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ISBS - Living Systems
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ISBS - Living Systems

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Improved Space Battles
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Improved Space Battles Standalone - Living Systems adds life to your interstellar empire by populating it with hundreds of autonomous civilian vessels. Your systems will no longer feel empty and devoid of life as civilian vessels buzz around from planet to planet on their daily business.

This mod is compatible with Stellaris 1.9. Let me know if you run into any issues.

Civilian activity will grow along with your planets and economy. After your empire reaches a certain size, civilians will start to leave the system in search of new opportunities. Watch as your empire grows from a single starport to a living, thriving galactic hub!

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use this mod in conjunction with Improved Space Battles [Graphics] to experience the mod as intended. This will greatly reduce the visual clutter caused by civilians.

To safely remove the mod, set civilian density to OFF and wait 1 year before disabling it.

Interstellar Civilian Fleet

Billboard Advertisement Ship

Civilian Vessels
  • Adds civilians to Stellaris. Civilians represent the general population of your empire and will automatically move around within your borders.
  • Adds over 40 different civilian ships, spawned at random to ensure each solar system looks different. Also includes Billboard advertisements within systems and interstellar fleets that will move around within your empire.
  • Highly customisable settings (through in-game policies) to ensure you can play with minimal performance impact. Read the policy tooltips!
  • It will take several years to populate your systems after enabling this mod.
General Description

Civilians fleets are created from planets with spaceports. Once a planet grows to 4 pops or more, civilians will start leaving the planet to explore the solar system. Civilian activity increases along with the planet population - larger planets will generate much more activity within a system.

As the planet develops, different ships such as billboard advertisements will begin to appear . When your empire grows beyond a certain size, civilians will also start leaving their original solar system and move around in your empire.


The biggest concern I have with this mod is performance. To ensure that it is able to run on a wide variety of systems, I have added several customisation options. These options are controlled through empire policies (though you have to use "free_policies" through the console to change the same option multiple times). The following options are available:

  • Civilian Density [Normal (default), Low, Off] : Controls the number of civilian ships spawned in player empires. Lower this to improve performance. Turning off civilian density will also disable the mod, allowing you to safely remove it after about a year of in-game time.
  • Intra-System Billboards [Enabled (default), Disabled]: Controls the spawning of billboard advertisement ships in-game. I was unsure if people might find the ads distracting so I added an option to turn it off.
  • Interstellar Ships [Enabled (default), Disabled]: Controls the spawning of Interstellar Civilian Fleets that move between systems.
  • AI - Living Systems [Off (default), Contact only, All]: Controls the spawning of civilians in AI empires. Contact only means civilians will only spawn in Empires you have contact with. All means civilians will spawn in all AI empires (pretty big performance hit late game).

    Feedback, suggestions or criticisms greatly appreciated!

HUGE thanks to draft3dd for the Russian Localisation!

Star Citizen images are taken from Star Citizen Wikia[]
Fallout 4 images are taken from Fallout 4 Wiki[]

For an improved Stellaris experience, use this mod along with the following ISB mods, which adds 5 new super-capital class ships, over 50 new technologies and 11 doomsday weapons - including planet destroying, star system destroying and anti-fleet super-weapons.




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YoloXXXL4 5 hours ago 
allied fleets are attacking my civ ships. wth?
Tom D. Jan 14 @ 2:53am 
Thanks for the quick reply, could you tell me how I could manually change them, or at least where I can find the files for the billboard images?
Ankain  [author] Jan 14 @ 1:53am 
@Tinfoot Yes it does affect system scale unfortunately.

@Tom D. The text is an image and can be only be changed manually - it can't be changed based on the language of the game.
Tom D. Jan 14 @ 1:30am 
This is a very interesting concept, one question I have: can I change the ads/the texts on them? Like the Psionic one, can I change the text it's displaying/even translating it?
Tinfoot Jan 13 @ 10:57am 
And what about the standalone doomsday weapons and ships, do they affect system scale?
I hope not
Ankain  [author] Jan 13 @ 9:43am 
@Lt-Gunny Not possible atm to change the colour of civs :(

@Tinfoot Yes, and I think it does.
Tinfoot Jan 13 @ 6:46am 
Does this mod effect System scale?
If it does, will it overwrite Real Space's scaling?
Lt-Gunny Jan 4 @ 7:49am 
This mod is amazing, well done! I really like the advertising ^^
I know you can reduce the density, but I think it's still to much. The color of the civilians is yellow, like neutral empires, is it possible to change that into grey for example?
Odinsblade Jan 1 @ 9:52am 
the billboards in my game are mirriored (backwards) is there a known fix for this?
Spectre Dec 26, 2017 @ 11:42am 
So many months has passed and people are still asking about floating icons... tl;dr for everyone: it's impossible to remove them. Technically.