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Apricot's MW NVG VFX 2.0.5
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Nov 7, 2019 @ 10:43pm
Mar 25, 2021 @ 11:26pm
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Apricot's MW NVG VFX 2.0.5

I had no longer updated this add-on, but an add-on for the same purpose has been published here.
It is strongly recommended to use this one from now on.

Fawks's Enhanced NVGs

The old description is included here just in case.

Version 2.0.5
This addon upgrades all NODs (NVGs) with white phosphor technology tubes that used in MODERN WARFARE.

"Apricot's MW NVG VFX" bring post-processes and overrides Arma3's Green Phosphor tinted NVGs.
Changing them to look like "MODERN WARFARE" White Phosphor NVG.


Recommended: Vestarr's BettIR for Brighter NVG like a MW!.

If you using ACE Nightvision require the enable checkbox "Using Color set for ACE Nightvision" for correct color.

You need change CBA setting if first use of this addon.

You can change phosphor tube in CBA setting listed under "Apricot's MW NVG VFX" with 3 types.
Green Phosphor (Default)
Green Phosphor is no different to Vanilla (Arma 3 Default).
It is classic and easy on the eyes.
Modern Warfare Phosphor
Modern Warfare is a modernised phosphor.
Used for Combat operation Duty (CoD) from 2019 onwards.
FL White Phosphor
FL White Phosphor is based on Fat_Lurch's WP.
It is generally used in the NewGen-NVGs.

See Youtube video that uploaded by BluFalconActual for explain.
(but it's for Alpha Version. I'll make new version of video soon™)

Client side loading works fine.
Server key is available.
Server whitelist is available.
Server / Mission override is available.

The mod has been tested in:
  • Single Player
  • Multi Player Host
  • Dedicated Server

Special Thanks
- Fat_Lurch
Author of White Phosphor.
He approve my modified edition at Alpha of "MW NVG VFX" and has original idea and code.

- Vestarr
Author of BettIR.
It's bring brighter NVG like a MW! He using my addon at workshop description.
I always use his addon. Many thanks!

- UnderSiege Productions
Author of USP Gear & Uniforms.
I use those equipment for screenshots. Cool stuffs.

- Cool of Dude Modernization Warmonger 2019™
(Yeah, you know what is this, Fubuki.)

Known Issues
Info needed!
If you encounter any problems, please report them.
(Also, please do so if the problem has been resolved.)

● May not work properly in vehicle night vision view.
● Some ACE Nightvision settings do not display the correct shade. Correctly displayed in default settings.
● If a player opens the some interface while wearing an NVG, it will not display correctly. and will have the normal Green Phosphor (Arma 3 Default) tint.
  • Zeus Interface (Open if unit still alive)
  • spectator mode (Open if unit still alive)
  • Arsenal (BI/ACE both).
● Incompatibility with Suppress MOD.

You can see My GitHub[] for original code.

This addon is still BETA!
If you have any ideas for improving the code, please send them to us on My GitHub[].
*Here's Old alpha version if you not work at beta version.
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Apricot_ale  [author] Jun 10 @ 8:20pm 
I don't know
CorsaTTC Jun 10 @ 12:21pm 
does this mod still work? cause for me it does not
Munty May 18 @ 4:31am 
Roger that! Its a gem dont you dare hide it xD
Apricot_ale  [author] May 18 @ 1:00am 
Because this mod is unlisted.
Only people who know the URL can reach this page.
It was set because I ended support for this mod and wanted to hide it.

Now I have set it back to public and should be able to add it.
Munty May 18 @ 12:48am 
Any idea why I can't add your item to my collection? It gives an error - unknown failure
Apricot_ale  [author] May 17 @ 7:26pm 
Thank you for loving this mod.
I'm not familiar with his video settings.
But maybe he's going fullscreen and increasing the brightness or gamma in the video settings.
However, this is not recommended as it may look unnatural during the day or when the NVG is removed.
Or maybe he's adjusting the ACE NVG settings.
I don't know because I basically keep the default.
I'm using the Fawks one now but I still like the tint on my mod, same as you.
It's no longer supported, but you are free to continue using it or modify it (so as not to violate the license), so feel free to use it however you like.
Munty May 17 @ 2:13pm 
I'm in love with your mod, btw Apricot. I'd use Fawks, I've tried it but its not my taste.. unfortunately (way too saturated and bright). I know you no longer work on this mod.. and I'm sorry for reviving an old ass comment section, but do you know how I can get the same effect as in the video in your mod description? Blurred and darkened all around a circular lense
Munty May 17 @ 1:51pm 
@General Furry I know I'm late but you gotta remove Suppress MOD, it conflicts thats why you got that tint
General Furry Nov 17, 2021 @ 3:45am 
Apricot_ale  [author] Nov 17, 2021 @ 12:52am 
You can check my code on my github or use extractPBO to unpack this mod.