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Human Fallen Empires
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Apr 8, 2017 @ 10:42am
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Human Fallen Empires

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The best mod in your life (maybe).
This gorgeous mod aims to add new content and game features.

For Stellaris 2.3.3+

  • 2 new Human Fallen Empire with history, dialogs, game mechanics.
  • Anomalies, events, mini factions that reflect story.
  • A new start “Mission Discovery”. Play as single ship in a dark galaxy. Forge your destiny among the stars. Or something.
  • Pirates now form their own special, hostile nations, which expand, loot, and plunder if unchecked.
  • Discover the origin of the Ancient Mining Drones.
  • Changes in the "War in Heaven", new Total War mechanic.
  • Play with Brainworm Authority: will you protect the innocent, annoint an elite class to rule, or assimilate the galaxy?
  • Can you survive the Galactic Plague Crisis?
  • Population module: better control over population, including the ability to abandon a colony in one click!
  • Leader module: more interesting and flavorful leaders, with special Traits and abilities.
  • New civics, opinion modifiers, war goals, traits and everything else.
  • Mod Menu support, almost all features can be disabled here.
  • Full list of changes

Milestone system for future content updates, my motivation will be new subscribers.
So if you are interested in new things, then advise the mod to someone.
  • 9k - stargate event.
  • 9,1k - terminator event.
  • 9,2k - event about ai uprising, I have not yet come up with the name.
  • 9,5k - asymmetric start option for fast start feature.
  • 9,75k - border conflict event.
  • 10k - new presapient anomaly.
  • 10.25k - new Kad anomaly.
  • 10.5k - global events module.
  • 10.75k - refuge leaders event.
  • 11k - discovery buildings.
  • idk - ringworld civic.
  • 15k - Friendly AI Volume 2.
  • 20k - Osiris box.

Current status
  • Beta.
  • Edict of the Prologue.
  • Friendly AI Volume 1.
  • Friendly AI Volume 2.
  • Osiris box.
  • Unfriendly Demons Volume 1.
  • Unfriendly Demons Volume 2.
  • Return of the Brain Worm.

Read here: Compatibility

Read here: Localization

Savegame compatibility
If you want to add the mod to the ongoing game, write in console "event hfe_init.0".

If you made a submod, let me know, I'll add it to the list of comp patches.

Discord server, sometimes we make mod here[]
Community development
Smiles for multiplayer chat
And dont forget about changelog!

Obelisk of glory, great heroes who contributed to the creation of Mod Pharaoh
Kior, LisaAlissa, Laylah, Cyber_Kotleta, AeonFlux, Konstantin.V, Dervish, Belial, Architecture, Whitesunset, Ninja Ferret, Likbez17, Only-He-Stands-There, Tyranid, MishaRass, MasterOfGrey, teru9133, Ivorra, JageriuS, Davin, Kelthar, Darh, Archaon the Neverchosen, Oda, Sterr, Gergard, TurtleShroom, Ksotry and everyone who report bugs or extend localisation on the Google Sheet.

Thanks for Cybrxkhan for egyptian names.

GitHub link[]

About sources
The pictures are taken from the Internet and belong to their authors.
With the rest of the sources you can do anything.

Thanks for attention
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had  [author] Sep 9 @ 2:27pm 
I have no time for such things, but feel fre to use mod's code.
Nuggets Sep 9 @ 12:18pm 
i really love the feature to gamble against others, is it possible to have this as a separate mod? because sometimes the pirates are annoying and we want to turn them off, but by doing this we are turning of gambling lol
HolyFarglesnot Sep 7 @ 8:54am 
The modules are buildings.
kaelis Sep 7 @ 5:40am 
Met the dead humanoid now an AI station and have purchased several modules from it and I don't see any modules or any changes to my economy. I also added the memory for it and haven't seen any changes to the dialogue. It even asked me to install the memory again.
had  [author] Aug 25 @ 10:18am 
Game to laggy for me right now, maybe after super performance path or then i can afford new hardware.
[ルシ]Twitchy Aug 22 @ 5:33am 
you should play at least sometimes! :)
had  [author] Aug 20 @ 3:23pm 
Well on grand trigger activated at mid game date -10 years and have 33% percent chance per 10 years. So you should get it around 2310 year.
Maybe something is broken in 2.3, who know. I doesnt play game, so i cant say "i saw plague, it is work".
[ルシ]Twitchy Aug 20 @ 12:29pm 
@ had, I know. ( i play ironman/grand admiral always), just seemed odd.
HolyFarglesnot Aug 20 @ 9:19am 
It would be nice if you added a starting option to guarentee that the Plague happens no matter what.
had  [author] Aug 20 @ 8:04am 
It is triggers by mid game date and game difficulity lvl + random ofc