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3CB BAF Units
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Mar 28, 2017 @ 9:48am
Dec 16, 2019 @ 9:41am
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3CB BAF Units

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Units representing British Army Soldiers, Royal Marine Commandos and Support Elements in Arctic, Desert (DDPM), MTP, Temperate (DPM), Tropical (DPM) and Woodland (DPM) camouflage patterns
By 3 Commando Brigade[]

If you're over 17 and would like to try these mods on a MP server, our public server is open 24/7.

With a large number of units and a multitude of pre-built infantry Groups to choose from, it is easy to create whole Company sized formations for your missions. Not only that, every Troop or Platoon will look unique, thanks to an automatic randomisation routine which equips each infantryman in gear suitable to his role from the wide choice of kit available.
This mod now fully utilises our 3CB BAF Equipment and BAF Weapons packs allowing the representation of 6 unique theatres / eras:

Arctic: Winter camo and contemporary weapons with LDS sights
Desert: DDPM camo and period weapons with SUSAT sights
MTP: MTP camo and contemporary weapons with LDS sights
Temperate: DPM Temperate camo and period weapons with SUSAT sights
Tropical: DPM Woodland camo and contemporary weapons with LDS sights
Woodland: DPM Woodland camo and period weapons with SUSAT sights

Each theme is divided into 3 factions: Army, Navy and Airforce, giving a total of 18 factions.

For full details, including user and admin guides, please visit our website at

License and Disclaimer
For details please visit our website at

For all support issues please visit us on the BIS forums at
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May 15 @ 9:22pm
thhe 1980s british army units dont show up
< >
STC May 12 @ 10:21am 
I'm a big fan of the 3CB effects module. Is it necessary to run all 3CB mods to get that one module or can you run certain ones?
SerJames Apr 16 @ 11:14am 
you can hide factions you don't want in zeus 👍
Country Doggo Apr 12 @ 5:50pm 
Amazing mod, beautiful models, but do you really need 20 editor categories in blufor??? There is a whole separate category for just one helicopter pilot.
Nick Seafort Apr 4 @ 4:51pm 
Have you tried it with just our mods + CBA, and have you re-verified your download & Arma? And if so, which units in particular?
Joker ///AMG Apr 4 @ 6:10am 
Units don't have ammo...
K1k24 Mar 5 @ 5:54am 
Try loading only the 3CB mods and see if you still have the problem, could be a mod conflict
tomrico30131995 Mar 5 @ 5:43am 
Hi, I am having an issue with the mod. It keeps telling me that berets, NVGs, vest and helmets are not available. I have uninstalled and re-installed and tried to repair it but it will not work. Please could you advise me on what to do?
Docomar Jan 21 @ 2:58pm 
any chance of the Queens Royal Hussars beret
Stray Jan 20 @ 10:26am 
Yep, that was my mistake I overlooked their twitter on their website
[L²] Dick Jan 20 @ 5:15am 
They haven't removed it. Steam has hidden it while it is under investigation over an abuse claim. They have announced it on their Twitter.

"Steam has (Temporarily?) removed the RKSL Attachments from Steam over a malicious *false* abuse claim. I'm waiting for Steam Support to reply. If you need it you can download it from our website."