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Garry's Mod

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TTT by GalaxyGaming.De
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EMOTES - gmodstore content
Created by CupCakeR
<link here lul>...
Hit Numbers
Created by ief~☆
Adds damage indicators whenever you hurt something.
This is a serverside (or singleplayer) addon. The server must have this addon installed in order to work in multiplayer.

Console Commands:

Minecraft Community Pool 2020
A remastered Minecraft version of Community Pool (2017).

It features everything thats in the original map such as

- a Traitor Tester
- many Traitor Traps
- Traitor Rooms
- Teleportation system
- a secret knife

and everything that comes with a...
Modern Notifications
Created by UselessGhost
Little cosmetic update for default Sandbox notifications....
SCB Materials
Created by meow
Check out SCB (My chatbox) on gmodstore[]...
Sims Colourable Plumbobs
Created by Kazrik
Once installed, you can find this under addons/Colourable Plumbob.

Use it for screenshots or put it on a server as a Pointshop/PAC3 hat!...
TTT - Jetpack
Created by Lykrast
This device can be bought by both traitors and detectives for 1 credit. Simply hold your jump button while holding it in your hand and watch yourself fly upward !
Just be careful, as getting up is easy, but going down or changing direction mid air is a re...
TTT Detective Playercam
Created by Fresh Garry
If this addon is installed the Dete Playercam will be a byable swep for the detective.
If you shoot a person with it there appears a window at the top left screencorner.
If you open the scoreboard you can drag or close the window.
If you have closed t...
TTT Golden Gun
Created by Just4FunKiller.#
The Golden Gun is Dedective only. It is pretty simple for TTT, you got one shot and it does one hit if you hit a Traitor with it, but beware if its a Innocent then you're instantly dead.

I hope you enjoy the gun :)...
TTT Maps: Minecraft City V3
Created by Natolikin+
This is not mine, but it is used on many servers and I was surprised noone had uploaded it here yet.

Please Enjoy this map, again, IT'S NOT MINE.

TTT Skyscraper 2015
Created by Yashirmare

A 2015 remake for TTT Skyscraper

A small map which takes places on the three upper floors of a skyscraper for Terrorist Town (TTT).

8-24 Players are recommended

You need Counter-Strike: Source or dow...
TTT Space and Time-Manipulator
Created by Hagen
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

The Space and Time-Manipulator (short SATM) can change many things.
Rightclick to change mode.
Leftclick t...
TTT Weapon Collection
Created by Fuzzik

This content is for TTT servers only (listen and dedicated). None of these weapons will show up in sandbox.

TTT doesn't take advantage of all available CS:S guns by default, so this addon tak...
TTT Weapon Turret
Created by TTT Weapon Turret
This is a Weapon Turret for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

This is accessible via the Traitor menu....
Created by Delta7x
Please Note: This is NOT my map, nor am I the original Author of this map. I am only re-uploading the map for an easier method of download. I agree to remove this submission of the original Author or if Valve decides.

***This map uses CS:S Props and Tex...
Created by hakdog

-FLYING HELI!! Prefab by Aurora
-This is a TTT version of my de_vessel_beta1 map, except with improved stuff.
-Optimized as much as possible (20-30 more fps compared to de_vessel_beta1)
-TTT Version
Created by DoctorGurke
Disclaimer: This is NOT a complete "remake" of ttt_waterworld, but an overhaul!

CSS Content might be needed to see everyth...
Created by FEИRA
A spin on Nick Alger's classic TTT map dm_island17! There now is an elevator that takes you to the top of the lighthouse! For those extra lazy traitors.

Now has weapons included....
[TTT] The T-Suitcase
Created by Fuchsro
For TTT Only:

Source: The T-Suitcase on GitHub []

The T-Suitcase is a detective item which allows you to have access to a random traitor item!
But as you may know ther...
[TTT/2] M4 SLAM (Tripmine + Remote C4)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town" and "Trouble in Terrorist Town 2" - Gamemodes. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode. It's already included by default under "Half-Life 2" Category.

The M...
[TTT/2|Sandbox] Sandwich (Medkit)
Created by Zaratusa
The sandwich is a simple Medkit for Traitors and Detectives (configurable via ConVars), it heals 25 (configurable) life per use and can either be used on yourself or every other player. Primary attack to heal other player, secondary atta...
[TTT] Silenced G3SG/1
Created by Xopez
Just the Silenced G3GS1 from TFlippy's TTT Legacy Weapon Pack ( I changed the code a bit. The Icon is now fixed. I don't know the compatibility to the hole weapon pack, because i did...
[TTT] ttt_mc_treehouse
Created by CynCeyd
This is a little map we've created in Minecraft and ported it to Garry's Mod.

