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Vindicta (Alpha)
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Vindicta (Alpha)

Vindicta is a dynamic cooperative guerrilla warfare scenario where your goal is to free territory from enemy occupation.

Please follow to our Discord server[] if you want to provide feedback.
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  • Dynamic game world. At game start everything is relatively peaceful and not all outposts are occupied by enemy, players can travel around without opposition.

  • Persistence of all units at all garrisons and locations (outposts, bases, roadblocks, and so on).

  • As player activity rises in specific area, commander AI will react by deploying quick reaction forces (QRF) and patrols, occupying outposts, constructing roadblocks, and more.

  • Players start only with handguns and slowly build up their guerrilla movement by capturing equipment and by recruiting civilians.

  • Intel discovery: actions planned by the enemy commander AI can be discovered by players through intel items or radio interception. Players can use this advance knowledge to intercept supply convoys, patrols, and attacks.

  • Since all enemy logistics are calculated, guerrilla tactics are the most effective way to reduce enemy forces and to deplete enemy supplies. For instance, destroying enemy transports will force enemies to either counter-attack on foot or to send support from elsewhere, until transportation is resupplied from another outpost.

  • At the start of a new campaign no enemy locations are known to players. They can be discovered by talking to civilians or by scouting.

  • A multi-level AI system which controls AI behavior from commander level down to unit level.

  • Undercover functionality, which calculates "suspiciousness" of players based on their behavior, clothes, stance and visibility in vehicles.

  • Players can deploy as many camps, outposts, and roadblocks as they need if they have enough resources. The enemy can also capture those locations.

  • Campaign customization: you can choose factions to fight against, and the initial number of enemies.

Who is this scenario for?
This scenario is made for small groups of players who want a challenging and realistic guerrilla experience. This is probably not for public servers, and it can be quite challenging in singleplayer.

You can select one of many enemy factions to fight against. The full list can be found here:

See this link for the list of available maps:

Check this before asking a question.[]
The page has information about most common problems, faction mod lists, maps, etc.

There is custom savegame functionality in the scenario, which saves data into profile namespace (vars.arma3profile file). This file can often get damaged, but you can use FileXT addon to save game data as separate files.

The scenario requires ACE and CBA. ACE is required because some of its functionality is used in the scenario.
You can use ACE with the medical modules removed.. In this case standard arma revive component will be used.
It is also recommended to use FileXT addon to save your games, but the game mode will revert to standard saving if you don't load FileXT.

Vindicta took several years and thousands of hours of development for several people. If you enjoy the game mode, please consider donating to our paypal account below:

  • Sparker: Project Lead, OOP, core framework, AI.
  • billw: OOP enhancements, Commander AI, tools, gameplay.
  • Sen: Tools, map design, addon development, several AI actions.
  • Marvis: Design of graphics and UI appearence, undercover system, map design.
  • Jeroen Not: Limited Arsenal, tools.
  • Sebastian: Factions, custom unit loadouts.
  • Jasperdoit: Factions, maps.
  • Matriksky: Factions, maps.

Special thanks:
  • Barbolani, the author for Antistasi, whose work hugely inspired us to develop this.
  • Stef from the Antistasi community, for sharing lots of ideas for this and for other projects.
  • All our contributors, who have added new maps or factions.

Used 3rd party SQF components:

Huge thanks to the following tool developers
Without them SQF development would have lasted several times longer:

Big thanks to the developers of these tools:

If you want to modify something, consider talking to us first. There is a high chance that it can be integrated into the mission. Pull requests on our GitHub are welcome.

BI Forum Page[]
GitHub Page[]
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Sébastien Bianchini
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Machine Gun Kelly 10 hours ago 
@gman - Use this mod to do what you seek! It does a lot of other stuff too!


Fixes your uniform issues!

gman Apr 21 @ 11:07am 
This mission is awesome and if you configure the difficulty right its a lot of fun on singleplayer. I just wish I could force my militia to wear certain fatigues such as guerilla smocks or the tracksuit instead of random civilian clothes. Would be cool if when you capture an airport or seaport you could maybe order ammoboxes if you have enough recruits or something
Sparker  [author] Apr 19 @ 2:22pm 
> Is it possible to use mods like CUP or RHS for this mod?
Sure, check FAQ for the list of supported factions.
Sparker  [author] Apr 19 @ 2:21pm 
AIs have default skill settings. You can set whatever you want in the settings: escape -> addon options -> Vindicta -> Server.
Seloune Apr 19 @ 3:42am 
Good scenario but the aim and speed fire of the IA remove the fun, like Antistasi.
hans Apr 18 @ 8:47pm 
Is it possible to use mods like CUP or RHS for this mod?
spiderhouse Apr 16 @ 3:34am 
when you build a camp using the u menu with the construction materials on your character you can scroll down or up to show the interaction menu the click build from location after attaching all the assets that has inventory
CommanderBoppo Apr 14 @ 6:25pm 
How do I build?
Sparker  [author] Apr 14 @ 3:49am 
The official documentation is here:

The one you linked is not made by developers of this game mode. I also don't understand why it exists. Everyone can make a pull request to the documentation above through this page:
and suggest new data or correct any mistakes.
enginer gaming Apr 14 @ 12:01am