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Data Type: Mod
Mod Type: Campaign
Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Coop, Persistent
Scenario Type: Air, Infantry, Vehicles, Water
Scenario Map: Altis, Malden 2035, Tanoa
DLC: Apex
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Oct 3, 2016 @ 2:24am
Jun 24, 2019 @ 6:50am
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Overthrow is a dynamic single player/co-op whole-map revolution campaign built for ARMA 3. Start with nothing in a small town and fight your way to remove the occupying NATO forces.

Officially supported maps: Tanoa, Altis, Malden 2035


Support on Patreon[]

Official Servers:
US: (run by Stana and sponsored by
Australia: (run by ARMAzac)
Russia: (run by Triada and

How to run Overthrow (IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ)

This is a MOD, not a mission. You need to load Overthrow in your Arma 3 Launcher

Please refer to the wiki at

If you run into any issues not mentioned on that page then please let us know here or on our discord server!



Recently Added Features:
- Requestable Jobs: You can now request jobs from gun dealers, gang leaders, factions and shopkeepers, most of these jobs can be repeated
- New Map - Livonia (ALPHA): If you are using the Arma 3 dev branch and pre-ordered Contact DLC, there will be a very early version of the Overthrow: Livonia campaign. Note that BI has not released any assets (clothes, gear, faces etc) so Tanoa ones are currently being used. This campaign is an early alpha version, it will change a lot and is not yet officially supported. Expect final campaign when Contact DLC is released.
- New Screen - Vehicles: Accessed in the main Y menu top-right, shows a list of all Resistance vehicles and their current state (fuel, damage, ammo) with the option to add a waypoint to it
- Unflip Vehicles: "Unflip" action added to vehicle ACE interact menu
- Complete ACE Arsenal integration: Walk up to any ammobox and use the new "Open Arsenal" option via scroll menu or ACE interact. If the ammobox is at a warehouse then you will get access to all items in the warehouse. AI recruits in your group can also open the arsenal with a new "Open Arsenal" order.
- Customizable Recruits and Squads: When you recruit at a training camp or barracks you will see a new button to "Edit" the loadout for that unit. Available only to generals, the Arsenal will open with all items in the warehouse to let you design their exact loadout. These loadouts will also be saved in the "Default Loadouts" section of the Arsenal for all players to use if they need to. Squads will use these loadouts as well.
- Customizable Police: At a police station there is a new "Edit Loadout" button to change the police loadout using the arsenal as well
- NATO Weapon Mod Integration: NATO will now use a wider variety of weapons, including any BLUFOR weapons detected in the Arma config (this includes RHS)

Base features

- Officially supported maps: Tanoa, Altis, Malden 2035
- Ability to create your own Overthrow mission for any map
- GTA-inspired wanted/stealth system
- Dynamic political system with regional stability
- Build camps, bases, houses, workshops, observation posts and more
- Buy, sell, import and export just about in any-game item/vehicle/weapon for currency (depends on certain factors, see wiki)
- Capture towns and military objectives, island by island
- Dynamic economy/Regional pricing/Trade
- Complete ACE Arsenal integration
- Buy, sell and lease real estate with prices affected by regional politics
- Buy economic objectives such as plantations and a factory
- Reverse-engineer any weapons, items and vehicles to produce in the factory
- Fast travel to any owned real estate or camp
- Attach static weapons to offroads at your workshop
- Manipulate the markets with guns or piles of cash
- Recruit and arm civilians, get them to loot for you
- Committed to creating a living and breathing map where anything can happen
- Complete ACE3 integration
- Advanced AI provided by the ever-developing VCOM AI scripts
- Ongoing development and addition of features

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NoHud May 10 @ 1:52pm 
Getting a error "no entry'bin/config.bin/cfgmagazines/iedurbansmall_remotre_mag.scope" after game boot with Overthrow enabled. Error goes away when overthrow is removed and doesn't appear upon individual load of any other mod. I don't see anyone with this problem or anything in the description so I'm assuming it's a step I missed somewhere. Any help is appreciated.
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Is their any way to turn off the random weapons feature for Blufor?
Peperischka Apr 22 @ 8:02am 
i created a squad by mistake. how to delete it? or how to command them?
Erde Apr 16 @ 5:53pm 
@Flavi Diaboli [DG]
Unless you do it yourself, the answer is a sound "no".

You are carrying illegal items. That or you have drugs on you and you are being searched. Or tried to smuggle stuff trough a checkpoint.

If Altis has a port, you can import it from there.

You might want to ask one of the people working on the forks of this mod or just go for it seeing as the og OT team haven't tried to shut down said forks.
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Will there be support for the S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC and map? Would feel awesome to play as vietcong and take vietnam!
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Hey, I've got a question. Does anyone understand the stealth/wanted system in this mod? I still don't understand how it works, as I randomly get wanted, even with no illegal items, and I can't go into cities...
Ancient Greece Mar 13 @ 2:12am 
i cant enable thirdperson
DLsquirrel Mar 11 @ 12:39pm 
Can't find a way to get plastic on the Altis map
Finrod Mar 10 @ 6:38am 
I see that this amazing mod updated last time in 2019. Hit me up if you need game dev to contunie the project.
Delgran Mar 9 @ 9:27pm 
Not sure if it's this mod or ace, but I'm having an issue where after you buy the "Atropine Autoinjector" in turns into the "Adenosine Autoinjector" in your inventory, is this a bug with overthrow or ace?