Please understand that this map is still in beta and there might occur some issues with it. Feel free to report any bugs or suggest ideas to implement. I'll take a look on it ...
Created by Oploz
Traitors find themselfs in an aztec temple filled with traps, magic and treasure.

The map includes:

A traitor tester

3 spear or spike traps (T Button)

Indiana Jones style boulder trap (T Button)

Levitation Escape (T Button)
Created by Zion Fox
Almost identical to ttt_clue, however this map adds various sound effects. From eery music being played from a jukebox in the attic, rain and thunder happening outside, to various radios and gramophones playing music in different rooms, and even a recordin...
Created by Zaratusa
A medium sized map based around an large passenger aircraft for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

A large passenger aircraft is seized Mid-Pacific by a highly trained, heavily armed terrorist cell. Unfortunately for them, intense training and large weapo...
Created by WAX | Hillrop
PORT OF THE CSGO MAP BY Squeezit and GenoCide WIth enhancements and features exclusive to this version.
Created by Colek
Introducing TTT_Casino ported from the source engine mod Goldeneye Source. I take absolutely zero credit for any textures, models or brushwork within this map.

This map currently supports the following:
- 32 players (Generally only 16 is needed howeve...
Created by Bender180
Hey check out the festive reskin of this map i made for the holidays here:

So this is one of my oldest maps its th...
Created by Bender180
I recently revamped this map and you can find it here

This map is being released as is, unless there is a game breaking issue I will not be making any changes to this map.

Created by Vizzys
ttt_fastfood is a medium sized trouble in terrorist map fun for around 10-20 players.

The map takes place around a fast food place that is inexplicably unnamed (yet)

This is version a6.
(May 21st, 2013)

Probably final version

Created by MaD-.^
The Map is a rebuild of the Kakariko village from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I tried to stay as close to the original as i could.

Complete Remap with v4 thanks to Shanks.

As a Traitor you can:

-Break the stairs to the windmill and peopl...
Created by Mariusz
This isn't my map. I just edited this map into trouble in terrorist town gamemode. - Check original creators on the bottom of this post.

  • Added some Traitor traps.
  • Many others small changes.

All cre...
Created by Hamhock
A trouble in terrorist town map made of Lego. No need for Counter Strike textures! Please leave suggestions of what to add or change in the map.

UPDATE: Works for multiplayer dedicated servers, no broken textures.

Models from the 2001 game Lego Islan...
Created by sardonicWarrior
Original TF2 version made by MrJBeetle, modified by me for TTT.

This is the Link to the Past version of Kakariko Village for Trouble in Terrorist Town.

It randomly switches between norm...
B4 is out!
Now with rain, downloading this: addon is highly recommended because it's ment to be played with this one.

A Minecraft themed Troub...
Created by BocciardoLight
Create a spawnscript using the following addon: TTT Weapon Placer Tool

You need to add the spawnscript to the following folder of your server:
Created by DerpliciousDerpy
No credit to me i just uploaded all credit to (=CG=) Finniesp. A Trouble In Terrorist Town MC beta map. If the owner wants it off the workshop he can just leave a comment.
1. Realistic minecraft blocks
2. Nether dimension portal
3. Small m...
Created by Pufulet
My very own minecraft map for trouble in terrorist town!

The map was originally created using World Painter, then worked on in creative mode in minecraft, ported over as a vmf and a lot of work to fix it up.

There is a traitor tester which needs to b...
Created by Colek

Just uploading another map I like and it's not on Workshop. Here's MW2 Terminal, from Call of Duty MW2.

thegregster101 - original creator of map (
Created by Silmos
Welcome to ttt_poolparty!

A remake of the popular map: ttt_waterworld featuring my own twists and ideas.

A earlier version was featured on Dhalucard (german youtuber)

Major Update of the m
Created by youmenow1
Placeholder trailer re-upload:

ttt_rooftops_2016_v1 has arrived, bringing with it an immense number of additions, enhancements and changes to both the visual and mechanical.

After years of dev...
Created by V-Rico.315.黑.ulow


I only uploaded it into Workshop, so it will be easier to download for everyone.
I agree to remove this item from Workshop if original author or Valve decides.

Created by xX9Prototype6Xx
*** Made by xX9Prototype6Xx and JesseThaBest ***

Welcome to the Simpsoooons!

