STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

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Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War 2.3.4
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Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War 2.3.4

What is Thrawn's Revenge?

The galaxy is in ruins after the death of the Empire at Endor. The New Republic is competing with many powers to establish themselves as the new dominant force in the galaxy. Play in the Legends-based universe with hundreds of new units, heroes and over a dozen new galactic conquest scenarios to conquer the galaxy.

Playable Factions:
- New Republic
- Imperial Remnant
- Empire of the Hand
- Pentastar Alignment
- Corporate Sector Authority
- Eriadu Authority
- Warlord Zsinj
- Greater Maldrood

Upcoming Playable Factions:
- Hapes Consortium

Current 2.3 Preview Playthrough on Corey Loses:
Taking a look at the Republic in our upcoming Clone Wars Mod, Fall of the Republic

Upcoming Changes:
Early focuses in 2.3 patches will include:
- Mon Calamari art updates
- New units (ie Assertor, VT-49 Decimator)
- Tactical space map art updates (environment lighting and low-orbit maps)
- Economic overhauls
- Continued ground emchanic changes
- Space and ground projectile reworks
- Balance patches

We aim to update with new versions every few months. If you would like to join early testing or keep track of updates, the best place to do it is on our Discord server:

Running the Mod

To play: After subscribing, make sure to let the download finish (see your Steam download manager, it'll say at the bottom of your Steam client), then launch Forces of Corruption. Once ingame, go to the Options menu, then Mods, and enable it from there.

If the game doesn't re-launch when you enable the mod ingame, or you want to just directly launch into the mod, go to the properties for Empire at War in Steam and paste the following into launch options:
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MatticusSama 1 hour ago 
Is there any chance that boarding shuttles will be added for some of the Warlord factions, such as the Eriadu Authority? Seems like they're at a major disadvantage without them.
wookycooky 2 hours ago 
@Toilet Reaper CSA does have interdictor now, it's the CC-7700.
Toilet Reaper 3 hours ago 
Eriadu Authority's best capital ship is the Good Year Blimp. They are literally destroying the Galaxy with the Good Year Blimp.
Toilet Reaper 3 hours ago 
Hey can we talk about how Corporate Sector Authority doesn't have an interdictor ship? It's my favorite faction but it's super annoying in galatic conquest. I can't wipe out enemy fleets if they keep hyperspacing away.
Gromtae 5 hours ago 
Hey question for you all, has anyone noticed the Penstar Alignment easy AI spamming the Corvette class ship at tier 1, this thing has crazy shields/firepower in the sense that 8 y-wing squads hit one, and they didn't even knock down it's shields.
Firestar1212 5 hours ago 
@leon o ya forgot about them :)
Corey Loses  [author] 6 hours ago 
It is the case. There isn't a full breakdown of them anywhere, though.
Leon 9 hours ago 
Really? You used get scimitar assault bombers, howlrunners, preybirds, and all sorts spawning from your carrier-capable ships as the eras advanced - is that no longer the case?
Firestar1212 10 hours ago 
@leon imperial fighter complemnts generaly dont change from TIE F/Is and Bombers unless it says it holds other kinds of fighters, such as Defender, or other rarer TIEs
Leon 12 hours ago 
Hi, quick question - is there anywhere I can see the actual fighter spawns of the various ships? I notice the manual is still from 2.2 and I'm curious how the loadouts change across the eras for things like ISDs and Ton-Falks.