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Legion Studios Base - Stable
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Legion Studios Base - Stable

This is the stable release of "Legion Base", a mod focused on delivering content loosely based on Walt Disney's Star Wars franchise to the ArmA III community.

As a team, we continue to work tirelessly to improve the features that this mod provides and do our best to bring to life one of our favorite franchises in the military sandbox of ArmA.

Update Schedule
This mod will be updated within the first few days of each month with content ready to be moved from our public testing build that we have judged to be stable.

About us...
Project Managers:
Shiv, Starman, Crimzonkat, Dezi

Cally, Corvus, Dutch, Gabriel Dubois[], Gambit, Omega, Schlabbie, Apex, Ded, Delfino, Dwarf, Khaos, Kripto, Lakarak, Roger Legend, Slakks, Spud, Thire, Tattle, Bas, Benji, BlackShadow, Hydra, Jenkins, Kakashi, Koop, mjr121, Mixas, Moose, Witty, Shev'la, Sam, West, Wheezy, Tributon, Nightovizard, Mixasurg

With contributions made by:
  • Purdy, Clock, BDC, 8Oblivion_Lost8, and the 212th mod team.
  • Alexander Dmitriev[] - Bad Batch models

Mod preview images provided by Marco and Schlabbie, Gambit, Kchag, StrikeWyvern, Yagger, Kruger, Chubby, Scorpia, and Mr.Mustache.

And a special thank you to the community for making this all possible, we would not be here without all the love and support you have given us over the years.

Other Legion Studios releases
Due to popular request of the community in Spring 2020, we began to refactor our content so that people could pick and choose which eras to load.
  • Battlefields: Sci-fi/Star Wars inspired props and terrains (including Geonosis, Endor, and Scariff)
  • Insurrection: Specific Galactic Civil War content, with a primary focus on the original trilogy and expanded universe content.
  • Dissension (Unreleased): Specific Clone Wars era content. Mod will be released when we fully uncouple all clone wars content from Legion Stable.

Related SubMods
  • Public Testing Build: A standalone version of this mod. It's updated whenever we have new content to deliver that is ready for testing.
  • No NVG Overlays: Removes the NVG overlays for those who do not like them.
  • ACE Compatibility Patch: Patch for certain features of ACE that we couldn't include in the main build (Explosives, medical items, etc.)
  • Legion TFAR Beta Compatibility Patch: This mod allows compatibility with the TFAR beta branch
  • LEGACY: Legion Base: This is our deprecated legacy build. It's left up on the workshop for those who want to use the mod before the complete rework (which included removing and redoing old models, textures, and code optimizations).
  • LEGACY: Legion Armory: A deprecated mod dependent on "Legion Base: legacy build" of fanon units from around the community.

Contact us!
Though you may leave comments or start discussions on this workshop page, the best way to get a speedy reply is through our discord[]. We absolutely love feedback and want to provide the most immersive experience possible.

  • This mod is an unofficial resource and is in no way linked to Lucasfilm ltd, the Walt Disney company, Electronic Arts inc. or Twentieth Century Fox. The "Star Wars" brand and all the intellectual content of this mod is based on the property of "The Walt Disney Company".
  • Star Wars © 1977 Twentieth Century Fox film corporation. All rights reserved. ™ & copyright 1977 Lucasfilm ltd. Star Wars logo and all related characters, names and indicts are trademarks & copyright 2012 Lucasfilm ltd. All rights reserved, or their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This item is not authorized for posting or reuploading on Steam, except under the Steam account named, "Legion Studios”.

This item is not permitted to be used on any monetized servers of any kind.
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Mar 24 @ 5:40pm
Asset editing
< >
Legion Studios  [author] Jun 27 @ 10:58am 
Those pieces of equipment are definitely on the agenda, however, we're currently limited by developer interest and desire to make said assets.
JILET Jun 27 @ 7:27am 
Are you willing to add Din Djarin's equipments and uniform? Amban blaster,a beskar body armor and whistling birds I'm talking about. ( Edited my previous comment )
JILET Jun 26 @ 7:59am 
I'm not sure if all of these are possible at Arma 3. Just wondering.
Crimzonkat Jun 17 @ 3:49pm 
Make sure your mod isn't corrupted. Try deleting a pbo and then 'repairing' the mod
Lavr Jun 16 @ 12:51am 
help error when loading the server "SWLB_Radios_Beta"
Dogma Jun 14 @ 2:12pm 
I m sorry, was looking in the rong mod comment section.
Thanks for the quick answer!
Legion Studios  [author] Jun 14 @ 2:02pm 

That would be an issue with Kobra, not Legion and you would need to bring it up with them
Dogma Jun 14 @ 1:37pm 
Hi there, i stumbled upon an error maybe it is just me but after the newest update the mod seems broken.

Data file too short '@Kobra Mod Pack - Main\addons\442_a_vehicle.pbo'. Expected 275968270 B, got 85393408 B

i got this in my server log and the server won't boot up. Anyone knows how to fix that?
I reinstalled it two tmes.
Legion Studios  [author] May 13 @ 3:13pm 
This comment is awaiting analysis by our automated content check system. It will be temporarily hidden until we verify that it does not contain harmful content (e.g. links to websites that attempt to steal information).
CR Marki May 13 @ 12:43pm 
I saw Commandos have "cloaked" helmet, is there a cloak function and if so, how to activate it?