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Vortex Tactical - Animated Weaponcore Hand Weapons
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Oct 1, 2023 @ 12:18am
Nov 5, 2023 @ 1:20am
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Vortex Tactical - Animated Weaponcore Hand Weapons

Prepare to revolutionize your Space Engineers experience with Vortex Tactical - Animated Weaponcore Hand Weapons. This exceptional mod elevates the gameplay by replacing vanilla hand weapons with a suite of high-quality, fully animated models. These weapons are not just visually stunning but are also powered by Weaponcore, ensuring they interact seamlessly with shields and offering a host of performance enhancements unique to Weaponcore.

Here is a link to the guide that has all the information on how to play with this mod.

Key Features:

High-Quality Models: Immerse yourself in the cosmos with meticulously crafted weapon models that boast exceptional detail and realism.

Weaponcore Integration: Experience a new level of tactical gameplay as these weapons are fully integrated with Weaponcore. They adapt to shield mechanics and offer enhanced performance.

Dynamic Animations: Witness the magic of dynamic animations that bring your weapons to life. Weapons move realistically when firing and reloading, adding depth to your combat encounters.

Custom Particle Effects: Engage in battles like never before with custom particle effects that enhance the visual spectacle of your weapon discharges and explosions.

Unique Features: "Vortex Tactical" offers a range of unique features, including:

Color Customization: Hold the 'R' key to change the laser color, allowing you to personalize your weapons.
Enhanced Scoping: When scoped in with the precision rifle and rocket launcher, use the mouse wheel to zoom for precise long-range shots.
Lock-On Targeting: Hit the middle mouse button to lock onto your targets with hand weapons, ensuring accurate shots.
Damage Profiles:
All weapons included in "Vortex Tactical" are optimized for engaging characters and small grid blocks. None of these weapons damage large grid blocks, allowing players to set up more complex encounters with AI enabled. The precision rocket launcher is the exception, designed to deal with larger threats.

AI Compatibility:
Venture into a thrilling world of AI-enabled gameplay with "Vortex Tactical." These weapons seamlessly integrate with AI mods, enabling you to fend off hordes of the undead or rebel factions with deadly precision. Prepare for epic battles against AI adversaries as you wield the advanced weaponry of "Vortex Tactical."

We wish to express our gratitude to the following individuals and projects for their contributions to "Vortex Tactical - Animated Weaponcore Hand Weapons":

Weaponcore: A special thanks to Darkstar for the remarkable Weaponcore framework that powers our weapons.
Custom Scope Config: Credits to Klime for the custom scope configuration, enhancing the precision of our weapons.
Weaponcore Hand Weapon Guide Mod: We appreciate the work of BDCarrillo for the Weaponcore Hand Weapon Guide Mod, without its DNA this mod would not have happened.

Source Material:
In the creation of this mod we've incorporated assets from talented creators and sources who have contributed to the mod's excellence:

Model Sources:
Premium Models by Oleg Ushenok[]

Sound Sources:
Premium Sounds by Bluezone Corporation[]

Free Sound:
2 Gun Reloads[]

All the cool kids hang out in this discord, report bugs here.[]

In the early days of space exploration, "Vortex Tactical" began as a humble endeavor, a small group of visionaries operating on the unruly frontiers of the cosmos. They possessed a singular passion: the modification and enhancement of commonplace weaponry. These pioneers carved their niche in the perilous expanse of space, crafting specialized armaments to empower those daring souls on the cutting edge of human exploration.

Over time "Vortex Tactical" grew from a modest collective into a name synonymous with personal defense on the fringes of the known universe. They answered the call of spacefarers facing dangers beyond imagination—be it the relentless onslaught of bandit marauders or the inscrutable threats posed by hostile extraterrestrial beings.

In an era marked by the burgeoning population, driven by the advent of increasingly affordable cloning technology, the very fabric of the cosmos seemed to expand with sentient life. Colonies flourished, and settlements dotted the celestial map. Yet, with this newfound prosperity came an unforeseen challenge—the proliferation of bandit gangs and criminal syndicates. The very pioneers who once sought to tame the cosmos found themselves under siege from ruthless marauders.

"Vortex Tactical" recognized the urgency of the situation. In response to the growing threat, they unleashed a suite of cutting-edge weapons tailored to the unique challenges faced by settlers. These weapons were not mere instruments of defense; they were a symbol of hope, a promise that pioneers would not succumb to the darkness that lurked beyond the stars.

With innovation at their core, "Vortex Tactical" pioneered advancements in weaponry that complemented the evolving landscape of space colonization. Their arsenal became a beacon of security in an uncertain universe, equipping settlers with the means to safeguard their dreams and aspirations.

Today, as you embark on your interstellar journey with Vortex Tactical you carry the legacy of these pioneers. You become part of the continuing story, where technology, exploration, and survival converge in the ever-expanding cosmos.

Thank you for choosing "Vortex Tactical" – your gateway to a more dynamic and exciting space exploration journey.
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Palpatine  [author] Feb 12 @ 6:50am 
*eyes dart nervously*
☼king wu Feb 12 @ 5:29am 
id love to see star wars weapons version of this mod.
FennixPheonix Jan 23 @ 8:26am 
what mods are used in the trailer for the mod
maxdean02 Jan 19 @ 7:40am 
So, when reloading the basic pistol, it uses up all the ammo instead of just one magazine
lord.riker Nov 18, 2023 @ 9:32pm 
Yeah, I see how that could be an issue. I'll be the first in line for that new version once it's ready!
Palpatine  [author] Nov 18, 2023 @ 8:31pm 
So like if I give them any damage to large grid they trigger the deformation on the blocks really bad. So say I set the base to 0.0000001x damage to large grid it would do full deformation.
I have been meaning to write up a version of this that is not based on the vanilla guns so on that I might as well add in LG damage.
lord.riker Nov 15, 2023 @ 6:54am 
Would it be possible to get a config option to turn large grid damage back on? I would honestly love the increased danger that could bring to AI enabled bots.
Palpatine  [author] Nov 11, 2023 @ 3:35pm 
They are not designed to damage large grid really at all.
This is because with AI enabled you'll have suits fighting in your base and you don't want it getting destroyed by the small arms fire. You can however damage small grid blocks relatively easily with them.
Hope this helps!
Sahja Dhaumi Nov 10, 2023 @ 10:05pm 
So, using these weapons, unless I'm using the 40mm or thermal detonators I cannot damage Interior turrets at all?
PaulBr Nov 9, 2023 @ 4:57pm 
Nevermind, I had to reload the save and it fixed itself, somehow, but Using the basic pistol disabled my forward walk until reload, weird