Want to enjoy playing in a world familiar to one of your favorite shows? And want
to hunt down your friends while doing so? Well, go no further, subscribe to our first
Created by Zaratusa
A small map which takes place on the three upper floors of a skyscraper for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

  • 8-24 Players are recommended
  • good C4 spots
  • many rooms
  • only close and medium ra
Created by V-Rico.315.黑.ulow
A very nice underground map for TTT

- There are a couple of dangerous things to be aware about, especially the moving train
- Traitor's traps
- Lots of rooms
- Much fun


I only upload
Created by Wiskey
[img] [/img]

Like the map if you want to see more maps from among us!
[TTT/TTT2] Paper Plane
Created by Fuchsro
Gamemode: Trouble in Terrorist Town
Source code: Paper Plane on GitHub []

The Paper Plane is a traitor item which will auto-target the nearest innocent and will fol...
Created by Dark
This map is a small to medium sized TTT map. Themed on the back alleys of Tokyo. The map can support about a max of around 32 players. The map has a T room with a water trap, a car trap and features a metro station with trains passing through.

Map conta...
Cat Hat
Created by birdchii
Cat Hat apply directly to forehead. I made a cat that sits on your head hehe

disclaimer : this is only a model

textures should be fine now 1/31/2020...
Horse Mask Prop
Created by Sleeper
Neeeeeigh. The ears are bad and he has no mane, but will suffice for those longing of a horse mask. Comes with two other skins. It probably won't fit on whatever head you're using it, so use the inflator tool to shrink the head. Feel free to use it for you...
Explosive Melon Launcher TTT Edition
Created by Skate
I got requests on my original melon launcher for a TTT one. This SWEP is a traitor weapon that launches one explosive melon. If you have any suggestions or comments post them in the comments!

[TTT] Boomerang
Created by LeBroomer
This is an addon for the gamemode "Trouble in Terrorists Town". Please do not try to use it in any other gamemode and report errors or downvote it due to that reason.

[TTT/2] Blue Bull
Created by Hagen

Try the New Blue Bull! For Traitors and Detectives!
Its a passive Item so it doesn´t takes a slot.
With it you can jump higher then ever before!
And you can Jump in the Air again! Two Times!
You can also run 50% faster!

[TTT/2] A Second Chance
Created by Hagen
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

If you buy this Item you will respawn 5 seconds after your death.
The Chance is affected by your kills.
TTT - Grapplehook (WITH ICON)
A re-upload of the TTT - Grapplehook with a fixed icon....
TTT Banana Bomb
Created by GHXX
This Addon adds a Banana Bomb which releases many small, explosive Bananas.
It was originally made by schnul44. I updated it.

Causes error in Sandbox, but you can just ignore them.

This addon works for both Sandbox and Trouble in Terrorist Town (tro...
TTT Homing Pigeon
Created by Hagen
You can only shoot it if you look at a Player.
It will fly automatically to him and explodes him.

The map is ttt_waterworld.

I take no credits for the Code
Originally its from Ownage.
I also fixed it up a bit....
TTT Thomas The Trump Engine
Created by Mhenlo
Made by this guy:

Edited by me. It will only play the Trump Sound.

Don't forget to rate. :)...
TTT Dead Ringer
Created by Hagen
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.


Its the Dead Ringer from TF2, fixed, and now working with SpecDM (newest version of it, please look out fo...
TTT Mine Turtle
Created by ChriskyBusiness

THIS IS IT! THE T WEAPON YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! Well not really, but you know.

This is the Mine Turtle! If you've seen the ASDF movies then you'll know exactly what this is.
The turtle acts as a proxim...
Created by einfachJOST
A cool map with many traitor traps for a big server version 9
I only uploaded the map in order that everyone can play the map without much work to do, BUT I am not the owner of this peace of art.

Credits to Jackal Warwick
TTT Homerun Bat
Created by Hagen
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

Its a HomeRun Bat, you guess what it does. If you hit a Player ist loses 1 Ammo and he will fly away instant...
Stormtrooper Player Model
Created by deck
"Grenade! Get down!" -Stormtrooper

Stormtrooper from Star Wars Battlefront 2. Perfect for roleplaying servers or just plain fun!

Comes with player model, arms and ragdoll.
Weapons not included.

To check out more models from Battlefront 2, mak...
Platinumgames Korra Playermodel
Created by Benno950
The playermodel most of you have been waiting for.

This version of the model is much more different than the one from Here.

Its limited to being on a playermodel rig which is ...
Tda Hatsune Miku Append (v2)
Created by CaptainBigButt
Tda Hatsune Miku Append - Version 2

Revision 2
December 23, 2014

  • Tda: Original model
  • CaptainBigButt: Porting, rigging, editing
  • Sculp:
Walter White Playermodel
Created by The Scientist
Hai there!

