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Improvised Engineering (Grid Pickup/Holding/Manipulation Mod) Nicknamed: Grabby Hands
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Nov 19, 2022 @ 6:28pm
Nov 22, 2022 @ 3:48pm
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Improvised Engineering (Grid Pickup/Holding/Manipulation Mod) Nicknamed: Grabby Hands

This mod enables you to
  • Grab Blocks
  • Carry/Drag Blocks
  • Rotate Blocks
  • Throw warhead Blocks at your friends.

Multiplayer/Server only in Experimental/Test Version of the mod. LINK BELOW to that version
Improvised Experimentation

You can grab all Grids that are below 20x20x20m in dimensions but you might not be able to lift them in gravity!

You can only grab and hold grids if you have nothing equipped!

A colored line will indicate where you hold the grid, where you want to move it to, and how well your plan works.
Green line means you are not to far away from the grid and are strong enough.
Red line means you are almost to far away and might not be strong enough to move the grid.
After 8m you will lose grip and the grid will be released

It is based on the GridPickupMod by Math0424 with hopefully a few improvements.
Do not add both mods to your world


Default Key
R (press)
Grab or Drop blocks
Use tool / Fire weapon
LMB (hold)
Stop free rotation and
enable block placement rotation
Secondary mode
RMB (press)
Toggle Holding Position
(Grap Point / Center of Mass)
Use tool / Fire weapon + Secondary mode
LMB (hold) + RMB (press)
Throw Blocks forward
Mouse Scrollwheel
Move Blocks away from or closer to you

Technical Details
When the player is
- floating
- is in space (p-gravity = 0)
- flying with his jetpack
the maximum force is 1100N ~ 100kg lifting

When the player is
- standing on a planet
- standing on a grid (station or ship) in gravity (p-gravity != 0)
the maximum force is
- 11000N ~ 1000kg lifting for 1g or above and
- 1100N + 9900N * p-gravity for 0g-1g

Actio est Reactio

If the player is lifting a 200kg Block on Earth (~1962N) and standing on a dynamic grid then an equal opposite force will be applied to the grid where he is standing


  • Block Rotation is not the same as Block Placement Rotation
    => end/insert/... does not always rotate around the same axis
  • Line will not be totally red if you are at maximum distance but are not applying maximum force
    => applied force is realtive to grid mass to prevent ridiculous acceleration on light grids. (fixed in experimental)
  • Only the host can move grids in multiplayer. => Clients side thinks all grids have 0 mass and add no force because of that. (fixed in experimental)


If you encounter a bug with this mod, please post a new discussion topic.
Any reports posted in the regular comments will be deleted (and moved into a dicussion if I have the motivation). If the bug resulted in crashing your game, please put the game's log on Pastebin and give me the link.
You can find the game's log in %AppData%\SpaceEngineers\SpaceEngineers.log
or with the blue "log" text in the crash message after the crash. Any details of how to reproduce the issue are greatly appreciated.

Please be so kind and not just reupload the mod. Only upload a new mod base on this one if you changed it in a major way and I refused to add those changes to the original mod

Want to support me?
I hope I did it right, also I don't even drink Coffee xD
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Unusable when far away from center
Abisius Jun 7 @ 3:54pm 
just to make sure as we already had a case where this did help:
- you did had empty hands (no tools, no blocks, no weapons)?
- you where outside of any seat?
- you didnt try to lift a 2kt rover/ship?
Zogann Jun 7 @ 3:16pm 
hello! i cant get graby hands to work ): . normally, i have reload set to middle mouse button, but even when i reset it to R, grabby hands still doesnt work.
Abisius May 25 @ 12:59am 
if you use a mergeblock or a weldpad from advanced welding ( ) it is possible to do it.

you can also put rotorheads or hingeheads in place to attach them with it as long as the stuff you move itself is light enough in the enviremont where you are for you to move it..
Hegemony_Cricket May 24 @ 6:55pm 
This mod might be very useful, but I have a question. When you pick a block up, is it possible to attach it to the grid?
GreyCore May 21 @ 2:52am 
This should just be in vanilla game with some more work done on it
anubis2201 May 16 @ 4:57pm 
for some reason that doesnt work.
Abisius May 16 @ 2:53pm 
you need to have nothing in your hands, be close enough to what you want to move, it needs to be light enough and you need to look at it and press r

so you can for example move some stuff on moonlike that you cant move on earthlike and too heavy stuff isnt even moveable in 0g
anubis2201 May 16 @ 2:31pm 
Do I need to do anything special to get this mod to work? This is the only mod I have in the world and I cant pick up a grid. I am using a test world and this is the only mod.
Ninjaa May 12 @ 3:54am 
Holy moly thank you for this quick respon mr.Mz!
Me and my friend downloaded it ASAP and it worked without issues!
Also thank you for teaching me how to find the correct mod in the folder, that will surely come in handy in the future!
love your work and thank you again for the help!
Abisius May 12 @ 3:47am 
oh crabshit, kind of missed the multiplayercompatibility from modside there.