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Highfleet weapons - Weaponcore
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Mar 6 @ 8:33am
May 2 @ 6:31am
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Highfleet weapons - Weaponcore

Mod requires weaponcore to work

This mod adds a set of weapons from the game “Highfleet” to Space engineers
The smaller guns come in both 2x2 and 3x3 variants because most of SE players design the ships around odd symmetry of blocks, but Highfleet game has 2x2 turrets. This does not apply to Squall cannon and it's only available as 4x4 block

Each gun except 2a37 and vympel has alternative ammo types that can be cycled

WARNING! Every gun can target projectiles and will try its best to shoot them down. Please ensure that this and “supportive PD” option are disabled for larger calibre cannons (mk2 sarmat, mk6 squall) before fight unless you are using proximity fuze ammo.

Ammo types

HE - default, deals splash damage
AP - deals bonus damage to armor and has penetrarion, but no splash damage and is slightly faster than other ammo types
PROXIMITY FUZE - explodes in a cone of shrapnel when close to target. Larger guns have bigger cone and more shrapnel. This ammo type is good against projectiles, light armored grids, exposed components (engines, antennas, etc) and SG ships, but is weak against heavy armor.
GUIDED - these shells are expensive, but have guidance. Great at hitting mobile grids with heavy weapons.

Full list of new blocks

2A37 PDC cannon - small rapid fire gatling gun that is somewhat good at intercepting incoming projectiles
AK725 VYMPEL - all-purpose cheap gun that can sometimes hit things, but is rather weak against large ships
AK-100 cannon - rapid-fire 100mm gun with 3 ammo types - HE, AP and PROXIMITY FUZE. The gun is rather inaccurate
D-80 MOLOT - medium calibre cannon that fires 130mm shells. It's the smallest gun capable of using GUIDED ammo
MK-1-180 - Large calibre cannon that has slow ROF, but high accuracy, range and hits hard
MK-2-180 SARMAT - double-barrel 180mm cannon. Uses 180mm ammo
MK-6-180 SQUALL - giant 6-barrel beast of a gun. Has fancy reload animation and interior
A220 Missile Launcher - 3500m range unguided missile launcher. Uses both 200mm A220 Missiles and vanilla rockets as ammo

PALASH-1 APS - an active protection system that fires shrapnel at incoming projectiles. Extremely short range and cannot target grids

MR2-M Fire Control Radar - a radar that has 10km range and is required for various systems to function (currently only SPRINT missile requires it, but this might be changed in future)

R-5 ZENITH missile - an anti-ship heat-seeking missile that can only target thruster blocks. Has 5km range.
R-9 SPRINT missile - !REQUIRES FCR TO FUNCTION PROPERLY! anti-air missile that targets large smart projectiles. This missile can also be used against other modded weaponcore guided missiles (such as R-5 ZENITH). Has 5km range

FAB-1000 bomb - an unguided bomb that has great range. good against stationary targets.

The mod is still WIP and might receive major changes and new content eventually. For example, I'm planning to add more guided missiles and sg fighter weapons.

Known issues:
- all guns of same size have similar build states (this will be fixed eventually)
- some turrets have no LODs and might impact performance if placed in large amounts (eg. "battle brick made of guns")
- broken mirroring of 2x2 and 4x4 blocks

If you feel like something is overpowered, underpowered, straight up broken or bugged, please let me know via comments or DMs. Any feedback is greatly appreciated

If you want to reupload this thing, please let me know and list me as one of the authors or make it unlisted.

Mods used for screenshots:
- Mexpex's thrust FX mod and hydrogen thruster visuals mod
- My rocket propulsion systems mod

Rotating thrusters in videos are made using Vector Thrust OS script

Also try this decorative highfleet hull blocks mod. It was supposed to be released as part of this one, but I decided to separate it from main pack as it’s not using weaponcore stuff

Big thanks to Aryx, Enenra, Killerbee, Pilfit, Ash, BDCarrillo and other members of SE modding community for helping making this thing real.
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Jun 4 @ 9:11am
Port to Vanilla+ Framework Mod
Magnum Opium Jun 10 @ 2:04am 
So... I think found a issue... it dosent pull the ammo it needs ammo to be pushed.

Using the R-5 Zenith - TUBE not the hardpoint that needs to be loaded manually.

Using the following test bed:

(side view)

[L] -launcher
[s] -sorter
[x] -cargo

With this setup if the blocks are in my faction and i'm the owner they work no problem.

But if I change the blocks to faction to Space Pirates the launcher shoots once with the first shot loaded manually but does not reload afterwards if I click the shoot toggle button once then the reloading sequence starts again and for some reason even with a sorter trying to push ammo into it it still won't reload.
humanoid.mp4  [author] Jun 10 @ 12:03am 
Zenith missile launcher (the missile on pylon) has no conveyor port and has to be reloaded manually
Magnum Opium Jun 9 @ 3:30pm 
Mabye its just me but the Zenith Missile launcher does not talk to conveyors, any conveyors.
humanoid.mp4  [author] May 2 @ 2:57am 
2) Да, «Спринт» будет дорабатываться. На данный момент он чисто теоретически может работать по другим умным прожектайлам из модов. В частности, он работает против VXM-8 из мода TIO.

Дополнительные ракеты (а-100, баллистические ракеты) будут. Возможно, также будут тепловые ловушки.

3) скорее всего нет, поскольку это муторно, багануто и неудобно. Возможно, перевод для странички мастерской будет разве что
humanoid.mp4  [author] May 2 @ 2:35am 
1) А220 может использовать ванильную ракету чисто, как предмет инвентаря, а сам снаряд ничем от ее родного снаряда не отличается. Ванилла реплейсер не сделает эти ракеты самонаводящимися.
B7_Messor May 2 @ 12:52am 
есть три вопроса:
1)A220 Missile Launcher-использует стоковые неуправляемые ракеты?
а если стоит WeponCore-Vanila Weapon replacement?
ракеты будут "доруливать"?
2)ракета "спринт" - будет дорабатываться? т.е. бить не только по ракете "зенит"?)) или, - будут ли, дополнительные ракеты? кластерные например, ракеты противодействия?
3)Автор мода русско-говорящий))) будет ли внутреигровое описание оружия и названия на русском? это так чисто эстетически)))
B7_Messor May 2 @ 12:52am 
Отличный мод. который отлично вписывается в атмосферу изначальной игры. желаю развивать дальше.
я думаю связка WC+WC Vanila weapon replacement+Highfleet weapons, будет максимально идеальна для игры в соло и небольшой компанией. и не перегружать немыслимым объёмом вооружения других модов.

По части корпусных блоков, тоже зачёт! вот именно таких каркасных конструкций мне по большей части и нехватало. - спасибо!))
Cuddle Cock May 1 @ 3:27pm 
God damn. The pics are amazing.
Spuds Apr 19 @ 12:26pm 
Will there be a vanilla+ version of this pack using the Vanilla+ framework mod?
C-091 Apr 9 @ 5:28am 
Р-6 "Надир" недоступная в редакторе ракета, но покупаемая в городах
У неё и внешний вид другой
Надир доступна на одном гепарде, который позабыт богами в файлах игры, наравне с кластерными ракетами и 300м пушкой

Урон у неё выше чем у "Зенит" (для сравнения у Зенита 600 в Highfleet, у Надира 1200), но летит медленно