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The M119 howitzer is a lightweight 105 mm howitzer, used by the United States Army. It is the American licensed version of the British L119 light gun.

Max range: 11.500 meters
Elevation: -5.625° to +69.975°
Traverse: 5.625° left or right

Due to the rather limited traverse it is possible to rotate the whole howitzer using A and D when sitting on the gunner slot. You can set up your own keybinds for this in Options -> Controls -> Configure addons -> M119A3.
The controls arent very fine and a bit unresponsive, you need to hold down the key for a bit longer for the howitzer to start moving.

This model uses a manual loading system and a manual charge selecting system.

In order to load and fire the howitzer the user first needs to assemble the howitzer rounds. The components for the rounds come packed inside tubes, two of which are present in every 105mm ammo box. In order to assemble the round, the following steps need to be taken:

1. Take the tube out of the box. It will be placed inside your inventory.
2. Double click the tube in your inventory. This will bring up the option to "unpack the tube". Do it.
3. Unpacking the tube will separate it into two components: An artillery shell and an artillery casing. Both of these will be placed inside your inventory, while the tube will get removed.
4. Each casing comes pre-filled with 7 packs of propellant charge. The charge will be displayed in the casing´s name inside the player´s inventory. Double clicking the casing in your inventory will bring up the option to change the amount of propellant packs inside the casing. Pick whatever amount of propellant charge you need your howitzer round to have.
6. Once you have (or haven´t) selected the necessary amount of propellant charge you can double click the shell inside your inventory. This will bring up the option to assemble the full howitzer round with the corresponding charge.
After assembling the round it is going to be placed inside the player´s hands. The charge used by the round is going to be visible on the model itself.

Be mindful of the way the propellant charge packs work.
If you select "Charge 7", then all the propellant packs are going to be inside the casing, and no propellant pack will be visible on the round.
If you select "Charge 6", then 6 packs of propellant charge are going to be stored inside the casing, and the last leftover pack (7th) will be hanging outside the round, to be disposed of by the crew prior to loading the round. (not modelled)

The entire above mentioned process also works the other way around. You can pack a shell and a casing back into a tube, and then store the tube in a box.

Once you have the round ready, you can reload the howitzer (all interactions done via ACE):

1. Open the gun breech by interacting with the breech lever.
2. Load the round into the breech. You need to toss the round on the ground in order to be able to load it. It will not work if it is in your hands.
3. Close the breech.
4. Fire.
5. Open the breech in order to eject the spent casing. Be mindful of where you stand, as the ejected casing can injure you if you stand directly behind the breech.
6. Now you can reload another round.

The howitzer has 2 basic modes. Folded and Unfolded.

If you want to fire the howitzer you must have it unfolded.
If you want to tow the howitzer using a vehicle you need to fold it first, then bring it closer to the vehicle in question and use ACE interaction on the howitzer´s towing ring in order to "attach" it to a vehicle. Once attached the howitzer has simulation disabled, so it will not get stuck on objects during transport. The simulation gets enabled upon detaching the howitzer. Be mindful of where you detach it.

The following vehicles are currently supported:
Vanilla MRAP
Vanilla HEMTT
All RHSUSF Humwees, MRAPs and "school buses"
RHSUS M1078 and 1083 trucks
3CB BAF Landrover (Soft and Hard top)
3CB BAF Coyote
3CB BAF Jackal
3CB BAF MAN truck (HX58 and HX60)
Armed Forces UK Pinzgauer

The howitzer can also be sling loaded by helicopters that support sling loading

This addon is provided under the CUP[] license. You may not reupload this addon or it's parts to steam workshop or any other public repository. You may, however, create your own patch addons.
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