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Project SFX: Remastered
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Jun 13, 2020 @ 2:16pm
Feb 21 @ 8:38am
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Project SFX: Remastered

(Originally wanted to make them part of Project SFX, but decided to make them separate, cause not everyone will like them)

Project SFX: Remastered is an extension of audio elements in Arma 3.

► So, what does the mod include?

◆ Extra weapon bass and low ammo sound effects (Like in PayDay or CS:GO)
◆ Death sounds for different character states (combat, stealth, headshot, underwater, inside the house, inside the equipment).
◆ Various sounds for players (jumping/landing sounds for different types of surfaces, throwing grenades, body hits sounds, inventory sounds, aiming sounds, concussion effect from explosions, body falling sounds).
◆ Replacement of standard Arma sounds, such as: Background shooting, alarm, thunder sounds, etc.
◆ New environmental sounds that you can play through Zeus or use in swine missions.

► Compatibility
Full multi-user compatibility (This is not a server or client mod, the client and server must both enable this mod).
Compatible with mods such as Real Engine, Enhanced Soundscape, Unit Voice Over, JSRS, FEMALE, ENFORCER, Max Women, Zombie and Daemons and Ravaged.
Bikey for dedicated servers.

► What's new in the remastered version?
As I said, I have removed the sounds that caused me problems with the last mod.
However, I couldn't record these sounds myself, so they were all taken from various resources (YouTube, Day of Infamy). All sounds belong to their authors. I do not claim the rights of these recordings in any way! All rights belong to their original authors.
I added the new environmental sounds I mentioned earlier, new aiming sounds, and removed the annoying injury system I had before. It was stupid of me to add any edits to the game mechanics that are not related to sounds. I apologize for that.

► What will be added?
It's up to you guys, if you have any suggestions, please leave comments in the discussions.

Thank you:
Bohemia Interactive
New World Interactive
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Axle 23 hours ago 
Thanks so much! I didn't expect a patch in such a short amount of time!
WebKnight  [author] Feb 21 @ 8:38am 
@Axle okay should be fixed now
WebKnight  [author] Feb 21 @ 8:30am 
@Free2u2 works with anything
@Axle i probably forgot to disable foley sounds when you disable inventory ones, will fix it when have time
Axle Feb 21 @ 8:04am 
Turned off inventory sounds, and they are still there. Tested with no other mods loaded
Free2u2 Feb 21 @ 7:25am 
Does this work with the S.O.G Prairie Fire DLC?
mike xanax Feb 21 @ 1:22am 
why is my character crying and sobbing lol
RickGonzalez Feb 20 @ 10:10am 

A little respect and politeness would be nice, did you know?
The guy doesn't work for you.... Just a reminder
simbadagreat Feb 20 @ 8:39am 
@WebKnight Broooooo the new sounds are dope asf. Keep it up my guy!!!!!
WebKnight  [author] Feb 20 @ 8:31am 
@_mickey_ you would have to get used to those new sounds, because i will never get back to old crappy ones. Stop bitching about every single thing, i am not obligated to do what you like. If you want something to be done in a different way, go and do it yourself.
_mickey_ Feb 20 @ 4:13am 
@WebKnight I just want to add that for me your mod has always been one of the best! It's not your new sound that I don't like, because that's not how human movements can sound. I was forced to roll back to the previous version. I hope one day you will return the old sound to your briliant mod!