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Star Trek Fully Retractable Landing Gear
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Jan 16 @ 1:59pm
Feb 9 @ 9:59pm
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Star Trek Fully Retractable Landing Gear

Commissioned by SGTOWL. Adds in Star Trek fully retractable landing gear.
Vanilla weapons can target and fire through them however while WeaponCore weapons can also target and fire through them the projectiles will not pass through them as WC handles collisions differently than Keen.

Angled gears have had there lower bounding box removed so that you can build on the underside of it. Because of this they will phase through grids/blocks (voxels are fine) I recommend using a flat gear somewhere in the middle or ends of your ship as they will not phase.

*Gifs seem to run slower this isn't a ingame performance issue*

Flat 2x1x3

Angled 2x2x2

Flat 2x1x3

Flat 4x2x6

Flat 6x3x9

Flat 8x4x12

Angled 2x2x2

Angled 4x4x4

Angled 6x6x6

Angled 8x8x8

How to use
Turning your gears On/Off will retract/unretract them. When locked just simply unlock and pull away and they will automatically retract. When ready to redeploy cycle the landing gear to the On position in your grouping.

Where to find?
The landing gear can be found by typing in gear or look under Killer's in the G menu
Requires Animation Engine Beta

Commissioned by SGTOWL

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Killerbee77  [author] Mar 11 @ 5:03pm 
Read description if regarding angled gears
Fine Gentleman Mar 11 @ 4:27pm 
they keep getting stuck in the ground it's annoying
Jay Mar 10 @ 10:37am 
Is anyone else having the bounding box issue with the 6w angled still? Looks like everything else is fixed but that.
KarlThorsten89 Feb 27 @ 12:20pm 
NEVER MIND, I didn't search for GEAR, I went after LANDING. LOL!
KarlThorsten89 Feb 27 @ 12:13pm 
Eeeh, maybe a mod conflict, but the landing gears do not show up for me in the block menus...
Killerbee77  [author] Feb 9 @ 9:57pm 
As for the 8k cost that is a mistype and I will update it to also be 800
Killerbee77  [author] Feb 9 @ 9:57pm 
That's not really a small request. Overall I won't add/make changes unless the commissioner requests or approves it. I am also somewhat retired now and will be largely stepping away from SE modding in a few weeks
Rhodor Feb 9 @ 5:21pm 
I love this mod! I do have one small question/request: would it be possible to have a version of the landing gear that reaches just a bit further down to compensate for magpads? At the moment the landing feet are flush with the block level, and as such hover off the ground while the ship is landed if magpads are used.
Killerbee77  [author] Feb 9 @ 5:13pm 
Maybe little more expensive but not massively so.
Killerbee77  [author] Feb 9 @ 5:13pm 
I thought I made them the same