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Prehistoric Beasts
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Feb 21, 2020 @ 8:20pm
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Prehistoric Beasts

MOD ID 2003934830

Dinosaurs from A to Z! Land, air, river, sea, I have them all! Each dinosaur uses a unique, exciting model! Big and small, fluffy or scaly, Prehistoric Beasts is the mod for someone who loves dinosaurs.

I try my best to create interesting dinosaurs that fit where I think Ark is lacking. From adding more dinosaurs that allow rider mounted weaponry to more unique taming methods, each of my dinosaurs are special. So join along in my journey to add a few more beasts into this wild game!

Spawn Codes[]
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Currently in the mod:
  • Acheroraptor
  • Anzu (plus Aberrant, R and X variant)
  • Dilong (plus Aberrant and R variant)
  • Dracovenator (plus Crystal and X Variant)
  • Giant Sea Slug (plus X Variant)
  • Hainosaurus (plus X Variant and Alpha for each)
  • Hyneria (plus X variant)
  • Inostrancevia (plus Aberrant, R, Tek, and Xvariant)
  • Kelenken (plus Aberrant, R and X Variant)
  • Mapusaurus (plus Aberrant, R and X)
  • Massospondylus (plus R Variant)
  • Nasutoceratops (plus Aberrant, R and X Variant, plus Alpha for each)
  • Neimongosaurus (plus Aberrant, R and X variant)
  • Neovenator (plus Aberrant, R, X Variant and Alpha for each)
  • Ornithocheirus (plus X Variant and Alpha for each)
  • Ouranosaurus (plus Aberrant, Eden, and Tek)
  • Pinacosaurus (plus Aberrant and R Variant)
  • Postosuchus (plus Aberrant and X Variant)
  • Prionosuchus (plus R and X Variant)
  • Saltasaurus (plus Aberrant and X Variant)
  • Scelidosaurus
  • Siamosaurus (plus Aberrant, R, X Variant, Alpha and Gustave)
  • Tsintaosaurus (plus Aberrant and X Variant)
  • Yangchuanosaurus (plus Aberrant, R and X)
  • Zuniceratops (plus Aberrant, Crystal and R Variant)

Planned creatures:
  • Genyodectes
  • Pyroraptor

Planned sponsored creatures:
  • Jiangjunosaurus
  • Paraxenisaurus
  • ... and more!

Huge thanks!
  • Firesolved for helping me so much with this mod.
  • Patreons for your dedication to me and this mod.
  • Shadlos for helping me with code and bugs.
  • and everyone on youtube and steam for following my progress and playing with this mod!!
  • Arkraktor for helping me film and edit my trailers!

Known issues:
  • None ATM.



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Jun 28 @ 12:24pm
Does anyone know where Neimongosaurus's spawn on Fjordur?
Jun 30 @ 6:02am
PINNED: Spawn Codes
Jun 27 @ 7:22pm
Servers with this mod
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Crysta  [author] 4 hours ago 
That can happen sometimes. Just watch the health, and if needed, grab a snow owl to heal it. Even Karkinos can suffer the same fate
Theblazingdarkzone 14 hours ago 
idk if I'm doing it wrong but I managed to trap a Mapu and use a catapult ballista and boulders but the health goes down faster than the torpor goes up.
Crysta  [author] 14 hours ago 
I've actually spent longer then average on these two critters. I've never noticed any sound issues. The textures I'm still tweaking, as the ingame look and the kit look don't line up
Swinaecologist 15 hours ago 
Is something wrong with yang and mapu? The animations and sound design are poorly done, like the yang's roars just cut out, the mapu's animations are super stiff and lifeless, plus the textures look like they haven't loaded in right, what's up with them? I'm really concerned about them, like there was no quality assurance. Was there a time crunch or something?
Mus777 22 hours ago 
mapa is cool only issue is his animation sync
Mus777 Jun 30 @ 10:38am 
Crysta  [author] Jun 30 @ 9:55am 
I have taming videos on my youtube channel
Mus777 Jun 29 @ 8:58pm 
HOW DO I TAME THE MAPA :sacrificed::sacrificed:
Sarecho Jun 29 @ 3:58pm 
appreciate the work and love the mod
MancosaurioRex Jun 29 @ 3:39pm 
your work is amazing, I love Yangchuanosaurus, the animations and the model are incredible, I don't like how the mapusaurus slips when it walks but it's still wonderful, this mod is one of the best in the workshop