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Extended Story

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NOTE: It is recommended to back up your storage files before installing this mod. Uninstalling this mod can result in your game consistently crashing until you nuke your storage. If you didn't explore anything, including biomes or quests, you're fine.

Rating this mod is greatly appreciated. If you don't like this mod, be sure to explain why. All feedback associated with this mod should be posted in the feedback discussion.



This mod contains:
Flashing Lights (be careful)
Sudden Loud Noises (no jumpscares, just don't set your volume too high, as this mod can get pretty loud)
Psychological Horror (not quite a dominant prescence)
Very Performance-Heavy weapons and bosses.

This mod has at least 1 instance of sound in space and should not be used as evidence that there is sound in space, for that is not the case in real life.

Extended Story is a mod that mainly focuses on adding post-endgame content to your game. Note that it also sprinkles a little bit of content throughout the vanilla storyline.
Currently, it adds:
14 boss encounters.
45+ new weapons to play with(if you're wondering, yes I actually counted them all).
3 missions.
5 armor sets.
15 new tiles.
8 new biomes.
2 new weapon types: chain gun and slingshot.


Known conflicts:
Overwrites the title screen if any mod with a title screen replacement is installed(ex: FU)
Vulpes Race: Steel Bar

If you notice any, report them in the bug report discussion. I will then proceed to confirm the incompatiblity, and depending on the results, I will add it to this list.


Planned Features(features to expect in the final product):
*Multiple alternative routes to main tiers(not just tungsten, titanium, etc.)
*A storyline that is not repetitive(1 friend / task per elemental artifact)
*A large variety of additional biomes(not a good idea to install other mods with biomes)
*Add 12 sidequests that involve missions
*Add 4 sidequests aimed more for explorers(the worst thing I will ever add)
*A boss rush
*Will avoid removing great stuff
Note that not all content will be added.

After the next update, I'll continue to work on the mod, but you won't get any more updates because I want to release the mod when it's truly finished. I will rebuild a majority of the story-line, keeping some elements intact. Think of it as an "Extended Story 2.0". I quite obviously cannot do this alone, so I would like some of you to contribute. I'll look into requests that were already sent.
Forget that last part; I'm still releasing updates because I like the current system :)

Update Progress[]


Final Boss Music is Event Horizon by Alxd, theme altered to loop properly

Final Boss Phase 2 Theme:
Killers Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Theme altered to loop properly

Abyss Boss Theme:
Final Count Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Abyss Dungeon Theme:
Penumbra Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Secret Poison Dungeon Boss Theme:
Battle of Kings by Per Kiilstofte
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Ruinbuster Theme: Grit by Volt Mother
Theme altered to loop properly(just removed the silence)

All custom sounds in this mod are edited vanilla sounds using Audacity.

Reposting or patching my mod without my approval is prohibited. Please notify me of these things!


Non-steam Version[]
GitHub Page[]
Wikia Page[], made by The supersun warrior or Killey The Killer, work in progress, if you want to contribute feel free to do so.
Discord Server[]

If anyone wants to contribute to the development of this mod, you can. Ways of doing this can be to help out the people on the official wiki page, compose an original soundtrack for this mod, or contribute to coding things.

Stuck on a particular part of the story? Explain what you can't figure out in the help discussion.
If you have a bug, report the problem in the associated discussion below. Instructions for reporting a bug are in the description of the discussion. Do not post bug reports in the comment section or friend me just so I can get your problem fixed.

Tags: more items, expansion, post-ruin, more bosses, more armor, more weapons, more guns, difficult bosses, more missions, boss encounters, more biomes, more quests, new weapon types
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Snopingas Jun 14 @ 11:06pm 
@Death Profit
An update is planed for 22 june as Lunar Eye Gaming Says on Discord.
particle5401 Jun 14 @ 4:04pm 
Thanks for the tip Snopingas
Death Profit Jun 14 @ 3:39pm 
Update needed. 1.4 is out.
Snopingas Jun 13 @ 10:39pm 
@partile5401, his shield go down if you destroy some specifics ennemies he spawns
particle5401 Jun 13 @ 7:10pm 
How do I defeat the Ancient one? I have it at half health and its shield will not go away
the legendary llama Jun 8 @ 3:32am 
also loads of ancient mobs are spawning on my first planet making it insanely hard for me to even get my first steps.
the legendary llama Jun 8 @ 3:29am 
the portals to the Artifacts are not appearing at all please fix. Also can you make more clear up the ruin quests like the seed of ruin one.
Snopingas May 23 @ 12:41am 
I think that's totally normal.
Mezma May 23 @ 12:41am 
Oh it is that, is it suppose to have a ton of those fire and ice traps though? I only ask that because when i do go near that biome i tend to lag horribly.
Snopingas May 21 @ 11:10pm 
You're probably talking about ancient mess

You can send a screenshot on the forum right above the comment section