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Rule Through The Ages +compatible Mods
Rule Through The Ages is my favorite civ V mod ever, it removes almost all the micro-management required to play the game, and almost completely overhauls the gameplay. It's like you are playing an entire different game with the same engine. I made this modpack to improve even more the gameplay of it, with many tweaks, maps, and other improvements(I have also added some cheat mods, just for fun). Feel free to sugest any mod in the description, i will try it right away and maybe add it in the future.
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Architecture changes
Created by RJ
Just righting a few architectural "Wrongs" in Civ.

The direct download can be found {LINK REMOVED}

This mod changes the architecture of certain civilizations:

India-Now use the middle eastern art....
Artificial Unintelligence Lite
Created by Delnar_Ersike
Improves Civilization 5's Artificial Intelligence (Computer Players). Nothing more, nothing less.

This is the Lite version of the mod: it contains XML modifications exclusively, so it is maximally compatible with other mods, especially ones that modify ...
Caravans Build Roads
Created by Gedemon
A very basic mod to make caravans build roads when moving, civ6-like

Note: I've been away for a while, if civ6 modding is at least as open as civ5 I will surely move to it, but I'm afraid I won't have a lot of time to check my previous mods here, I'm ve...
Coasts and Rivers Yield Gold Again
Created by TofuSojo
Coasts and Rivers yield 1 gold again, which the BNW expansion removed. I always liked how this represented small scale local trade. Yes you can make lots of gold later on with the trade system, etc, but they didn't add a replacement for gold generation in ...
Culturally Linked Start Locations
Created by Gedemon
Civilizations (and City-States) will start close to each other depending of their cultural art style (European, Greco-Roman, Middle-East, Asia, South-American, Polynesian)

Culture Group relative distance is also used (ie Greco-Roman civs should be clos...
Ethiopia Color Fix
Created by BlissBatch
Makes Ethiopian units more distinguishable from Barbarian units, by changing their background color from a greenish-black to the same hunter green used in Ethiopia's menu icons.

Compatible with all other mods.

If you are color blind, this mod may or ...
Faster Aircraft Animations
Created by Gedemon
This mod speed up aircraft combat animation (x2)

You can change that speed factor by editing the file FasterAircraft.sql in the "\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Faster Aircraft Animations (v 1)" folder and change "2" to the new v...
Favorite Religion Randomizer
Created by Ryoga
You have been wanting this for a long time and now... it's here! [G&K or BNW required]

What does this mod do?
It randomly assigns to any available civilizations (including those from mods) a favorite religion from the list of all the available r...
Foreign Trade Routes
Created by Gedemon
Foreign Trade Routes allows one trade routes per city with another civilization's city if they are connected by road, river, coast or ocean and you have an open border agreement (or at least friendly relation for a city-state trade route) , and correspondi...
Free Expansion - Totalitarianism
Created by Numenor
This is a all in one compliation of my other stand alone mods from the "Free Expansion" series.

Removes upkeep for:
Units, buildings, and roads.

Unhappiness from:
Population size, founding new cities, and occupation penalties.

I have other mods ...
Gibraltar, Reef, and Krakatoa Fixes
Created by Barrowulf
::::::::: FEATURES :::::::::
  • Prevents Gibraltar from spawning on small islands; especially single-tile ones which may render it unworkable! (special thanks to whoward69 for help)

  • Prevents Gibraltar from spawning next to ice, whic
Historical Religions Complete (BNW or GK)
Created by Tomatekh
This is a stand-alone edit of my Historical Religions mod (you do not need to use the main mod to use this version), which can be found here:

Historical Religions (BNW or GK)...
Lake Victoria Fix
Created by Calypso
A simple mod that makes a couple of XML tweaks to boost the functionality of the Lake Victoria natural wonder. The purpose of both changes is to cause it to behave like other inland lakes in game, while retaining its unique status as a natural wonder.

Natural Wonders Fix
Created by TofuSojo
My version of Barathor's great Natural Wonder Yields Mod - Mythic Wonders Included. I added the three BNW natural wonders to it; set the Fountain of Youth and El Dorado to be just as common as the others; renamed them normal names, so they aren't "mythic" ...
No Unit Limit
Created by Benji
Extends the unit cap of the player so that this limit is near unlimited (No more production penalty!). It only affect the player, AIs aren't affected by this mod but there can usually spam units with no problem.

Here is a CivFanatics link if Steam don't...
Randomize City Names
Created by Nutzzz
Randomize City Names
for Civilization V [vanilla], Gods + Kings, and Brave New World
by Nutty

Randomizes city names within a civilization's list for every city except the capital. Also affects modded civilizations.

[ Random City Names, Rand...
Rule Through the Ages
Created by Leprechaun
Lead your empire without spending time in all of them micromanagement.

TLDR: Large changes to the game with the goal of allowing you to make interesting decisions ruling your empire in a game that will be much faster to play than Civ 5.

Game set up o...
Strange Religions
Created by Ryoga
This mod works with ''Gods and Kings'', or ''Brave New World'', or both.

*** NEW: I have recently managed to create a mod that causes Civilizations to pick religions randomly (sort of). Check out my new mod here: [url=
TundraFarms and JungleMills
Created by fresh meat
Let's you build Farms on Tundra tiles and Lumbermills on Jungle tiles.

Installation notes:
click the lime green button saying + subscribe on this page
start CiV and enter the mods menu
wait for the mod to download
activate the mod by clicking the em...
War - Less Damaged Captured Cities
Created by BlouBlou
This mod reduce the damage to population and buildings that is instantly applied to a city when you capture it.

