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All Units (170 added)

2014, 66 new units .. and a LOT of feedback from the community!
2024, 170 new units .. new upgrades / abilities .. customized artwork .. and new mechanics!
This mod adds a ton of content while maintaining the vanilla gameplay.

USF: 34 new units (49 total)
Soviet: 42 new units (56 total)
Wehrmacht: 33 new units (48 total)
Oberkommando: 29 new units (45 total)
British: 32 new units (49 total)

All unit stats like damage/armor/health have remained the same as in the vanilla game!


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  • 170 new units from commanders, singleplayer, alphas and custom creations
  • 1000+ custom images for a better user experience
  • Many new upgrades to customize units and find new ways to play
  • Expanded tech trees, with new upgrades and more choices
  • Unique structures to access special units like Partisans, Paratroopers and Fallschirmjagers
  • Recreated iconic mechanics such as wreck recovery, medics retrieving wounded soldiers and relocating HQ trucks
  • All factions have light vehicle & tank crew and weapon racks
  • Tanks and rocket trucks perform worse when not crewed by tank crew
  • Improved critical system which depends on impact location
  • Rear hits cause more severe criticals than frontal hits
  • More realistic movement for vehicles and heavy weapons
  • Unit descriptions contain equipped weapons, effective range and available upgrades
  • Many hidden effects are made visible on unit portraits
  • New defenses such as obstacles, bunkers and emplacements
  • Several broken achievements can be obtained
  • The AI is heavily modified to use the new content and be much smarter, with less cheats!
  • Plane crashes won't instantly kill infantry squads, but the fire will be fatal over time
  • A lot of inconsistencies and bugs from the base game are standardized and fixed
  • The HQ's have additional upgrades to unlock passive abilities
  • Commander abilities that are no longer useful are replaced with other abilities
  • The limit of one heavy tank at a time is removed
  • USF Base Reorganization is included.

AI Improvements
  • Fully adapted to use the expanded tech trees
  • Adapts its build order during the match
  • Communicates with other AI teammates to use different build orders
  • Uses infantry at their most effective distance, and in cover where possible
  • Retreats infantry earlier and moves back with tanks for repairs
  • Better resource management, waits for stronger units and spends everything
  • Expert is much more difficult than in vanilla

Beutepanzer skins
Starbuck has included awesome Beutepanzer skins to his Wehrmacht skinpacks:




How to install
  1. Subscribe the mod on this page.
  2. (re)Start the game.
  3. Setup a custom game.
  4. Go to Options.
  5. Select this mod at Tuning pack.
  6. And have fun!
How to update
  1. (re)Start the game.
  2. Go to Modding Hub.
  3. Go to Manage (upper right tab).
  4. Click on Refresh.
  5. Wait until all subscribed items are validated and updated, this can take a while.

This mod is created in 2000+ hours with over 200 updates.

Final note - 26 September 2022
This incredible journey has lasted 8 years and has truly changed my life. The overwhelming feedback from the community was amazing to work with. A huge thanks to everyone who helped the mod to grow and improve!

CoH3 will release soon and will hopefully be even better than CoH2. I think this is the right time to lay down my work and enjoy the next game. At this moment the mod has grown immensely, is very stable and seems fairly balanced. Therefor it will likely get no more updates. Who knows what will happen when CoH3 modding tools become available :)

Many thanks for your support!

***Please read the FAQ before you post your question!***

Copyright 2024 [SneakEye]: This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named SneakEye
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Mar 14 @ 7:56pm
Bug Report.
Mar 16 @ 8:09am
Hello, I've been playing your mod for the last two weeks,I found a lot of things in the game that could be improved
Feb 28 @ 8:19am
New Units
폭풍을 뚫는 쿠팡맨 Apr 19 @ 4:30pm 
I checked and it was real. Thank you for your detailed work. :) :steamthumbsup:
SneakEye  [author] Apr 19 @ 9:59am 
@폭풍을 뚫는 쿠팡맨, The winter portrait did not match the model uniform. It was the summer uniform with a scarf.

@Loitschnand, The Wehrmacht 251 has other utility like the Observation upgrade and like you said, it would indeed overlapp with the Opep Blitz. I try to give units unique roles and different upgrades.
폭풍을 뚫는 쿠팡맨 Apr 19 @ 5:35am 
hmm.. I think no need to be change Volksgrenadiers portrait
[OLSENBANDE] Loitschnand Apr 10 @ 11:10am 
Hello there,
I love your mod! :retreat:

Could i ask you to make a small change to the Wehrmacht?
I realy would love it if you could give the Wehrmachts SdKfz 251 the same Ambulance improvement that the OKW gets. I know they have got the Opel Blitz for it but i realy would like it if you could make this change to give us the additional option for the 251.

Thank you for reading and for the best MOD for this game.
SneakEye  [author] Apr 7 @ 10:03pm 

- New portrait for the mortars when captured with OKW
- New portrait for Volksgrenadiers in winter maps
- Armored Skirts for the Pershing and Churchill renamed to Additional Armor
- Minor tweaks in veterancy bonuses
- Various bugfixes

Full notes:
SneakEye  [author] Apr 7 @ 10:50am 
@HeavenStormer5249, Good idea to rename them. I think package in game terms implies it unlocks something more, like smoke for the king tiger, bit will think of an alternative.
I can look for different models. The ones the wehrmacht uses are a bit big to fit in the OKW HQ.
HeavenStormer5249 Apr 7 @ 10:16am 
Thanks @SneakEye! No problem! :) still hunting for bugs. All good on the AI. They're indeed unpredictable.

Adding a suggestion for the armor upgrades (specifically for the Pershing, Churchills and/or others), rename it to "Defensive Package" instead (similar to the King Tiger). Just something I thought about since the "Armored Skirts" for them does not appear at all (unlike the T-34-76 which has actual armor skirts attached).

For OKW, the weapon crates show the Bazooka and M1919, maybe change it to be the same or similar like the Wehr one.

And as always, thanks for the great work!
SneakEye  [author] Apr 2 @ 8:09am 
@Kloß_Kombat, That is right, only OKW can build them. The Wehrmacht can use the ability in the commander list 'Allied Reinforcements' to get a random set of OKW units, which has a chance to spawn a King Tiger.

@HeavenStormer5249, Thanks for more reports :) I will do my best to fix them, though the OT-34 smoke might be out of my control.
I tried to influence the capture behavior of the AI, crews and engineers got a high priority to crew weapons and tanks while other infantry super low. The behavior is still unpredictable.
HeavenStormer5249 Apr 2 @ 6:07am 
Thanks @SneakEye, no problem on the voice lines :)

I found other bugs as well:

Sturmpioneers can no longer pick up weapons if a squad member dies and drops the panzerschreck with the combat package upgrade.

When you try to build the Sherman Croc or OT-34 and if you keep dragging it while choosing a location to build, it leaves a trail of dust (seems to be mini erupting dust from the looks of it) that remains all throughout the game. It somehow impacts performance because of the massive amount of dust when you keep dragging it.

Not sure if this was requested before, but is it possible to prevent the AI from occupying empty vehicles? Just encountered one earlier where I just exited out of a King Tiger to make it Hull Down then AI just passing by immediately occupied that tank. :\

Maybe make the AI not occupy vehicles that belonged to you before.. hopefully it's possible but I understand if it cannot be done :) TIA!
Kloß_Kombat Apr 2 @ 3:47am 
@SneakEye But as far as I see those are only available for Oberkommando West, right? Is there any function to get it as standard Germany? Thank you for the response!