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Improved Space Battles [Graphics]
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May 27, 2016 @ 9:48am
Jun 23 @ 7:16am
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Improved Space Battles [Graphics]

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Improved Space Battles
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Improved Space Battles - expand your mid / late game with 5 new super-capital class ships, over 50 new technologies and 11 doomsday weapons - including planet destroying, star system destroying and anti-fleet super-weapons.

Compatible with Stellaris 1.6 and 1.7. Let me know if you find any bugs!

Improved Space Battles (ISB) attempts to improve both the visuals and gameplay of ingame Stellaris's space battles. This is the standalone graphics portion of ISB and contains mostly cosmetic changes to the game's weapons. It is intended for use with Improved Space Battles [Balance] which will modify the weapons/ships/gameplay to improve the mid - late game.

This mod does not change game balance and should be compatible with other balancing mods. It should also not affect your FPS much, if at all. Battles look better at fast or normal speed.




Some clips from Improved Space Battles [Balance] when used with this mod

New Technologies Overview (v1.5 updated)[]

Firing the Spear of Cassius[]

Erebus, Super-Carrier[]
Micro Jumping[](add-on mod linked at bottom)

Avatar destroying a planet[]
Avatar blown up[]
Avatar Construction Guide[]

Destroying a star system[]
Epic Space Battle (Full video in gallery above)[]
2 Titans vs 10 Battleships[]
25 Oct - Changed the effects for Mega / Giga Cannons.

24 Jul - Updated missile / torpedo hit effects. Now with more lens flares![] Also tweaked plasma effects.

8 Jul - Updated for ISB 1.3. Greatly reduced random ship height offset (105 -> 55) to fix some Avatar planet killer weapon bugs.

29 Jun - Further reduced opacity of aura circles. They are now almost invisible unless stacked.

26 Jun - Tweaked the effects for large scourge projectile weapon

11 Jun - Greatly reduced the opacity of the aura range circles. They can still be seen but should now be much less prominent.

10 Jun - Edited some of the more distinct hit sounds to make them less annoying (tachyon hit and distant plasma hit)

06 Jun - Updated Kinetic artillery/mass driver tracer effects. Comparison screenshots[]

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
General Changes
  • Changed strike craft trails to be shorter and brighter.

  • Removed friendly aura icons around ships.

  • Reduced size and opacity of enemy aura icons around ships.

  • Increased the scale of solar systems for a larger space battle area.

  • Increased ship height randomness to make fleets look less 2D.

  • Silenced the buggy looping sounds from Prethoryn and Extradimensional Invaders.
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m.mad Aug 14 @ 12:59pm 
Will the mod improved space battles (graphic) be compatible with "real space" mod ? There is also a changed system scale
AmbitiousRam Aug 11 @ 11:58am 
Is the area where it shows my fleet power meant to be transparent?
Th3 Bushwhacker Aug 6 @ 12:46pm 
i have a question, for me in the game whenever i click two red waves pulse out away from the click spot, i cant enter solar sytems anymore without taking an extremely complicated method to actually nter the system, im wondering if this mod and the other mods that go along with this cause it
Tusky McMammoth Jul 26 @ 5:07pm 
I tried changing from fullscreen+max graphics to minimum resolution+graphics+windowed mode, and a few variations in between, but that didn't make a difference either. Nor did updating my video driver (which was only a month out of date anyway)
Tusky McMammoth Jul 26 @ 4:54pm 
No luck; I verified the integrity of my local files without issue. Everything shows up fine if I just disable the mod.
Things that still show up with the mod enabled:
Everything on the galaxy map
Asteroid rings (these seem to be the only 3d models that are ok)
Some particle effects around the sun (the corona), and some ripple-y ones, and the clouds around black holes
the background
the orbit circles
all the menus and health bars and flags and ship symbols
the particle effects from a science ship's survey beam, but not the lines from it
I just noticed the arrows that point to different solar systems are gone, but the names remain
And the star models aren't actually invisible, they're tiny, black or maybe grey (it's hard to tell with all the light from the corona), above the north pole, outside of the particle effects, about as far away from the surface as the thickness of the corona effects. So that's weird. I uploaded a new picture of that discovery to my steam screenshots.
Ankain  [author] Jul 26 @ 6:57am 
@Johnny Rainbow System scale, no sorry, I really think Stellaris looks a lot better with bigger solar systems. Moving the planets back yes, I'm probably going to do that this weekend, though I believe it will mess up some of the planet death laser animations randomly.

@Tusky McMammoth Sounds like your install might be corrupted, try repairing it through steam. The mod doesn't touch portraits and it sounds like all your 3d models aren't loading at all.
Tusky McMammoth Jul 23 @ 9:46am 
I just re-installed Stellaris today (Adams v1.6.2 d7ec) and picked up Leviathan and Utopia. When I run this mod (with no others running):
At race selection:
Portraits don't show
Planets' textures are flattened into a square instead of wrapping around the sphere
Spaceships' textures are flattened into a rectangle

In game:
Race portraits don't show
I *think* VIR (the tutorial robot)'s portrait is screwed up
3d models of planets, named asteroids, and spacecraft don't show (stars do though)

I'm running at 1920x1080, windows 10. I uploaded screenshots of the issues I mentioned to my steam profile. Please let me know if you want me to try anything to help troubleshoot this.

And thank you for this mod! I used it and the other Improved Space Battles ones before my hiatus and it's great.
Johnny Rainbow Jul 22 @ 3:16am 
is there a way to disable the system scale, or to perhaps move the planets upwards to their default positions?

there's a couple of mods out there that add different megastructures or planetary effects which, with this mod installed, float a bit too high.
Ankain  [author] Jul 21 @ 6:54pm 
@Captain Oblivious Of course! Thank you for asking.

@Daniexus Yes, I'm pretty sure it does.

ZippySide Jul 18 @ 7:52pm 
If I remember right this thing also had ships resizes. It no longer has it.