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Improved Melee System
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Nov 18, 2020 @ 7:47am
Oct 26, 2023 @ 12:37pm
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Improved Melee System

Improved Melee System (or IMS:Remastered) is a mod that will allow you to fight with melee weapons, bayonets etc.

Lambs compat patch

Version: 1.3
Halo Related Weapons
Warhammer Related Weapons
Weapons for Space Marines

Long story short:
I originaly made that mod with using MOCAP Melee animations and code, it was taked down by original author, and its fully understandble. I decided that i will make my own melee system, and starded working in late 2018. (Maybe someone remember original post on BIS Community page, yep, that was me).
After almost 2 years of development, project abandonment, restoration and rework of animations and code from scratch 2 times, I am ready to provide you with my main project.
Of course, this mod does not contain everything that I planned, but it will be added later with updates.

So what does this mod contain?

Let's talk about this separately.
First Person Melee
This is a complete overhaul for a melee system. It includes a completly new fighting style similar to Dying Light or Darktide. New animations, sounds and much more. BE AWARE THAT FIRST PERSON MELEE WAS DESIGNED TO BE USED IN PVE SCENARIOS AND MIGHT NOT WORK PROPERLY IN PVP.

Custom IMS camera!
A little explanation why i added it. So in IMS i am trying to create a fast paced hit, block an' dodge gameplay like in DS, FH etc. And for that i use switchMove command that immediately switch animation of a character. Its not always smooth, but it gives you full control over your character. But main problem that it creates weird screen flickering every time whenever you swing. I get used to it, but recently i was playing a lot with my melee system and my eyes start hurting every time i swing. So i found a solution. Custom camera deletes all of the screen flickering and gives you ability to change distance in-game. It's very good whenever you in a huge fight or playing as a Space Marine. Unfortunately camera creates a few problems. Since you actually playing not as your character, but as a camera, it dosent allow you to open your inventory, use custom actions added through addAction. So i was debating whenever i should add that in the main mod or not. And i added. But, it is toogable, and only activates when you take melee weapon out. Both server and client can decide whenever custom camera will be active or not. I also added so if you not use ace or any other mod that allow you to put your weapon on the back, IMS add this option. So i you put your main weapon away in vanilla game you will not be stuck in custom camera and will not be able to do anything. You will be able to put your weapon on back and custom camera will be disabled until you will take melee weapon out.

Core mechanics and animations
  • First Person (Dying Light, Darktide style) and a Third Person (Dark souls alike) gameplay that you can switch on a fly
  • Different executions while fighing with your buttstock
  • Various movesets for different weapon types (Swords,Knifes, Axes, Poleaxes etc) and melee system with blocks, leg kicks and dodges.
  • Fist fights with different attacks, blocks, executions and stealth options
  • AI that can use different melee wepon types and have different tactics how to approach player. (You can spawn it trough Editor or Zeus. If you just give a normal ai a melee weapon it will not use it!).
  • Special bayonet system.
  • You can check and customize your controls through Options - Controls - Configure addons - WebKnight's Melee
  • Stealth executions and special AI that was writted specifically to create stealth gameplay. (You can use stealth executions even if you have melee weapon in your inventory).
  • COMMUNITY FRAMEWORK - NOW YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN WEAPONS. Please join my discord to know how to make melee weapons.
  • Fully workable Space Marines melee with different skills and atacks.

Weapons and equipment
  • The mod itself contains various melee models that was taked from Sketchfab (all right and credits belongs to their authors) or was maded by my good friend PhoenixTREAL and Morket.
  • Same for shields. You can find 'em in NVG slot. They was maded by PhoenixTREAL too for post-apocalyptic setting.

Mod fully works with ACE3, PIR, TIOW, Star Wars.

Bayonet system work with this list of mods and DLC.
  • Nassau
  • There is Only War
  • Imperial Conquest
  • H2H
  • IFA3
  • Faces of War
  • Unsung
  • KA Weapons Pack NEW
  • Global Mobilization
  • S.O.G. Prairie Fire
  • Spearhead 1944
  • Grimdark armory
  • JSDF
  • TB-68 and TB-68M Battle Rifles

Melee system work with this list of mods
  • KA Weapons Pack NEW
  • Melee Weapons Pack
  • Aftermath
  • Lightsabers and Force
  • Ramiris Melee
  • Jmax Roman mod
But only if you instal this compatibility mod! - (you need that one only for KA weapons and Melee Weapon pack. Bayonets and other mods works without it).

If you have questions, suggestions, bug reports or want to check out what i am working on now - please join my discord -

What will be added in future?
  • Various bug and optimization fixes

Main Credits:
MOCAP Melee, My friends - inspiration.
Macser - For awesome ArmaRig for blender!
Bohemia Interactive - For awesome game and platform!
Survival weapon pack by Not Good Enough:
Small hammer and Axe by re1monsen:
Brush Axe by Yogensia:
Fire axe by Sir Erdees:
Mixamo - for animation examples.
Morket - knifes, pipe styled sword and clone assasin blades models.
Adapterus - Melee Weapon Models
PhoenixTREAL - Melee weapon models
Izhi, Starleech, Gandalf, Agn12, Nya Edelweiss, Piston, Jagerboy and others for Alpha and Closed beta tests.
Panzer, GoreChild - for awesome opportunity to work with Space Marines skeleton and bring melee to 'em.
Dos - for helping with models.
My patreons - for supporting my work.

If you like what i am doing please join one of the patrons!

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Hello Webknight. I have a possible solution for the mod not autosaving. Do you have a dIscord?
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Hey just installed your zombies and meele mod works okay but i cant use meele to hit anyone and logs says animation would be missing how would i fix=? also if i press left mouse button i cant hit
❸ AlphaGarg Mar 28 @ 10:47am 
I haven't had any such issues with the mod, even with tons of other mods to potentially create conflicts, including ones that had their own melee systems or AI mods that should in theory mess with the melee AI. Everything worked fine. Hell, that sea level position issue is probably the only issue I've encountered so far.

And I run missions for my unit and even have added compatibility with this mod into mine!

Are you guys sure you're not running anything else alongside the melee system? Any medical systems that might conflict?
Akula Mar 27 @ 4:14pm 
Can confirm on Kiba's comment below, melee units can only affect themselves and do NOT damage non-melee enemies. Different skeletons also seem to make bullets not affect them sporadically.
kiba3x Mar 23 @ 3:30pm 
I only tried this melee system and its the worst so far.
Regular AI cannot get killed by melee weapons and "melee" AI cannot be killed with normal bullets. :steamthumbsdown:
Enad Mar 22 @ 8:50am 
@WebKnight - Is there a way to place these melee weapons around as objects to be picked up? I'd love to be able to start a mission with weapons but be forced to pick up melee weapons after running out of ammo.
❸ AlphaGarg Mar 20 @ 11:47am 
Found a game breaking (but easy to fix) glitch with the mod, to do with setting and getting the position of the player.

If you and a target are on a platform (with a Roadway LOD) in the ocean, it seems to either take the ASL position or the AGL position (I imagine AGL) of the player and set it as their ATL position, which means you get teleported to the bottom of Cauldron Lake if you try to punch someone there since the AGL position is relative to the surface of the platform, not the terrain.