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Assault Weapons Pack WeaponCore Edition (ABANDONED)
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Mar 15, 2023 @ 3:44am
Apr 4, 2023 @ 6:55am
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Assault Weapons Pack WeaponCore Edition (ABANDONED)

The original Assault Weapons Pack WeaponCore has reentered development.
It will be updated and maintained as my schedule allows. - Harbinger Ace
(Sorry Ribera, I hope you don't mind this shameless plug).

Legendary weapons are back in Weaponcore!
Welcome to Assault Weapons Pack WeaponCore Edition!
I have the latest version of AWP configured for the latest WC. It's set in well balance.

All thanks to Harbinger Ace.

  • Compatible with the latest version of WeaponCore (2.4).
  • Contains the latest version of Assault Weapons Pack (August 18 Update).
  • Weapon IDs are the same so you can just paste a grid containing vanilla AWP weapons to convert.
  • So don't load it with the vanilla version of AWP!
  • Advanced realistic explosion AoE damage (WIP).

Supports future Assault Weapons Packs and WeaponCores. I don't add new weapons.
Report any issues in the comments!

This mod builds on the amazing Harbinger Ace mods, the beautiful WeaponCore framework, and the know-how of various people. Thanks to Harbinger Ace and SE modders.

All rights of this mod refer to that of the original mod.
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Oct 17, 2023 @ 10:22am
No need to Re-Upload to Balance!
Harbinger Ace  [author] Apr 30 @ 1:15am 
The original Assault Weapons Pack Weaponcore branch has reentered development. It is still outdated compared to non-WC AWP, but now features the 640mm Onager and Ironfist batteries.
ATF_Coldblooded Carebear || Apr 29 @ 11:27am 
@ribera1954e from my point of view you put the effort to bring us this mod so thank you for everything.
ribera1945e  [author] Apr 28 @ 11:51pm 
I am abandoning this project to focus on other projects and labor.
I am sorry that I could not meet your expectations.
Come and See Apr 27 @ 2:48am 
Need 400mm small grid weapon. D:
YULIK Apr 17 @ 9:16am 
make the version of 1st update please!
looking foward to see all the new guns and turret that was added on the Non-WC version to this one.
Blitzkrieg762 Mar 4 @ 8:51pm 
Mod is in serious need of an update the WC compatibility is inconsistent and despawns most guns if it doesn't only a handful are functional.
King Mar 3 @ 6:45am 

Could you please add the 640mm cannons to this WeaponCore version? I really need them for my ship. I'm building a capital ship, and the other 400mm cannons look a bit odd. That's why I'm asking, could you add the 640mm cannons?
CosmoCody Mar 2 @ 5:45pm 
Mod doesn't work with the current Weaponcore update
Savius Feb 2 @ 7:11am 
Are we getting an update to make this the same version as the main branch? I'd love to have access to the dec. 7th update weapons.