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Vanilla Expanded Framework
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Mar 15, 2020 @ 10:43am
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Vanilla Expanded Framework

In 2 collections by Oskar Potocki
Vanilla Expanded
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Vanilla Expanded - Empire playthrough
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Vanilla Expanded Framework incorporates a multitude of functionalities for different mods in order for us to boost performance by not duplicating code across several mods. Examples of shared functionality include custom base generation code with an amazing building export tool, customisable sieges, faction-based pack animal textures, faction based apparel colouring system, Orion’s Faction Discovery revamped and improved, Item processor code, shields, and many, many others.

If you see a mod with a following banner in the description:

That means it requires this framework.

Orion's Faction Discovery?

Yes! We have negotiated a deal with Orion and included his Faction Discovery mod within Vanilla Expanded Framework. Now, if you decide to add a faction to an existing playthrough, upon loading up the save you will have an option to spawn it's settlements and define how many of them you would like to spawn, as well as how far away from the player.

Faction cap removal?

Yes! This mod removes the 12 faction cap introduced in 1.3. You can now have infinite amount of factions in your game!

Disabling Atlas Caching?

Yes! By default, this mod disabled Atlas caching from 1.3 onwards. This means that texture quality will significantly improve. If you notice any significant performance impact, this feature can be disabled in mod options!

Wiki: https://github.com/Vanilla-Expanded/VanillaExpandedFramework/wiki

Q: Is this mod necessary to run other Vanilla Expanded mods?
A: Yes. This mod contains all the code used with the other mods that are marked as requiring this framework. Running those mods without this framework will not allow you to play them.

Q: Which position in the mod loader should this mod take?
A: This mod should be loaded BEFORE other mods, as close to Core as possible.

Q: Is this mod compatible with other mods?
A: Yes, it’s a framework, and it is compatible with every other mod. For known issues please see the known issues section of this mod description before commenting.

Q: Can this mod's functionality be used in other mods?
A: Yes, and we are working hard on making a solid documentation. You are allowed to make your own mods based on this framework as long as you mark this framework as a required item.

Q: Can I take your code and put it in my mod?
A: No. The reason we made this framework is to avoid just that: if we were to use the same code in two different mods, it would cause performance issues that would cascade into errors.

Q: Is this mod compatible with Faction Control or Empire mod?
A: We made sure it is!

Q: Compatible with Combat Extended?
A: Yes.

Q: What does this mod actually do?
A: If you’re not running any other Vanilla Expanded mods, this mod serves as Faction Discovery mod as explained above.

Q: I pressed to ignore a specific faction but I want it to spawn after all. How?
A: You need to edit your save file, remove the "ignoredFactions" part.

Please make sure your RimWorld is updated. We will not be troubleshooting not-up-to-date RimWorld logs.


This mod was created by a variety of modders:

Brrainz created the Harmony Patch Library which has made this series of mods possible.

NotFood has kindly provided the community with PatchOperationLoadDefsOnDemand.

RimWorld is owned by Ludeon Studios.

This mod is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons Licence (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) (the "Licence").

Vanilla Expanded loves streamers. For the purposes of Section 8(c) of the Licence, streamers on Twitch and YouTube are expressly permitted to publicly perform using this mod for commercial advantage or monetary compensation, provided all other terms of the Licence are met (the "Residual Commercial Right"). Should the Licence be terminated at any point accordance with Section 6(a), the Residual Commercial Right shall also cease.

We encourage all the modders to utilise our framework in their mods! For the purposes of Section 8(c) of the Licence, Modders that create mods that depend on this framework (through marking this mod as a dependency) are expressly permitted to create commissioned mods with commercial advantages or monetary compensation, as well as accept donations on their mods, provided all other terms of the Licence are met (the "Residual Commercial Right"). Should the Licence be terminated at any point accordance with Section 6(a), the Residual Commercial Right shall also cease.

Check out our collection at:

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Dec 20, 2021 @ 11:28pm
PINNED: "Update broke something!" Previous versions here
Sarg Bjornson
Falgorzie May 23 @ 2:00pm 
anyone know if i can add this in with the fishing mod mid playthough or need to restart?
Sarg Bjornson  [author] May 22 @ 8:25am 
Report that to multiplayer
After upate multiplayer does not work wrong state on map 0 when pawn is bleeding or is making filth.
1sylant99 May 22 @ 7:57am 
I was entering in Warped obelisk from Anomaly
1sylant99 May 22 @ 7:55am 
Can confirm infinite loading. Vanilla Factions Expanded - Classical caused it. My condition is having 5 senators from Central Republic. After loading previous save without senators and boom, infinite loading had gone.
6262soudai May 22 @ 6:43am 
@Sir Val von Ra You are really sure this mod is causing the infinite loading problem? Otherwise, Shouldn't bother those modders for probably meaningless report. I don't know in what kind of situation that happened, but if you refereed to the infinite loading screen to enter the labyrinth or such a contents from anomaly, you have to be sure whether the mod "Map preview" is in your mods or not, because I got the same issue before.
Chaonic May 20 @ 12:19am 
Hey Salatrüpel, I've been using those together ever since the DLC came out.
It is compatible. But the mod has some issues and on one occasion, savegames were broken. If you were to use the current version of Save Our Ship 2 and not update until you start from scratch again, you should be good.
Sorry for hijacking the comments to talk about another mod.
Sarg Bjornson  [author] May 19 @ 10:50pm 
@Salatrüpel: As far as we are aware, it is
Salatrüpel May 19 @ 2:29am 
is this compatible with "Save Our Ship 2" Mod?