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ISBS - Micro Jump
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Jul 12, 2016 @ 11:43am
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ISBS - Micro Jump

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Improved Space Battles
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Improved Space Battles - Micro Jump adds the ability to jump ships over a short distance during combat. The mod is standalone and should be compatible with anything that doesn't touch the fleet combat window (UI 1080p overhaul included, but the fleet combat window goes back to vanilla size because I have to mod the actual vanilla file).

Compatible with Stellaris 1.9. Let me know if you run into any issues.

Clip of Auto-Jumping[]
Clip of Micro Jumping[]
v1.1 Update
  • Added auto-jump ability for fleets. Enabling auto-jump will automatically jump fleets towards the enemy 15 days after entering combat. You can toggle auto-jump on and off by selecting the fleet through the fleet selector and click the auto-jump toggle button
  • 90 day cooldown on auto-jump. Does not cost energy but much more inaccurate than manual jumping. You may not always jump directly to the enemy fleet.
  • Highly experimental, might be buggy
  • Reduced energy costs for manual jumping by 75%. Now costs a maximum of 250 energy.
  • Adds a new ship, the Micro Jump Generator, that will enable the fleet it is in to micro jump during combat
  • The Micro Jump Generator can be built once you have a level 4 spaceport
  • Micro Jump has a 60 day cooldown.
  • Micro Jump is intentionally limited to a short distance right now. Researchable techs will be added later to increase jump distance.
  • Might be kind of OP, or kind of useless, unsure atm.
Brief Guide
  • Adds two buttons, the Fleet Selector and Micro Jump button to fleets with a Micro Jump Generator ship.
  • Clicking fleet selector cycles through up to 4 micro jump-capable fleets in combat
  • Select the fleet with the fleet selector button, then click Micro Jump (or press b) to begin choosing the Micro Jump location
  • Unpause the game until the buttons are enabled. You can then pause the game again if you want
  • Use the direction buttons or W A S D to move the locator beacon
  • Press b or click the Micro Jump button again to start Micro Jumping.

Micro Jumping takes 5 days. It is free for fleets of size 50 and below. It costs 200 energy for every 100 fleet size above that, up to 1000 energy.

If you want to permanently disable the Micro Jump energy cost open the console (~) and type event isbs_blink.99. To re-enable Micro Jump energy costs type isbs_blink.98
Known Issues
  • The direction buttons and keys don't always move the locator beacon the right direction - it depends on where your camera is facing. I don't think there's a way to fix this.
  • The cooldown cannot be seen, you'll know when the cooldown is up when you can select the fleet through fleet selector again.

If you encounter any bugs post some details and I'll see if it can be fixed.
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Velejador Oct 2, 2019 @ 4:52pm 
Paragon_4376 Jun 3, 2019 @ 5:52pm 
Please update this for 2.0
Bazil T Yat Nov 2, 2018 @ 6:30am 
Please update this to the latest version...
Akkarin Sep 24, 2018 @ 1:38am 
hmm seems like it doesn't work with current version, disappointing :( looked promising.
Aethierion Sep 23, 2018 @ 1:24pm 
Ah yes....
The good ol' Picard Maneuver...
[LADS] Bad Ai Sep 8, 2018 @ 3:26pm 
update plz
𝓢𝓷𝓸𝔀 ℬ𝓪𝓵𝓵 Jun 29, 2018 @ 9:09pm 
𝙂𝙚𝒐𝙙𝙧𝙞𝙥𝙥 Jun 18, 2018 @ 5:08pm 
Seems like a good solution to help prevent the combat AI from engaging and dragging the fight away from your static defences - an update would be cool but if not, anyone know of another way to deal with the above problem?
鸽牌复读机 Apr 13, 2018 @ 4:41am 
update plz
capitaine raynor Apr 12, 2018 @ 12:53pm 
ok thank you