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S & S: New Wave
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Nov 1, 2021 @ 3:03pm
Jan 13, 2023 @ 4:33am
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S & S: New Wave

Sus and Sus
Service and Supply
Episode 2

The Reading of this Rather lenghty text is highly advised
Supplies for disco and headbanging parties. utilisable pieces of wearables from the later-half of the cold-war, primarily 70s-80s-early 90s-era US military.
This addon is composed of low quality outsourced asian laboured 20% polyester, 40% synthetic ripstop, 40% Spastic nylon Blend, Woodland Camouflage

Don't ask whether x or y is planned, nothing is planned so there will never be an answer

to minimalise dependencies other than base S&S mod, New Wave includes no units/groups by default as these and only has arsenal items. feel free to make your own compositions for groups/units
this dependency is needed due to the amount of shared assets (like flak vests, grenade vest, webgear parts, jungle boots.)

Ranked Uniforms
S&S includes a modified version of KP Ranks, which (currently) only works for S&S Uniforms. in an MP game, the host can assign ranks to players via the KP ranks menu which is accessible through the in-game context menu. All credits to Wyqer for the original KP ranks code
Source code :

Full list of items can be seen in our BIS Forum Thread[]

This pack has been configured to be rather modular so that you can remove certain files if you wish to not play with certain things.

- simc_uaf_81_cfg: config files for US army gear
- simc_uaf_88_cfg: config files for late 80s - 90s US army gear
- simc_mc_81_cfg: config files for USMC gear
- simc_uaf_93_cfg: config files for late 80s - 90s USMC gear

Known Issues
- BDU t-shirt textures don't match their blouse counterparts (e.g. green t-shirts for desert/ripstop M81, which otherwise show tan t-shirt under blouse)
- M17 gasmask strap clips with RDF uniforma (rigging issues reeee!)
- some rollsleeves may clip thru hands

(Possible) Upcoming content
Disclaimer: No designated ETA
- Flakvest-fitting Buttpacks

If you do enjoy the content, please consider buying Justin a coffee (:[] or supporting vie patreon[],
or make a donation to my paypal (address: )

- Justin N. : Lead-dev
- Wyqer: original KP Ranks script
- Bohemia Interactive: arma sample models
- Motta: M1 helmet shell and chinstrap, cover shape and texture variation, and Leather combat boots
- Jujurat: raw models for ALICE pack
- Olmo Potmus: CVC helmet model[] )
- Lennard : Nomex gloves, CVC helmet import, ANVIS mount texture, Birth Control Glasses, additional screenshots, title suggestion
- Jefferspang: ANVIS mount model
- Frenchy56: collar rank textures, imports/configs, screenshots
- GeorgeRavioli: Temperate BDU, gear and other texture adjustments
- Lyaskavka : camo pattern mafia
- rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~ : T/MOUT ambassador
- Шоиветс: references and death threats
- Coldfront15 : Earff, winn, and skairbron skuuuu (epic)
- MachoMan : additional screenshots, owner of large dong possibly meaning large for ant standard of rollie pollie bug standards
- Justin : additional screenshots
- Remi Mercier : additional screenshots, neverending annoyance
- 🅱orton hears a thot: additional screenshots
- Bigminstone99: additional screenshots
- Beachhead: additional screenshot
- francl : additional screenshots
- Darryl Baskin : additional screenshots
- Outwardpanicjoe: WAT
- everyone who has done pre-release testing, reporting any issues and adding good advices :)
- did I miss anyone?

Special thanks to Lackrica, Matt, Barden, Motta, MachoMan, ded pat, GeorgeRavioli , Beachhead, Local_Alcoholic_Tex, Kilo-Bravo, DangerNolan, TheDude, Wisherman, and Coldfront for additional support!
Additional thanks to Coldfront, Giga-rat/Dusty from the 101st Milsim Unit for kickstarting this project!

S&S: Service and Supply title was coined by Motta and Ethridge
New Wave expansion title was pitched by Lennard
Brought to thee by Justin N. along with the Simcardo Association:
- Simcardo (himself)
- Brijnvag
- TheGrass
- Vagineer089
- Casper_TFG
- did I miss someone?

Please refrain from reuploading
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