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Vanilla Animals Expanded — Royal Animals
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Sep 3, 2022 @ 7:07am
Jun 5 @ 9:17am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Vanilla Animals Expanded — Royal Animals

In 2 collections by Oskar Potocki
Vanilla Expanded
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Vanilla Expanded - Empire playthrough
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After expanding every single biome and animal type in the game, it’s about time we start expanding the DLC concepts. Royalty DLC brings a fresh new faction to the game, but I did feel like it could use some fleshing out. Our first step in that direction is adding some Royalty-specific animals, that affect various mechanics added by the DLC.

With Vanilla Animals Expanded - Royal Animals we are adding a decent selection of animals important in one way or another to the Empire. From poultry that turns any meals into lavish meals, to orangutans that can educate your colonists, this mod should greatly enhance your Royal playthroughs.

These animals can only be obtained from the Empire.

Vanilla Animals Expanded is a modular mod. It means it will come out in several modules allowing people to subscribe to only the animals they want in the game. This part is the Royal expansion. It adds 9 new animals. They have vanilla artwork, sounds and balancing.

Vanilla Animals Expanded: Royal Animals adds following animals to the base game:


Q: Do the animals spawn randomly in biomes?
A: No. These animals appear only via quests and with Imperial traders.

Q: Why the new description style?
A: We are updating the visuals of our Animal mods. This is a test run.

Q: Will you keep updating the mod with new animals?
A: No. This mod is complete and there will not be any new animals added to it.

Q: Is this mod save game compatible?
A: Yes, you can add it whenever you like. Of course, removing can be problematic.

Q: CE compatible?
A: Surely will be!

Q: Do I need Royalty DLC for this mod to work?
A: Yes

Q: Does this mod work on 1.2 or some other version?
A: Check the supported versions on the right. This mod won’t work correctly on unsupported versions.

Graphics are created by Oskar Potocki and Erin.

Code work created by Sarg Bjornson.

Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)[creativecommons.org]

DuckGoosebear PrairieDogLover Jun 12 @ 12:49am 
eventually mega chickens overtake the entire map, or what?
Oskar Potocki  [author] May 17 @ 1:58am 
Stews ignore any positive or negative effects of food.
Posh Octavia May 16 @ 2:16pm 
the quails dont seem to be upgrading meals in this version, i just made some fine stews and they stayed fine stews even with the royal poultry
Sigourney Weaver in Alien4 May 5 @ 7:10am 
as a user of vanilla cooking expanded that runs the colony on gourmet meals... I always wished there was another interaction with pheasants to it. just putting that here as some kind of suggestion
KX Apr 8 @ 4:35am 
Everyone gangsta until a chicken with the size of a Imperial battlecruiser shows up
samsockeater Feb 19 @ 1:02pm 
...more sam, the opposite of less, you bloody idiot
samsockeater Feb 19 @ 1:02pm 
so if i keep it from being able to die and spend ages, it could be map sized it just may take less time than for the sun to explode
Lord_Duckian Feb 18 @ 3:47am 
@samsockeater I've seen a 17 year old mega cock. it's about 5 tiles tall
Target Feb 3 @ 12:42pm 
Thanks to this mod my Lord got a Giantcock.
samsockeater Jan 19 @ 3:40pm 
map sized?