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MT-12 Rapira
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MT-12 Rapira

MT-12 or 2A29 is a Soviet smoothbore 100 mm anti-tank gun, which served as the primary towed anti-tank artillery in the Soviet army from the early 1970s to the late 1980s. It is in significant use in the Russo-Ukrainian War (2014–present).

The 100 mm anti-tank gun T-12, which had entered service in 1961, proved very successful. Its shortcomings had to do with its use of the carriage of the 85 mm anti-tank gun D-48. This was so narrow that the T-12 was prone to topple over its side and could only be towed through the terrain at 15 km/h. Also, the equilibrator had to be redesigned, as described below. Together with some lesser considerations, this led to the development of the T-12A, later known as MT-12, GRAU-index 2A29.


Shell 100 × 910 mmR
Caliber 100 mm (3.9 in)
Recoil Hydro-pneumatic

On road: 70 km/h (43 mph) (or as fast as you can drive in Arma)
Off road: 25 km/h (16 mph) (or as fast as you can drive in Arma)
Elevation −6° to +20°
Traverse 27° left or right
Rate of fire 6-14 rpm
Muzzle velocity 700–1,575 m/s (2,300–5,170 ft/s)

Maximum firing range:

3,000 m (9,800 ft) (direct)
8,200 m (26,900 ft) (indirect)

The MT-12 mounts 3 distinct sights

OP-4M: A daytime direct fire sight with 5.5x magnification
S71-40 with PG-1M panoramic telescope: A daytime scope with 4x magnification designed to allow the AT gun to engage targets with HE shells beyond visual range
APN-6-40: A nighttime direct fire sight with 5.5x magnification

You can cycle through these optics using default Arma controls. To see through the optics, you need to open the appropriate shield.

There are 4 basic ammunition types currently available:

3UBM2 - A sabot shell with a pretty low approximate penetration value of 200mm of RHA, making it unsuitable against a great majority of tanks. What it lacks in penetration it makes up for in its very high initial velocity of 1575 m/s and excellent ballistics, making it deadly to any sort of IFV or APC even at extreme ranges.

3UBK2 - A HEAT shell with a penetration value of around 450mm of RHA, allowing it to be a threat to even medium tanks. The higher penetration comes at a cost of lower velocity of around 975 m/s and generally poorer ballistics.

3UOF3 - An HE shell designed to engage soft, unarmoured targets. Using the S71-40 scope the MT-12 can lob these at extreme ranges using indirect fire.

3UBM69 - Little is known about this particular round, though according to rumours it is considered to be an engineering masterpiece of the USSR. Based off of the scant data available to the west this round is supposed to be enhanced with hardened Stalinium. In recent times it has coloquially become known simply as "gold ammo", mostly due to its very high production cost, which only a very select few individuals might be able to afford. Not even the most overpowered vehicles, either from vanilla Arma 3or from delusional modmakers who overbuff their country´s vehicles to high heaven will stand in your way if you load this ammo, komred! Слава СССР!

3UBK10 with the 9M117M1 ATGM - The Arkan tandem ATGM has an approximate penetration of 750mm of RHA, making the ideal choice against heavy tanks which the other ammunition types can not penetrate.

If you are struggling to find the ammunition in the editor, try searching for "100mm" in the search field of the "Props" category, everything should come up then,

The MT-12 has the exact same handling as any other asset made by us. The ammunition all comes in boxes containing two rounds each, and each round has to be loaded manually into the weapon before it can be fired.
The barrel of this particular AT gun recoils quite violently, and automatically ejects spent casings a few moments after firing. It is highly advisable not to stand directly behind the breech of this weapon!

The MT-12 can be slingloaded by helicopters that support this function

You can fold / unfold the gun in case you need to move it around with a vehicle. Once the gun is folded you can attach it to a vehicle. Make sure the towing ring is close enough to the back of the target vehicle. At the moment it can be towed by the following vehicles:

  • KamAZ
  • Ural
  • GAZ-66
  • KraZ
  • ZiL
  • M113
  • MT-LB
  • MTVR
  • All MT-LBs (Kolguev faction!)
  • MTVR
Base game:
  • Vanilla truck
  • Vanilla MRAP
More can be added based on request, but this needs to be done separately for every vehicle.

Please refer to the video attached to this mod for exact reference regarding handling.

In case you are reporting a bug, start a discussion topic please, it's hard to keep track of conversation in the comments.

Due to a great many different mods and vehicle configs existing and Arma using a rather odd damage system we would really appreciate your feedback when it comes to the damage caused to vehicles by this weapon, so that we can iterate on the damage values as necessary.
You should NOT expect to penetrate an MBT sturdier than an early T-72 frontally, perhaps not even to the side.

Nice photos made by Kei

This addon is provided under the CUP[] license. You may not reupload this addon or it's parts to steam workshop or any other public repository. You may, however, create your own patch addons.
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Jul 4 @ 5:40am
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ilbinek  [author] Jul 19 @ 7:59am 
There already is a well detailed addon for D-30, so we are not gonna invest time to do something that already exists.
Sergeant Suika Jul 18 @ 10:16pm 
Д-30 и так дохрена
CALIBER 10 Jul 18 @ 7:07pm 
Требую Д30.
ilbinek  [author] Jul 18 @ 3:09am 
By spawning the box with 100mm ammo, using ace you open the box, then using ace you take out the round out of the box. You bring the round close to the chamber of the gun. You use ace interaction to open the chamber, then load it also using ace interaction. The chamber will close automagically.

So, everything is done using ace interactions.
lifeofnerfingwolf Jul 17 @ 7:17pm 
how do i load the ammo into the gun?
ilbinek  [author] Jul 8 @ 6:28am 
Yeah, we can hope someone makes it.
LaHostRoyale Jul 7 @ 7:24pm 
M777 would be the best thing to happen to me
Tklama  [author] Jul 6 @ 1:50am 
We do not accept donations, everything we do is free. We will think about the M777, but for the moment we are working on a different heavy towed artillery piece.
CY3ER MISFIT Jul 5 @ 2:21pm 
would you if a donation was provided on completion?
ilbinek  [author] Jun 29 @ 1:18pm 
Ehhh, not probable that we will.