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Seeds for your immersion pleasure.


Adds gameplay surrounding planting crops. For most of the basic crops, you now need seeds. Easy to modify. Comes with the plant processing bench to extract seeds from your favorite fruits.

Writing your own

<SeedsPlease.SeedDef ParentName="SeedBase"> <defName>SeedPotato</defName> <sources> <li>PlantPotato</li> </sources> </SeedsPlease.SeedDef>

That's all it's needed for potato plants to start requiring and dropping seeds. You can customize it further with the seed properties: harvest factor, seed quantity and seed chances, and harvest product. The defaults make a vanilla experience. I've included all the core plants that yield a harvest.


These are included in the base mod, they will be enabled automatically if you have the mods installed.
- Alpha Biomes
- Biomes! Islands
- Crusty Peanuts RimCuisine 2
- Cupros Drinks Soda
- EP Soybeans
- Nature is Pretty Sweet
- T Expanded Crops
- VGP Garden Drinks
- VGP Garden Fabrics
- VGP Garden Gourmet
- VGP Garden Medicine
- VGP Garden Resources
- VGP More Veggies
- VGP Three Sisters
- VGP Vegetable Garden
- VGP Xtra Flowers

Really recommended mod to go alongside SeedsPlease:
- Dubs Mint Menus

Thanks to

- FlowerChild, original mod
- Vendan, A11 update
- Skyarkhangel, A12 update
- Dismar, A13 update

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Forum thread[ludeon.com]

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Jul 2 @ 10:29am
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Feb 25, 2019 @ 9:44am
Duplicate sowing job.
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brightsideguy 19 hours ago 
Also, are animals supposed to be able to eat seeds? I see it as a food item in their list of what they can eat in the info panel, but I've never happened to see an animal eat a seed.
brightsideguy Oct 19 @ 7:05pm 
Small suggestion: It would be nice if the storage filter for seeds were split into Seed(food & medicine) and Seed (Tree).

I don't need the tree seeds that show up from cutting for wood, but I have to manually tweak each and every tree out of my new storage spaces so I don't collect useless seeds.
pgames-food Oct 13 @ 7:11pm 
hi there might be a possible bug that crept in with a recent achtung update?

i had some problems which caused unity to crash if trying to use achtung to force a colonist to have therapy from the therapy mod, and another user also started having some issues.
Varys no Gurke Oct 13 @ 10:53am 
not to rush you or anything but when can we expect the fix? It's just that I'm itching to start my new playthrough and don't wanna miss your mod :)
Charlotte  [author] Oct 11 @ 10:08am 
Oh... That's no good. I need to update the Achtung patch.
Varys no Gurke Oct 11 @ 5:21am 
SeedsPlease :: Can't patch Achtung! No JobDriver_SowAll
is this bad?
Charlotte  [author] Oct 4 @ 6:49am 
What prevents it? Do they fail to appear? This mod doesn't touch research.
Tams Oct 3 @ 8:00pm 
I can't seem to be able to research any crops aside from the ones added by the patch for MorrowRim. I even moved all 3 seeds please mods: Base, mega patch, and morrowrim near the end.
belzebot Sep 30 @ 9:31am 
Oh, awesome. Thanks
Charlotte  [author] Sep 29 @ 11:27am 
The megapack has Vanilla Plants Expanded support. Subscribe to it.