I didnt see anywhere the model of Mr. White so I picked a random model player to change the material of the head. So i didn't make the model, i don't know who made the model but I changed the head material of the hitman model ( http://www.ste...
Harry Potter
Created by Voikanaa

Harry Potter is the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, the hero of the Wizarding world. He grew up with Muggles, and then came to Hogwarts where he faced dangers and...
Carbon Miku (v2)
Created by CaptainBigButt
Kuroyu Carbon Miku - Version 2

Revision 2.5
October 12, 2019

  • Kuroyu: Original model
  • CaptainBigButt: Porting, rigging, editing
  • Sculp: P
Insania TTT fixed playermodels
Created by Errno
The models included are not made by me. They are taken from around the Workshop and their hit boxes have been reworked manually.

Currently included:
- Dark Arrow
- May
- Fortnite Marshmello
- Momo
- Arnold Schwarzenegger
- ...
Zero Two Fixed Playermodel
Created by Tritu
Fixed hitboxes for TTT.

Model was created by: Shamwow#1044 and Wrinklenugget#9695...
Sauron Playermodel
Created by [LFG] SaintLuther
Lord of the Rings - Sauron playermodel
Working head hitboxes...
M4 SOPMOD II ReTextures (Girls' Frontline)
Created by Lzrael
All credit comes from dewobedil
If you want to use this mod,you have to uninstall this mod first
Hitman Absolution: Agent 47 Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Agent 47

Agent 47 from Hitman Absolution
  • Player Model


Models and textures: IO Interactive / Nixxes Software BV
Porting, rigging and compiling: Voikanaa

Assassins Creed IV: Edward Kenway Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Edward Kenway

Edward James Kenway (1693 – 1735) was a Welsh-born British privateer-turned-pirate and a member of the Assassin Order.
Edward joined the British Royal Navy early in his life and, once accepted, found himself stationed in the...
Hyrule Warriors - Link
This is a playermodel!

It's Link from Hyrule Warriors for Wii U
Includes Alternate DLC Skins
This model is built for gameplay. No face-posing is available. See RandomTBush for stuff like that, He is more focused on SFM-Compatible stuff, and whatno...
Elsa & Anna Playermodel & NPC
Created by ❤Yuki❤
Queen Elsa & Princess Anna from Disney's Frozen!

This Model Features:

• Playermodel
• Viewmodel Hands

Elsa Jigglebones:
• Cape

Elsa BodyGroups...
Combine Shotgunner Player Models
Created by MonkeysInRavenholm
Someone recently brought to my attention that garry didn't include the combine shotgun soldiers as an option for player models, so here they are!
Includes: Combine shotgun soldier
Prison guard shotgun soldier
Ep2 Dirty sho...
DMC Kat [player/npc]
Created by MARK2580
Kat from the game DmC: Devil May Cry

- There are 4 skins:
1 skin - standard
2 skin - edited standard by me
3 skin - mod for the game SorryBadName V1.3[]...
Arkham Knight Npc/Playermodel
Created by True
These arkham knight models are going to prove to be a pain
The Arkham Knight was originally 176k polys so i had to compress him, yay, brought him to the Max, 65k polys
might be a little hard hitting
But hey, it still did a better job optimizing this f...
Coconut PM
Reuploaded, i do not take any credits.
Include a bug with a blood.
Original work by jazzmcfly....
Sinon Playermodel & NPC
Created by ❤Yuki❤
Sinon aka Asada Shino or Shinon from Sword Art Online II: Gun Gale Online!

This Model Features:
• Playermodel
• Ragdoll
• Viewmodel hands
• Face posing
• Eye ...
TRON Anon Playermodel
Created by Rokay
Anon from Tron: Evolution

Player Model

Viewmodel Arms
Colourable Stripes
Disc Bodygroup
Baton Bodygroup


Models and textures: Propaganda Games
Porting, rigging and compiling: Rokay "Rambo"...
Albus Dumbledore
Created by Voikanaa

Albus Dumbledore was the Headmaster of Hogwarts for close to forty years, a time period that encompassed both of Voldemort’s attempts to take over the Wizarding ...
Sakuya Playermodel Hitbox Fix
Created by Pata
Fixed Hitboxes for our community servers "Stary Dobry"....
Elsie Estuary PM & NPC
Created by LittleSDY
Elsie Estuary from Princess Tears.
I ported this randomly to try some new things I learnt.

