No information given.
Clairelenia Jul 20 @ 9:25am 
just different looks of the galaxies (clusters or one/two arm galaxies :) but both should include all galaxy sizes. But u can only use one at a time.
Xenophon54 Jul 20 @ 6:32am 
Is Improved Galaxy Creation V2 an update to Improved Galaxy Creation + clusters, and does it include the same features?
Clairelenia Apr 26 @ 11:26am 
Unfortunately Stellaris 3.0 broke 99% of the mod. So i had to remove it.

And the new version of New Frontiers is not compatible with PD in any form.

That means i (we) have to say good bye to it :/
James Corner Apr 26 @ 10:12am 
Hi, so I was using your Stellaris mod New Frontiers (PD compatible), up until today when it just disappeared from Steam and we can't use it anymore, do you know what happened or if we'll be able to use it again? thanks.
Porcy Mar 10 @ 2:09pm 
My dead pawns don't agree with the first kind of people :leaCheese: Will let you know if I find something to solve that :\ (There is a high chance I forget I said that and/or your profile name when the time comes :,D )
Clairelenia Mar 10 @ 10:58am 
well ... there are 2 kinds of people. Those who say, it's still working ... and those who say it does not work anymore.

Unfortunately all the mod creators seem to think it's working. But it does not xD

So well ... guess it won't ever work again :/