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All Units (170 added)

2014, 66 new units .. and a LOT of feedback from the community!
2020, 170 new units .. new upgrades / abilities .. customized artwork .. and new mechanics!
This mod adds a ton of content while maintaining the vanilla gameplay.

USF: 34 new units (49 total)
Soviet: 41 new units (55 total)
Wehrmacht: 34 new units (49 total)
Oberkommando: 29 new units (45 total)
British: 32 new units (49 total)

All unit stats like damage/armor/health have remained the same as in the vanilla game!


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  • 170 new units with their own unique icon and symbol.
  • 750+ custom images for a better user experience!
  • Countless new upgrades and abilities.
  • Vehicle crew and Weapon racks for all factions.
  • The HQ's have additional upgrades to unlock commander passives.
  • The British Gliders have more types of units, like in CoH 1.
  • The US has an Airborne Support Center which can call-in 8 types of paradrops!
  • Oberkommando West has a Fallschirmtruppe HQ which can call-in 6 types of paradrops!
  • The Soviets have a Partisan HQ which contains 8 unique Partisan troops!
  • The Wehrmacht has a Recovery Truck which can repair wrecks like the old Bergetiger.
  • The limit of one heavy tank at a time is removed.
  • All emplacements are buildable in HQ territory.
  • The Medic Station/Bunker from vCoH with all animations included!
  • OKW Trucks can become mobile after setup.
  • Commander abilities which are default available are replaced by other abilities, see images.
  • Many new structures and emplacements.
  • USF Base Reorganization is included.

Written by Admiral Casual:

AI Improvement!
The AI ...
  • will rather use expensive strong units than cheap weak units.
  • adapts its army composition to early/mid/late game.
  • is less predictable due to a new random factor.
  • does not abandon vehicles while being in combat.
  • uses off map barrages less often.
  • is more challenging at expert difficulty.

Beutepanzer skins
Starbuck has included awesome Beutepanzer skins to his Wehrmacht skinpacks:


How to install
  1. Subscribe the mod on this page
  2. (re)Start the game
  3. Setup a custom game
  4. Go to Options
  5. Select this mod at Tuning pack
  6. And enjoy!


This mod is created in 1900+ hours with over 180 updates.

Final note - 27 July 2019
After almost 5 years of development, the mod is finished! I'm very proud of the current state of this mod and could never achieve this without the valuable feedback from the community! I will continue to support this mod, but further updates will mostly contain bug fixes and main game update integrations.

Maybe it is not perfect, but I hope you can understand that choices had to be made and keep the balance in mind. My highest priority: Have fun!

Many thanks for your support!

***Please read the FAQ before you post your question!***

Copyright 2020 [SneakEye]: This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named SneakEye
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SneakEye  [author] Sep 26 @ 3:13am 

- Repair and Recovery truck no longer has debuffs while using its abilities.

- Most defenses which required command points now require tech.
- Upgrades which change the gun of a vehicle now cost a little fuel and manpower rather than ammo. (Affects: 221, Panzer IV F1, Valentine, Calliope, Pershing, IS-2)
- Build times and call-in cooldowns for many vehicles tweaked to be more consistent. Times are relative to the unit size.

- Some airstrikes could still be used in command sectors.
- The accuracy of PTRS rifles increased to be more in line with the Panzerbüchse and Boys (No changes to the Guards varaint which was already stronger).
- Paratroopers from Airborne Support Center have their costs equalized with other abilities from 380 to 360.
- Squads who are constructing buildings now all have increased received accuracy. Most already had this, but some had increased received damage and a few had no debuff at all.
Commander-LVJ Sep 21 @ 11:41am 

Interesting: based upon what you have already managed to do I would never have guessed that there were such limitations.

So if only because of how far this modification has come already; and the fact that a lot of people including myself like this modification some of whom have gone as far as to say that they find the base game unplayable without it: it sounds to me like we need to petition relic to improve their modding tools and get rid of said how do we go about doing that..?
SneakEye  [author] Sep 21 @ 7:01am 
@Demonic Cookie, The Hetzer was created by changing its gun state and spawning a projectile. The Sherman Crocodile needs a flame that is attached to its gun, which is the part that won't work. All vehicles with flames have their flame animation included in the model. Other vehicles don't have that and models are not editable.
Demonic Cookie Sep 21 @ 6:53am 
I would have thought that you could make a Sherman Crocodile.

Wasn't the AT Hetzer made by removing the flamer function and idk adding a stug's gun traits?(bare with me, I don't know much about modding). If a flame Hetzer can be made into an AT version, can't the same be done in-reverse to a Sherman's 75mm gun?
SneakEye  [author] Sep 20 @ 9:55pm 
The mortar bunker and pantherturm require the Battle Phase 2. The bunker requires command point because it is included in a commander. I agree that this is not consistent and will review the requirements. Both models are leftovers from CoH1 and the markers are not working correct to hold infantry.
The Sherman Crocodile cannot be made as an movable unit due the limits of the modding tools. That is the whole reason why the emplacement even exist.
Commander-LVJ Sep 20 @ 5:20pm 

On a somewhat unrelated topic I also noticed that the concrete bunker requires I think it was 3 command points(?) whereas the mortar bunker and pantherturn do not require a certain command point level in order to be built: were you aware of this?..if so then why is this?..because they are as tough as they are and well are bunkers as well would it not make more sense to require a certain number of command points in order to be able to build the both of them as well?

I also see that the mortar bunker and pantherturn cannot garrison infantry; now I do not know how closely you want to stick to the original game however seeing as how they are bunkers and that is kind of the whole point of them would them being able to garrison some infantry not make sense?
Commander-LVJ Sep 20 @ 5:11pm 

So because the USF had an emplacement with the sherman crocodile I thought that they also had the actual tank; however as I have just recently realized this is not actually the case, so a couple of questions:

!. were you aware of this?..If so then why has it not been added?

2. Will you add it at some point?
Demonic Cookie Sep 18 @ 5:16am 
At least rename it to "All units, but not really" or "All units, reworked and expanded balancing"
SneakEye  [author] Sep 17 @ 11:15pm 
@Demonic Cookie, That is a shame, but I will not make another version.
Demonic Cookie Sep 17 @ 11:30am 
Please make all units, just that, "all units". None of the non-vanilla units, and reworks. I hate what has been done to brits and changes to a fair few commanders.