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✺ SWSE-Rebirth - Star Wars Space Engineers
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✺ SWSE-Rebirth - Star Wars Space Engineers

Christmas Icons are here! Also, massive weapon buff, "The Age of Destruction" patch is here.

A massive addition to the game that adds many systems such as:
14 resources spread across the galaxy, some more commonly found then others
32 components across three classes of assemblers
10 planets to explore, some with resources found nowhere else
32 fighters to build, made from hundreds of blocks you can include in any creation with
3 fuel types for the three classes of reactor

750+ blocks with three classes of output and component requirement.
145 functional weapons, including Lasers, Masers, Ion, Missiles, Flare, Jump inhibitor, Tractor Beam and drones!
93 Thrusters
52 Batteries
35 Jump Drives
35 Gyroscopes
31 Cockpits
19 Reactors
14 Antennas
9 Remote Controls
4 new armor types that have weaponcore support for energy and kinetic damage resistance (use support mod mentioned bellow)

This mod is self-hosted on a massive nexus server cluster that is maintained by the mod authors. 16 servers with PvP, PvE and a creative server for playing with these blocks, come say hi. We use the highest qulity hardware that we host in house on five computers to give the best possible place to use this mod.
Direct connect:

Here is a link to the guide that has all the information on how to play with this mod.

Fandom Wiki:

This mod utilizes an expanded range of ores and production blocks to allow for a more fluid progression into higher levels of play. This allows players to advance, building more complicated production facilities and components from the broad list of materials available. Along with the expanded build trees there are many larger than average blocks to bring up new building opportunities for even the most experienced players, get ready to build with 5x5x5 reactors (and be rewarded for it).

Block output is balanced off block size in addition to rarity of components across three classes, this means your rewarded for playing with massive blocks and having a ship to host them.

As an exmple of the mathmatic scalling that has been done for all blocks where it matters:
A given type of block might have an output of
15 for Class III
30 for Class II
45 for Class I

A) 1x1x1 block that is Class I = 45 output
B) 1x1x2 block that is Class II = 60 output
C) 1x1x3 block that is Class III = 45 output

With this example being considered, apply it to blocks throughout the pack (where it matters) even on blocks up to and beyond 10x10x10 for small grid and 5x5x5 for large grid.

Here is a world save to start building in creative or solo survival.

Here is an armor mod that is made to use the components in this mod.

This mod is built to be ran alongside weaponcore, it uses it for many blocks outside of weapons, including antennas, reactors and respawn points.

This mod is made for use on our server. If you would like to host this mod on a server with more than 10 people, you must contact us via discord and have approval to host. Torch or nexus servers that fail to have these permissions by direct written consent will be reported on in multiple channels for theft, including Steam support, Keen and law enforcement if any funds are being gathered in association with any server hosting this pack.
Have fun in single player or with a few friends, but if you want a full online experience you must go through us.

This mod is made from the original Star Wars mods made by Kreeg and cannot be ran alongside any of the mods in this link.

Star Wars, the franchise, is owned via Disney.
Rights Reserved properly to Disney & their respective owners, for such concepts, sounds, and similar matters.


All Rights to the content within, as per Steam statements & legal code, declare the original Author, IE Kreeg, Palpatine, Arkolis, owns their own model assets, code work, and all files of their own design & creation.
These ownership rights & controlling rights do not extend to Keen, nor any 3rd party, nor are invalided by any external force.
Your "usage" rights are limited, and do not grant nor extended nor imply any rights to control, ownership or similar.
All code sections are owned by their respective parties: An example being scripter CS code, belongs to the scripters who made it, and are referenced.
Keen has no rights nor ownership to any content or assets created by me or others involved this project.
Steam & Keen guidelines state this legal fact.

Anyone who fails to understand this, or attempts to illegally clone, acclaim ownership, illegally take control or similar to the mentioned assets in any manner,
Can, be DCMA'ed by me, to legally take all such attempts down with legal force.
If you have a problem with this; You can go read Steam's exacting legal documents on the matter.
I am nicer than most, do not make me waste my time going after thieves.

Reference Table

Kreeg - Started the project planned out initial concepts and made most of the models and weapons, the original planets and suits.
Palpatine - Rewrote the code off kreegs original subids from the ground up, made code to flesh out survival, lightsabers, quests, cities on planets, icons, weapon code,
Arkolis - Made models for lightsabers, laser drills, hand scanners, production blocks of the new order, hangar block and many many more secret things to come.
Meridius_IX/Lucas for numerous glorious things, from proper ammunition generation to assistance with NPCs, and other effects.
Enenra - for his constant help, with spread-sheet data, audio assistance & work, and similar.
EQ - for his rotation script (updated by Stollie)
Ryukky for their help on rendering changes
Stollie - for his assistance on several scripts
typekcz - for brightening up everyone's day with colored icon support.

Christmas Images[]

Special thanks to all the guys in the keen server who helped along the way who are unmentioned, who were there in the times of need, when we were stuck on whatever issue it may have been, this wouldn't be here without that modding community. Also, Special thanks to Kreeg for his initial contribution that grew as a seed from his labors, into ours, into the community that we now host around this code, for the love of the Empire, for the Legends of Star Wars.
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StarfleetPups Jul 9 @ 9:22am 
is there a way to get a blueprint of those fighters so i could build them properly?
Palpatine  [author] Mar 17 @ 2:03am 
I have a mod up on my page that is like 10 WC guns that are supplementary to this system, but no there is nothing that is just these guns.
EnjoyableMuffin Mar 16 @ 11:15pm 
Is there a separate mod for only the weapons published anywhere? I really like this mod, but there are a lot of things that I don't think I'll end up using.
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Do any of the fighter sets other than tie bomber and y-wing have actual missile launchers? I keep looking for the X-wing proton torpedoes but can't find them
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Hello, love the mod but had a question. Im trying to do a survival playthrough with the Eat Drink Sleep mod and this one. However, the character models (eg: rebel, rebel colorable, and the other) cause a hard crash. Is there anyway I can remove files associated with the models on my client? thanks
=LeDuke= Nov 28, 2023 @ 11:18pm 
Thank you to everyone involved in this mod!
Palpatine  [author] Nov 18, 2023 @ 8:27pm 
Don't worry about those errors, they are not a problem.
The spawn ship mod is the OTHER SW mod on my profile.
Check it out here, its hellllllllaaa outdated tho so use at own risk.
Shadow Demon Nov 18, 2023 @ 12:05pm 
Broken , No spawn pods
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MOD_ERROR: ✺ SWSE-Rebirth - Star Wars Space Engineers

2023-11-18 20:00:04.492 - Thread: 1 -> in file: content\244850\2748287803\Data\Cubeblocks\CubeblocksDecorative\CubeBlocks_Grav_buttons_Lights_doors.sbc

2023-11-18 20:00:04.492 - Thread: 1 -> Resource not found, setting to null. Resource path: content\244850\2748287803\Textures\Lights\
En. Gerger Racc Nov 3, 2023 @ 2:06pm 
For the love of god
I love this mod but PLEASE make the ores some color other than GODDAMNED GREY
it is nearly impossible to mine asteroids with these resources because the ore texture blends in in the most annoying way. Please