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(VIALT) Vortex Industrial - Animated Laser Tools [ToolCore]
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Mar 14 @ 5:11pm
May 1 @ 4:40am
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(VIALT) Vortex Industrial - Animated Laser Tools [ToolCore]

For the exacting engineer, Animated Laser Tools, a new standard for excellence in the industry.
This mod includes four laser tools that are able to mine, grind and weld at any time simply by switching between modes. Enter a new world of beam based tools designed from scratch with the latest APIs in mind that will elevate your gameplay to a whole new level. This mod includes full translations for every available language in the game, if you end up using it in something besides English let me know in the comments!

Click here and read the guide for this mod if you need help understanding the blocks!

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Special thanks to the following creators for their support in this project!

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Reposting this mod in any form is allowed with the following stipulations:
  • If your going to reupload for personal use, change the icon, and please make it unlisted.
  • If your going to include this in a larger mod such as a "full convert mod" or "mod you make for your server", link in description of that mod, also please come to the discord listed above and make a ticket to say hello.
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"In the bustling cantinas scattered across the galaxy, whispers of AshCorp's latest breakthroughs echo through the air, igniting a fervor among spacefarers and settlers alike. The allure of laser-based tools, with their promise of efficiency and precision, captivates the imagination of all who hear of them. Sensing the opportunity amidst the growing demand, Vortex seized upon the chance to further cement their place in the cosmos.

Drawing upon their extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the market, Vortex Tactical brokered a groundbreaking contract with AshCorp, securing the rights to harness the foundational principles of the revolutionary gravitational technology. With unwavering determination, they channeled their efforts into their burgeoning Vortex Industrial division, tasked with bringing this innovative technology to fruition.

Over a span of three months, Vortex Industrial embarked on a relentless pursuit of perfection. They meticulously integrated AshCorp's patented gravitational technology with their own advanced laser systems, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability. The result was a marvel of engineering—a suite of laser-based tools that not only surpassed expectations but set a new standard for excellence in the industry.

With production in full swing, Vortex Industrial wasted no time in distributing their cutting-edge creations to spaceports throughout the galaxy's coreward regions. Almost overnight, their laser tools became the coveted choice of spacers everywhere, renowned for their unmatched quality and effectiveness.

Today, as the legacy of Vortex continues to evolve, their indelible mark on the cosmos grows ever more pronounced. Through innovation and ingenuity, they forge a path forward, empowering settlers and spacefarers to navigate the uncharted depths of space with confidence and resolve."

Black-Panther-DM Jun 15 @ 11:14pm 
Be carfefull, by using this for drilling. The FPS are dropping hard and the game freezing sometimes.
Burningsun Jun 4 @ 6:54am 
those tool seem to be be bugged and creating a infinite amount of stone ...
crashdodgers May 24 @ 1:19pm 
Hi, I like the look of your mod, but before I decide to use it or not I need to know, how big is your small grid tool, as so far all the block tools I have tried have always been a large block size?
Silence May 21 @ 6:34pm 
So I tested it out, and it mined a lot of stone but not a lot of gold, which was what it was also grabbing, minor bug?
spEeͥD`eͣxͫ May 11 @ 5:29am 
Really nice mod, ive run into an issue tho.
When mining something and deactivating the laser, it still produces ore without actually mining. Making infinite resources. This can be stopped by turning it off

I also have other laser tool mods using tool core and no other mod is having this problem
Imperial Omega May 7 @ 8:42am 
1.8GW on a small grid as max and 110GW for large grid
Imperial Omega May 7 @ 8:40am 
dont need to lower the power use. just recomment to use the Arc reactor mod. this baby make more than enought power
RavenTheLatex May 5 @ 8:52pm 
Personally, seeing how small and powerful these laser tools are, i find this power cost very reasonable lol. Thank you for such a Wonderful mod <3
Palpatine  [author] May 5 @ 2:24pm 
Raven its weird right? As developers we should make things that make since for the player? So they do the right thing kinda intuitively ya know? It really seamed to me these were logical power requirements for this kind of tool but soooooo many people seam to be not powering them enough. I've been considering lowering the power requirements because it catches so many people up.
RavenTheLatex May 5 @ 10:58am 
FYI,For any of you wondering why it just flickers the laser on for a split second. The power requirement for the tools. is in MEGAWATTS.