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New Spawn Pods + Tools (Pack 4 Havoc Industries)
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Sep 12, 2023 @ 4:30am
Oct 20, 2023 @ 6:35pm
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New Spawn Pods + Tools (Pack 4 Havoc Industries)


HI Welcome to Havoc Industries where design form and function come together to create something special.
We here at Havoc Industries manufacture high end ships, vehicles and mining equipment for the professional and everyday engineer to get the job done to create a better tomorrow.
We also take safety very seriously here at Havoc Industries and if while using any our vehicles or equipment you happen to experience any major issues such as a malfunction or a catastrophic failure of the equipment or explosive decompression resulting in your death please reach out to us today. We take no legal responsibility for any injuries or death caused by misuse or in proper use of equipment.
So whenever you need equipment that you can depend on say HI and think Havoc Industries and lets create a brighter future together.

What does this mod do?

This mod will replace the vanilla drop pod with new ones, for the planetary pod, the moon pod and the space pod it can be added to a new world start or an existing world and can be used on a server if desired.
Pods will come equipped with tools a hand weapon and various items to help you make a fresh start and most importantly a couple of plushies to help keep you warm at night when it gets lonely out there.

- Compatible with vanilla game just add this mod to your world and it will replace the vanilla spawn pods with these ones.

- Compatible with the [EEM] Exploration Enhancement Mod.
When using this mod with the [EEM] Exploration Enhancement Mod you will need to add the "[EEM] Disabled Respawn Ships" by Thraxus to your world to disable the [EEM] spawn ships, link below.

Items found in every Pod

1 Welder
1 Grinder
1 Drill
1 S-10 Pistol
40 S-10 Pistol Magazines
1 Hydrogen Bottle
1 Oxygen Bottle
300 Ice
2 Medkits
2 Powerkits
2 Plushies


Planetary Pod (Small grid)

Atmospheric Thrusters
Number of Blocks 283
PCU 2,018
Grid Mass 22,621 kg
2 Batteries
2 Gyroscopes
1 Camera (Front facing)
1 Survival kit
1 Air Vent
1 O2/H2 Generator
1 Industrial Cockpit
1 Ore detector
3 magnetic plates
2 Offset Spotlights
6 Parachute Hatchs
1 Antenna
6 Strobe Lights
2 Transparent LCDs
1 Cryo Chamber

Moon Pod (Small grid)

Number of Blocks 407
PCU 1,942
Grid Mass 19,813 kg
2 Batteries
2 Gyroscopes
1 Survival kit
1 O2/H2 Generator
1 Cab Cockpit
1 Ore detector
4 Offset Spotlights
1 Antenna
1 Strobe Lights
2 Tail Lights
2 Transparent LCDs
1 Cryo Chamber
8 3x3 wheel suspension

Space Pod (Large grid)

Ion Thrusters
Number of Blocks 584
PCU 3,043
Grid Mass 287,795 kg
4 Batteries
2 Gyroscopes
1 Beacon
1 Camera (Front facing)
1 Survival kit
1 Small hydrogen tank (3% Full)
1 Oxygen tank (30% Full)
2 Air Vents
4 small cargo Containers
1 Gravity generator
1 O2/H2 Generator
1 Flight seat
1 Ore detector
1 Bed
5 Timer blocks
1 Holo LCD
4 Sensors
5 Doors


Do not reupload this mod as the vehicle creations in this pack are my own work Thank you.

when using the moon pod and you need metal grid to build you first large grid small container on a new base you will find four heavy armor corner tips above the O2/H2 Generator and the Survival kit.

when using the Space pod the ship is pressurized and the doors and ventilation system are controlled automatically all a player needs to do is walk up to a door and wait about four seconds and the ship will depressurize and the doors will open and once the player leaves the ship the doors will close and the ship will pressurize again and the same thing will happen on the players return to the ship.

Before posting a comment that it does not work you may have a conflict with another mod so run this mod by it self and it should work fine you will then have to go through your other mods you are using to see which conflicts.
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Fizzy  [author] Mar 2 @ 5:15pm 
@Shinku_Shi @IvIercTTV I thank you for looking in to that and i have not replied to everyone as i have been a bit busy and now i have had to turn my attention to doing a file too so people can edit it without the need to re upload this mod as i don't give permission for that and some are unfortunately re uploading and it has taken me away from doing another project and i did say i would do it after that but i guess i am doing now.

I have looked at the file changes you made that references the mod and i will also get it up in my work shop in a day or two so people can customise it a little to what they want.

I will set up so that EarthLike, Alien, Pertam, Triton will have the planetary pod and the Moon, Mars, Europa, Titan, will have the rover and the space pod will spawn in unchanged so from there people can edit it further if they want to when i release the file.
i will then later put a link in the description for that once i get it done.
Shinku_Shi Feb 27 @ 11:36pm 
actually doesn't require a full upload. did some digging and got an override to work that just references this mods assets without needing to have them directly inside.

just have to have this mod below it in the load order. or as a dependency. unfortunately can only have one 're-spawn pod' per planet it seems
Shinku_Shi Feb 25 @ 8:36pm 
@lvlercTTV short answer is yes, though you have to remove the use for planet altitude definition, then add the <planet types>
<planet type> x </planet type>
</planet types>
in its place

was actually coming here to ask if i could do this, as it'd require a reupload. i don't believe mod adjuster is able to add lines that don't exist.

would there be a way to get a confiq file made for this? they look awesome and i'd love to use them! i too though have a server running under a planetary progression, so i need people to only spawn on pertam
IvIercTTV Feb 23 @ 5:57pm 
Is there a way to limit this to only one planet? i dont want my players spawning on opposite ends of the system...its a progression based playthrough
Xblade_Uk Feb 10 @ 2:31am 
Isn't it a breach of contract moonlighting for Keen Software House whilst working for the R&D department of Wayne Enterprises?!...
FreeTP.Org Feb 3 @ 6:33pm 
That would be really nice
Fizzy  [author] Feb 3 @ 6:18pm 
@nicher slayer i will look at doing that for the vanilla planets and get the rovers to spawn on the other moons in vanilla and to make sure it functions as normal for custom planets too, just in the middle of the making of another planet so after that i will look in to it.
FreeTP.Org Jan 13 @ 10:38pm 
bruh, atmospheric pods on non-atmospheric planets and moons
Vermin Tech Industries Dec 14, 2023 @ 12:10pm 
It seems V.T.I should make a return to space.
TheHellKat Dec 11, 2023 @ 12:08am 
@NovaFlameBird you can make a new world, spawn the pod and take a blueprint from that.