I tried to apply dmx eyelid on this model. Like the kancolle model I ported in the past, the playermodel is a little bit weird that its eyes...
Eternal Return Lenox [PM&NPCs]
Created by R. Star?
This is a commissioned port.

Original Source
DekenKago - The person, who...
Shiro (No Game No Life) P.M. & NPC
Created by dewobedil
Shiro from No Game No Life

Features :
Firstperson view arms
Injustice Joker NPC/playermodel
Created by True
Joker NPC/playrmodel from injustice god among us

If you like this or any of my others, keep those positive rating rolling so i can make more!

And if you happen to like this, feel free to check out my others!
Agent Smith Playermodel & NPC
Created by Rain
Credit to Jammie / Jamie932 for the model...
TTT - Thriller (Dart)(Still working but discontinued)
Created by SithLee

This is the Original Thiller Addon and is very old, I do not update this anymore. Last time I checked it was still working as of 11/23/2022

The TTT Thriller SWEP is similar to a Dart Gun.

The traitor...
TTT Defibrillator Detective/Traitor
Created by DarkIce
I reuploaded this defibrillator:
All credits are going to Willox.

This is only for Trouble in Terrorist Town and it wont work in sandbox.

However this defibrillator can be bought by tra...
TTT PhD Flopper
Created by teberd
PhD Flopper as T/D weapon in TTT. Stops fall and explosion damage, and creates a small explosion after landing from a potentially damaging fall.

Extracted from original made by Hoff:
Guard - Squid Game
Created by Я кто
Squid Game Netflix
Ported model from GTA V of the guard from the popular dorama

Playermodel "Guard" via C menu
"Cuadrado" and "Guard" in spawnmenu for ragdolls and NPCs
Use the "Guard Colorized" model to change the color.
Christmas hat
Created by akronman1
Just christmas hat. Nothing interesting.

Model taken from here:

Merry Christmas!
ZRewards 2 Content
Created by Zephruz
Content for the addon ZRewards 2, found here:
ttt_Playing_with_Portals revamped
Created by Oploz
Please consider rating, it helps me out! :)

Requires CSS textures for Dust2 obviously

A small to medium sized map with a teleportation theme

The map includes:

5 Main areas of different theme, Minecraft, CSS, Paperworld, Styli...
TTT Fairywoods
Created by Crashington


The King of the fairy village has died! Who will be his successor? The baker, the inn owner, the woodsman or the librari...
Created by Max
Statements by people that have played the map:
Awesome! - "Sir Happy Cat the 2nd"

This looks awesome. I think I'll add this to my TTT server soon. - "Green Le Pumpkin"

...THEN AGAIN THIS IS A HUGE MAP... - "-CGL- Cpt. Hazama"

Check this map out!...
Srlion's Hook Library
Created by meow

This hook library is a lot faster than default hook library, which can improve your server performance.


ttt_Dimmsdale V2
Created by WAX | Hillrop
This is a complete and total remake of ttt_dinklebergs. This map was made for the DinklebergsGmod TTT server.
Current Version is ttt_dimmsdale_v2. Version 2 is a visual and gameplay overhaul of the entire map.

Current Features
  • 9
Among Us The Skeld Real Life TTT
Created by Sigilkore Spreaker
After about a week of work, I present to you The skeld from Among Us with task and sabotage for Trouble in Terrorist Town

Map features:
-Mape made for TTT game mode ✔️
-Admin Map ✔️
-Various tasks inspired by the game ✔️
-Innocent Progress Bar ✔️
slib - Stromic's Library
Created by Stromic
This is used for most of my gmod addons, you are not allowed to use this library for an addon to sell unless i have given you permission to do so....
[TTT/2] Martyrdom [ITEM]
Created by dhkatz
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town" and "TTT2" gamemodes.

This equipment is available for both the Traitors and Detectives in the Equipment menu. When somebody dies, the players who bought the Mart...
Round Alert
Created by mykey
This addon will flash the gmod icon on your taskbar when you spawn in on any gamemode, allowing you to alt-tab in gamemodes with spectating (TTT, Prophunt, Jailbreak, Etc.) without fear of spawning in and not ...
TTT Detective Boots
Created by AutomaticFrenzy
Makes the detective move 30% faster
TTT Deputiser
Created by Paul
Detective shop item for TTT.

Allows detectives to give another player a spare detectives hat.

The receiver of the hat gains:

Body Armour
DNA Scanner

Enjoy! :D...
Spectator Flashlight
Created by The Stig
Flashlight isn't visible to other players! Only for the spectator!

Lets spectators use a flashlight! Made for the TTT gamemode but may work for other gamemodes with spectators as well.

Flashlight icon from