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Antistasi - The Mod
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Sep 25, 2022 @ 6:10am
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Antistasi - The Mod

The Official Antistasi Community presents you the Antistasi Mod - the next logical step in the Evolution of Antistasi

Antistasi is a persistent cooperative guerilla warfare mission where you have to free the lands from occupying and invading forces.

Main Features
  • Capture an island in a war against either one or two enemies at the same time, which might even fight each other.
  • Dynamic agression system which is changing enemy reactions based on your actions. The system is influenced by basically everything you do like kills, completing missions, taking flags and even shooting civilians and POWs. So take care regarding what you do and who you kill!
  • Persistant war in all aspects, destruction stays the same way as well as your vehicles and garrisons.
  • Advanced AI system, the enemy and your friends will heal wounded or downed units, cover themselves and use multiple other tactics to win against their foes.
  • Possibility of Undercovered approaches - utilize that to position yourself for the perfect attack.
  • Persistent Stat Save System: You won't lose game or server progress upon a game update.
  • AI Garrisons that use static weapon you add.
  • Supports up to 3 Headless Clients.
  • Difficulty and enemy behaviour is balanced based on player count
  • Antistasi now has a Setup GUI for choosing factions, parameters, selecting a game to load or creating a new one.
  • You can have multiple campaigns running in parallel
  • Fuel economy system
  • Translated to Czech, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish

New Stuff

Supported Maps, Mods and Factions
Antistasi supports quite a few mods and maps right out of the box.
It supports RHS, 3CB Factions and BAF, CUP, Unsung and more for Templates and playable Factions.
In terms of maps most Vanilla maps are supported, some CUP maps, selective CDLC maps and more.
Regarding additional mods Antistasi supports CBA, ACE, TFAR, ACRE, KAT Medical Rewrite - just to name a few of them.
To get the full list, links and modsets check out this page in the Antistasi Guide here []

How to play Antistasi
  1. Subscribe to the mod here on the workshop.
  2. In the Arma 3 Launcher make sure to load the mod before you start the game as well as other mods you'd like to play with.
  3. Once the game is loaded, host a local multiplayer game.
  4. Then select the map you want to play on and which is compatible with Antistasi.
  5. The mission you then can select is called Antistasi Community 3.2.0

Antistasi Guide
Over the last months we set up a proper guide and documentation for Antistasi. It does not only contain information about how to play Antistasi and use the systems within it but also gives a peek behind the curtain regarding how things are calculated and includes a Dev Guide with porting instructions, tool recommendations and more.
Check it out at!

Thank you Barbolani for creating the wonderful mission this is based on!

Also a big THANK YOU to all the guys of the Dev-Team!
Including but not limited to Bob Murphy, Cipher, Digital, Doommetal, Frostsbite, GodlikeHobbit, Håkon, John Jordan, Killer, Launchman, Lazejun, Meerkat, Mocksybren, Poweredbypot, Sebastian, Spoffy, Tad/Toakan and Wurzel0701.
Another big THANK YOU to all the testers within our community as well as outside of the community - your feedback helps us a lot!

Another big Thank You to our Partner Armahosts[] for all the support and the servers!

Note about Reuploads
If you want to modify something, consider talking to us first. There is a high chance that it can be integrated into the mod. Pull requests on our GitHub are welcome.

Official Discord[]
Antistasi Guide[]
Official Website[]
Official Twitter
Official GitHub[]
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Ol 45
peterk 19 hours ago 
@Matvib33 Just to add, you make your PC more vulnerable to hacker garbage when you do that. So it's your choice, convenience or taking the time to debug and config everyone's firewalls.
peterk 19 hours ago 
@Matvib33 Could be a lot of things but it's probably your firewall. There's a little checkbox right at the bottom of the screen when you setup your server that says "UPNP" or something like that. Check that and you should be good.
Mathvib33 Apr 18 @ 1:53pm 
I created a antistasi server today and tried to play with my friends but when tehy search on the launcher they can't find my server nor can they join through steam someone got a solution ?
Vlash Apr 15 @ 2:43am 
@Walker, sounds like you're launching the incorrect mission. Once the mod is correctly loaded and you are at the mission select screen, Ensure all missions are being shown and not just custom. Look in the white coloured text for Antistasi Version 3.whatever.

The current version only has 3 parameters to choose from in the role selection screen while the rest are done in the setup UI
Walker Apr 14 @ 12:48pm 
Hey, I can't figure out how to open the actual antistasi setup menu, I load my mods and the only way I can customize the game is in the parameters area before I actually launch the mission which has extremely limited options. Any idea how to fix?
Vlash Apr 13 @ 8:03am 
@Owl Already in the works, follow the github (mainly look at "pull requests") for knowledge on what's to come in future updates
Owl Apr 12 @ 9:54pm 
Can this be updated for the new 3CB Factions? Mainly the CSAT ones?
Vlash Apr 12 @ 4:54am 
@SlackBiscuit, Are you loading both IFA AiO and the CDLC? As these are both required to use the factions.
SlackBiscuit Apr 11 @ 9:34pm 
I'm trying to run a game with Spearhead, but I can't select the factions like the Wermatch or the US Army from Spearhead, anyone know what's the problem?
[Meerkat] Apr 9 @ 11:59am 
@PetitePlantation, Ensure you have both the CDLC and IFA AiO installed and loaded.

@Black-Jack, We have a list of forbidden mods in the guide. The game will block loading with any of these to ensure stability.