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Mod Type: Campaign
Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer, Coop, Persistent
Scenario Type: Air, Infantry, Vehicles, Water
Scenario Map: Tanoa
DLC: Apex
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Oct 3, 2016 @ 2:24am
Jul 14, 2017 @ 10:32pm
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Overthrow is a dynamic single player/co-op whole-map revolution campaign built for ARMA 3. Start with nothing in a small town and fight your way to remove the occupying NATO forces.

Don't know what to do? check out the wiki...

For bug reports and questions please use our Discord..

Official Servers
US (Malden):
EU #1 (Altis):
EU #2 (Malden, Hard, Fast Travel Disabled):
AU (Altis):

Current features

- Single player, co-op and dedicated server compatible (but we recommend a solo LAN game over SP for better respawn mechanics)
- GTA-inspired wanted/stealth system
- Dynamic political system with regional stability
- Build camps, bases, houses, workshops, observation posts and more
- Buy, sell, import and export just about in any-game item/vehicle/weapon for currency (depends on certain factors, see wiki)
- Capture towns and military objectives, island by island
- Dynamic economy/Regional pricing/Trade
- Buy, sell and lease real estate with prices affected by regional politics
- Buy economic objectives such as plantations and a factory
- Reverse-engineer any weapons, items and vehicles to produce in the factory
- Fast travel to any owned real estate or camp
- Attach static weapons to offroads at your workshop
- Manipulate the markets with guns or piles of cash
- Recruit and arm civilians, get them to loot for you
- Committed to creating a living and breathing Tanoa where anything can happen
- Complete ACE3 integration
- Advanced AI provided by the ever-developing VCOM AI scripts
- Ongoing development and addition of features
- Support for more maps planned

Important stuff below, please read before playing..

Save and Load
Overthrow includes a persistent save option that will save your progress and everything you own no matter where it is on the map. Press 'Y' and go to 'Options' then 'Persistent save'. We recommend that you "restart" the mission and load this persistent save as opposed to loading an arma save, this will ensure that your map starts off fresh and gives you maximum performance for each play-session.

If you do need to load an arma save for whatever reason and your 'Y' menu stops working, find a 'map' object (you started with one in your home) and use the scroll-wheel menu to choose "Reset UI".

Required Mods
- ACE3 - This will improve your experience and Overthrow gameplay relies on it heavily, however if you know what you are doing, you are free to configure/remove ACE modules at your discretion. "Advanced Medical" is available as a mission parameter when you start the mission, but "Basic Medical" is currently a requirement.

Supported Mods
- Any vehicle mods that add civilian faction vehicles (they will spawn on the streets)
- Any weapon mods (they will show up on criminals and possibly on gun dealers)
- Any vehicle mods that add OPF and IND faction vehicles (you can unlock them via faction missions and produce them in the factory)

Dedicated server owners, the following need only be added as -serverMod entries not -mod

- Advanced Train Simulator by Duda (Please note, may be a keybinding conflict)
- Advanced Rappelling by Duda
- Advanced Urban Rappelling by Duda

Included Mods
DO NOT install these, they are INCLUDED. Having them loaded will cause problems.
- VCOM AI by Genesis
- Advanced Towing by Duda

Single Player
We recommend that you play solo on a hosted LAN server as opposed to using the single-player. There are better respawn mechanics in multiplayer and the difficulty will still scale accordingly. However you can still find Overthrow under "Scenarios" and "Campaign" in your Arma 3 if you want to play Single-Player.

How to start
Go to your "Server Browser" and host a new game. Make sure at least one player is in the "host" slot as they will be given the option to start new game or load persistent. If you run a lot of mods and "Generating economy" or "Load Persistent Save" takes longer than 2 mins, try again and just wait a little while before pressing the button as the system needs to detect and assign values to all the added items.

Dedicated server
Please check our wiki for instructions on how to run a dedicated server:

Yes, Overthrow is 100% persistent, you can run persistent=1 on your server. All systems will halt and only time will pass when no players are online.

Need help?
This mod is in alpha and will be for some time yet. Due to this there are many undocumented features as well as documented features that change quite often. We have a discord (linked above) and there are lots of experienced players in there to answer your questions, or join us on one of our official servers!

Supporting us on Patreon goes towards server costs and encourages us to keep expanding the Overthrow universe! Every dollar helps...

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Lielanthris Jul 10 @ 4:22pm 
Absolutely love this mod. Thank you so much for making it.
[C6P]XenonFORT Jul 10 @ 10:23am 
Does anyone have a problem with looting? I mean, when I put some guns inside a crate, sometimes it's ammo dissapear. Also happens when I send civs to loot, they get most the stuff, but guns are magazineless and all ammo that was on the bodies is gone too
[PFC] Linden Jul 9 @ 5:46am 
@Kafes - You can change the mission by opening/copying the .pbo from your "C:\Users\wyche\Documents\Arma 3\Saved\steam" in the PBOManager. Then you must create a new folder and rename the mission to ".altis" or ".stratis". Then you can play it on another map without needing to buy the dlc.
Kafes Jul 6 @ 5:52am 
God damnit I just bought Arma 3 on sale and this mod requires APEX.. I'm not giving 20$ just to play this mod. Seemed good though..
MysticDaedra Jun 17 @ 8:00pm 
We really need some coders/devs to take over this project. The mod was showing soooo much potential, only to be dropped like this... Truly sad.
Kristophic Jun 11 @ 5:10pm 
andrezock Jun 7 @ 4:26am 
Someone can Help me? I know than is a nabo question but I don't understand what is "Scalar Nan" and CPW--
ϲурtо Jun 4 @ 8:05am 
Looking through the code used for the persistant save, Is it possible to persistant save all vehicles ( / Objects) rather than the ones listed in the initVars.

Trying to get "dp build everything" to work alongside overthrow for more basebuild gameplay.

Added items to the menu's manually however the place functions don't allow for height adjustments as they drop down on place along with the spacebar method of changing items would take a long time with many more objects.

Ze PoOtISborn Fridgee =WL= May 27 @ 4:01am 
nvm but where does the factory send the stuff it makes?
Ze PoOtISborn Fridgee =WL= May 27 @ 3:26am 
Any one know how to import money to a factory? i am confused