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Nuclear Missile Factory
Type: World
Mod category: Experimental
Tags: story
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Jan 13 @ 12:50am
Apr 29 @ 12:32pm
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Nuclear Missile Factory

A very large and complex missile factory I built. It took nearly 400+ hours to build and troubleshoot. Its about 170k blocks, 500k PCU and hundreds of subgrids. Its still kinda a work in progress so I've been updating it as I see bugs, just fixed stage 2 and the interlock today, lmk in the comments if there is any other issues.

Bug Fixes 4/29/2024
added an arm for stage 2 to connect grey arms
fixed stage 3 interlock to not drop the nuke.
fixed stage 1 gantry issue
random clang fixes.

To do list:
Make it auto stage
Make it target something
Fix it intermittently failing
Update info on this page...maybe.
axolotltoloxa Jun 8 @ 11:36pm 
Do you need all the dlcs listed, or can you save yourself the money?
daveed1 Jun 5 @ 2:46pm 
Stage 3 is broken, the hinges for the outside panels turn the wrong way. When it goes to put the panels on, they aren't able to connect and actually collide with the center of stage 3 instead. It leads to the outside panels breaking off the hinges because it's trying to shove them into stage 3 instead of connecting to the outside of stage 3.
Vurok May 29 @ 4:35pm 
so uh is it normal for the whole place to blow up after stage 1 is done being made?
WardenWolf May 28 @ 10:13pm 
So, one question I have is why you use hinges and not merge blocks? I'd imagine that many subgrids would be very unstable.
Magical Trevor May 20 @ 10:14am 
First off this is fantastic. I love what you're trying to do here. It's a HUGE undertaking and I appreciate all of your work. That said the first stage doesn't work consistently and it fails at random intervals. I'll be checking periodically to see your progress.
Molanius G4Skins May 11 @ 7:11am 
Stage 2 is broken. The carousel has bad timing
joshua May 8 @ 1:54pm 
looks incredible!
caffiend May 6 @ 1:59pm 
Color me super impressed and I stand in awe at the amount of time, work and planning to get this to all come together as smoothly as it does.

All bow to your greatness!
avaness May 5 @ 5:47pm 
I have the same issues with construction as WolfX32
avaness May 5 @ 5:09pm 
How much of this dlc is actually required?