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BettIR (Legacy v0.2.1)
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Oct 17, 2020 @ 12:59pm
Oct 19, 2020 @ 6:35am
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BettIR (Legacy v0.2.1)

This is a legacy version of this mod
The new version of BettIR iwill not be backwards compatible with this version nor other compatibility mods that are around. A link to its Steam Workshop page will be here once it gets released.

Consider supporting your content creators!
I've decided to set up a paypal account. I'm currently aiming to buy a Night vision setup (might be worth having one for this project lol), and I'm hoping to fund it partially from community support.
All donations, even if it's just to buy me a coffee, are very much appreciated!

Also Feel free to join my discord:
If you'd like to join my milsim unit, visit

BettIR - IR Improvement for ARMA

This mod doesn't change the color of the NVG's! I used a wonderful NVG mod by Apricot to take nicer preview screenshots. You can find it here:

Arma is a great game, but there's one thing it could never do - IR illumination. There's a lot of great things that only work in IR Spectrum, but ESPECIALLY in ACE mod, if it's dark - you're doomed.
In real life, you would normally use IR illuminators for that purpose. They emit a bit of IR light to help you see stuff around you. A lot of known Night Vision Goggles have them built in; you can also find these lights in AN/PEQ-15 boxes and other weapon-mounted light combos.
Unfortunately, Arma doesn't natively support such thing. However, with a bit of scripting (and magic) we can make anything work right?

The mod currently only includes:
- NVG-mounted IR lights (compatible with particular NVGs only)
- Weapon-mounted IR lights (e.g. vanilla IR laser pointer is enough to use this functionality)
- "Pressure pad" mode - hold a button to have IR laser/IR Illuminator on, as soon as you release it, it's off
- Compatible with Vanilla NVG's and IR pointers
- Compatible with most RHS NVG's and IR pointers
- Compatible with most CUP NVG's and IR pointers
- Compatible with most USP NVG's
- Allows you to use your laser along with the IR illuminator
- Multiplayer Compatible!
- Configurable keybinds to toggle the both lights (Shift + Alt + L and Shift + Alt + N by default)
- Adjustable viewdistance
- Tested with 66 AI actors with their illuminators on with minor FPS impact
- Easily Extendible - see "For Developers" section below

To be added soon:
- Weapon-specific offsets for better approximation of the position of the light source
- IR Patches
- IR-only textures
- Weapon-mounted illuminators
- AI using it and reacting to it
- Reorganizing the code architecture

Known bugs:
- Laggy in vehicles, potential fix in the pipeline
- NVG Illuminator offset vector is not being rotated with the head
- Position of the lights is approximated and might not be perfectly lined up to the actual position of the light source; will not fix (unless there's a method to fix it)

For Developers
You can make this mod compatible with other attachments/nvg's from different mods fairly easy with configs.
First of all, add the BettIR_Core to the requiredAddons. Then you add your NVG classes to the config.cpp as follows:

class BettIR_Config { class CompatibleNightvisionGoggles { class mymods_NVGs_className { offset[] = {0.1, 0.15,0.3}; }; }; class CompatibleAttachments { class mymods_some_gunAttachment { offset[] = {0.15,0.22,0.25}; }; }; };

You can also inherit from classes that are already there. Check the configs for more information!

But how do I make the AI use it?
Currently AI is very agnostic to it unfortunately, it takes a lot more coding to make it compatible. However, if you'd like the AI to use the illuminators in your scenario, you can run the below on them (first, you need to make sure they have NVG's on their head and that they're actually using them when you run it):
[this] call BettIR_fnc_nvgIlluminatorOn; // OR [this] call BettIR_fnc_weaponIlluminatorOn;

Licensing (to be updated)
Mod is in early alpha and it doesn't show the final result, but I believe it's in a condition good enough to be put out there to the world to see and test.
You're using it on your own risk though, the creator of this mod takes no responsibility of any problems that might come out of it.

That being said, I'm more than happy to look into any problems that you might face while using this mod and absolutely please let me know if that happens.

Before you ask me if you can repack it for your server's mod - yes, you can, I couldn't care less. As long as you don't try to reupload it and spread/sell it as your own mod, it's fine. Just bear in mind you will not have the updates that will come to it.

Ulfgaar - for giving me the idea to do the IR patches, which then spiraled out of control and became much more than that; for exchanging a lot of information about the real life technology and helping me understand it much more
Dslyecxi - for feedback and Nightvision-related consultation
Leopard20 - for post-release scripting advice
OneLittleSociopath - for helping me figure out some of the optimalization concerns
TheVache & Somedudechen - for helping me test this mod

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Help me make it better!
C.710 Mar 21 @ 8:05pm 
"repack it for your server's mod - yes, you can, I couldn't care less."

Keeping Arma alive with that mentality, thanks for making this ! :steamthumbsup:
Vestarr  [author] Feb 2 @ 1:32am 
A recap for everyone who reported recently: I'm aware that BettIR is currenty not functioning. I'll be posting a fix/update soon, just need my calendar to clear out.
Vestarr  [author] Jan 23 @ 1:52am 
If you want to, you can comment on the ticket in the feedback tracker to bring it up to their attention. I can't paste links here but the ID is T175507 (also T168103 for the original report by someone else)
Vestarr  [author] Jan 23 @ 1:43am 
@[+| CL rautamiekka Not even 2.16, the recent updates don't contain the bugfix I requested sadly
[+| CL rautamiekka Jan 21 @ 10:21am 

Not even in the upcoming 2.16 that ACE3 already started supporting ? Personally haven't been on the BI tracker to know anything, though.
Vestarr  [author] Jan 20 @ 12:06pm 
@DubSize mod isn't dead, there's an update pending which is nearly done but needs some rework still. I halted the work on it because I was hoping that there will be an update for Arma 3 which will fix a bug which really overcomplicates my solution, but since there isn't, I'll get back to it soon.
DubSize Jan 13 @ 4:33pm 
All lights out guys, it turns out it turns on and off -__-

I wish I could have indicated this in the mod description.
DubSize Jan 13 @ 4:01pm 
Perhaps I did the right analytics and realized that the mod is dead, ACE has been updated and its night vision devices do not support this mod, just like other modifications to the night vision devices. It's a shame, we're waiting for a possible update.
DubSize Jan 13 @ 3:59pm 
For some reason the laser illumination of my night vision devices does not work. I tried everything possible, but it doesn’t work, plus there is still no such darkening effect in the far corners of the room as in the screenshots, please help!
_mickey_ Dec 12, 2023 @ 2:18pm 
@Vestarr Hi! Unfortunately today, your mod does not work with some ACE3 NVG versions ( for example White Phosphor NVGs - "ACE_NVGoggles_WP" ) The backlight does not work, while everything works with the main ACE3 NVG versions. Is there a chance that you will update your mod?