  • Population survival has been increased from 50% to 75%
    (For example, capturing
Age of Mytholgy Map Pack 1
Created by manlethamlet
A pack of 5 maps from the classic game Age of Mythology (AoM) - 2 "Greek" maps, 2 "Egyptian" maps, and 1 "Norse" map: Archipelago, Team Migration, River Nile, Oasis, and Alfheim. Archipelago and Team Migration have World Wrap enabled. Resources are NOT ran...
Communitas Map
Created by Thalassicus
This map creates several continents and numerous offshore islands, with realistic climate and many advanced features. The goal is a middle ground between aesthetic realism and gameplay balance.
  • Islands reward naval exploration.
  • Ocean rifts
MrChupa's Competition Mappack
Created by MrChupa
This mappack contains 6 competition maps with nearly identical starting conditions for every player. i made these maps for myself because i couldnt find anything comparable on steam workshop. If you like these maps, please rate them, so i know if it makes ...
Double Resources
Created by Calmwind
This mod will double the city resources from each map tile. Version 2 fixes numerous missed negative values for hills, jungles and marshes....
Double Strategic Resources
Created by ThatOneMango
This mod doubles the amount of strategic resources on tiles. Tired of only having 2 iron while your enemy can build hundreds of swordsmen? Tired of having to settle cities for things like aluminum? This mod is for you.

NOTE: This will not with saved gam...
Reverse Engineering
Created by Harald B
Gives civs that are lagging behind in tech a chance to reverse-engineer a tech from a more advanced neighbor each turn. This reflects both the difficulty in keeping the best ideas to yourself while also using them and the increasingly global nature of scie...
Barbarians - Unlimited Exp
Created by BlouBlou
This mod removes the maximum experience that you can get from barbarians.

  • You will now get experience at any level when fighting barbarians.
  • AI players will now get experience at any level when
Enhanced Improvements
Created by thecrazyscotsman
This mod adds additional yields to the following improvements:

+1 Gold
+1 Production
Oil Well/Offshore Platform
+1 Gold
Farm/Terrace Farm
+1 Production once Globalization is researched

It also modifies jungle remo...
Faster Plot Expansion
Created by Krajzen
Cultural cost of gaining new plot is reduced by 1/3. Now 'holes on the map' fill faster, borders looks better, and this is yet another buff for originally underpowered wide empires....
Formation and Ambush Fix
Created by KEWLIPO ASCEND 137
Formation II and Ambush II were disabled at some point. This enables them again....
Gibraltar and Reef Optimizations
Created by Barrowulf
Optimizes and fixes the Lua code used to find suitable locations for these natural wonders, which both require special methods.

- Prevents the Rock of Gibraltar from spawning on small islands; especially single-tile ones which may render it unworkable!...
Ingame Editor
Created by donquiche
An in-game editor to alter the map and many other things on the fly.

- Edit or paint terrain, features, natural wonders, resources, improvements, rivers, fog, etc.
- Change cities' religion followers, population,...
Less Randomized Leader Flavors
Created by Barrowulf
This mod reduces the randomization of leader flavors from 2 to 1.

The goal is to tighten up their flavor scores so that they don’t deviate too much from their initial value before randomization. Hopefully, this will enhance each leader’s performance a ...
Meaningful City State Colors
Created by Sylvestrina
All City States get new unique colors, and the colors are grouped by the traits of the city states.
This is supposed to make it easier to spot which city states are the most interesting allies.

The following color ranges are used:
Cultured: Pink ~ Pur...
More City-States Luxuries
Created by CapitãoRolinho
Requires G&K
Compatible with BNW

Adds 13 new City-States luxury resources

Olive Oil

Also updates yield changes for Jewelry and Porcel...
Unique Cultural Influence
Created by Ryoga
Each culture is unique, and their influence on other cultures is also unique.
If you think Arabia, Japan and Zulu aren't supposed to sell blue jeans and pop music, then this mod is for you.

With "Unique Cultural Influence" the effect of becoming "inf...
Terrain Names Corrected
Created by TofuSojo
Several incorrect or inaccurate terrain names have been changed everywhere I could find them, even in the Civilopedia, including its pages on the relevant buildings, units, and promotions. The goal is for them to more scientifically represent their respect...
Terrain - Poor Tiles Tweak
Created by BlouBlou
This mod gives a minor base yields and unlock some worker improvements possibilities for poor or useless terrains like snow and desert.


    The state of those tiles before the mod:
  • Sn
Naval Healing Mod
Created by Barrowulf
Naval Units: may also heal outside of friendly territory.

Supply Promotion: now allows the naval unit to always heal each turn.

- - - - - - - -

This mod allows all naval units to heal outside of friendly territory the same way land units do. Th...
Ocean Cities
Created by framedarchitecture
Allows embarked settlers to found cities on oceans beginning in the Modern Era.

* Ability is available to any unit that can found cities (e.g. Conquistadores)
* Ability can be used on coasts and oceans adjacent to coasts (not deep oceans)...
R.E.D. Modpack
Created by Gedemon
Regiment and Ethnic Diversity for Civilization V, G+K, BNW and all DLC

- Rescaling : all human and mounted units have been scaled down, no more giant infantry against tank ! Of course, the relative scale is nothing close to realism, but it looks ...
Promotions - Expansion Pack
Created by BlouBlou
This mod add new promotions choices when leveling your units and also change the promotion tree system to improve customization possibilities.

It roughly triple your promotion choices for every unit, adding many new promotions, and rearranging depen
One-Color Civs
Created by jptrrs
NOTE: This is no longer under development.

Aims to clean the game interface a little bit by assigning one and only unique color to each civilization. Foreground on most icons is set to either black or white. If it's a color on foreground, then backgroun...