GCs
- Harrsk combat bonus to own star destroyer now applies properly (Whirlwind)
- Performance improvements to structure display

Update: May 23 @ 3:27am

Patch 2.2.4 Warning

Update: May 20 @ 8:07am

Re-added map preview images.

Update: May 9 @ 12:53pm

Fix some battle-start crashes

Update: May 8 @ 4:49pm

Fixed AI

Update: May 7 @ 9:44pm

- Fixed several instances of scripts ceasing to work in era progressive campaigns for certain spawn events. Still some cases likely left.
- Some galactic lag optimizations
- Fixed issue where ships would stop rendering when too far from camera
- Fixed Battledragon Death Clone
- Fixed Covell Crash on Deploy
- Fixed Quad Ion Cannon
- Some icon/text fixes
- Fixed issue where Zero Command would not break off properly in Endor Aftermath
- Fixed spawns for Okins, Ramier, Trier, Strang, Weir and Veers for Teradoc and Eriadu in various GCs
- Added NR progression holocron entries with era overviews (coming later for other factions). NR and IR now say exactly how progression works.
- Progression automatic timer reduced from 100 to 80 weeks, Thrawn -> Palpatine sub-era gap from 20 to 15 weeks
- Some skirmish FoW reveal fixes (others likely still remain)
- Company prices adjusted from 10,000 standard to other more suitable prices
- Many ground weapons (currently mostly Empire) moved to hardpoints from in-unit weapons, allowing for accuracy changes. Will be done for other factions as we go.
- Other, less interesting changes that I forget.


Update: May 7 @ 9:37pm

Update: Apr 21 @ 6:18am

We have just pushed a patch to address a few issues. This will currently only be available for Steam Workshop copies because it allows auto-updates, but once we've compiled more changes, the ModDB mirror will be updated as well.

Major Changes:
- Disabled Yevetha (and therefore Empires at War and BFC) due to causing crashes on initiating tactical battles until we can find the cause.
- Added Reinforcement prevention radii to Starbases and mines in skirmish
- Altered stats for power to shields/weapons in skirmish
- Removed power to weapons from larger ships in skirmish (Praetor, Nebula, Allegiance)
- Removed 3 mines on Core Conflict
- Removed Bright Jewel, Mantell Massacre, Corellian Conflict and Dark Fury skirmish maps (redundant or unfinished)
- EotH starts with Krsiss instead of Nsiss in Skirmish
- Added merchant dock units for all factions
- Fixed several skirmish ships removing all FoW, some may still remain.
- Empress station damage nerfed (6 protons per hardpoint -> 2)
- Moff Resuun Tractor Beam enabled
- Enforcer pop cap 2 -> 3
- Fixed [MISSING] Ion cannons on Oto, added Quad Ion projectile
- Fixed an issue where boarded or retreated units would sometimes spawn at dummy planets and be inaccessible.
- Fixed Eriadu Lancet availability
- Fixed duplicated Hailfire company
- Strang and Weir added to Eriadu for era progressives
- World Devastator and Praetor should unlock in era 3 and 4 respectively for Remnant, with WD relocking in Jax era.

Update: Apr 20 @ 3:13am


Update: Apr 17 @ 6:34am

Revert some 2.2.1 Changes