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Revive My Dino - Dino Resurrection
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Jan 2, 2020 @ 7:25am
Jan 13, 2022 @ 3:41pm
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Revive My Dino - Dino Resurrection

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MOD ID: 1957185915

🢜 🢝 🢞 🢟 D I N O 🢟 R E V I V A L 🢟 🢞 🢝 🢜
This mod allows you to ressurect your dead dinos!
Revivinator (Revival Gun)
  • Build the Dino Revival Station or Primitive version for early game
  • Craft the Revivinator (Revival Gun) & your Dino's relevant stones
    • Point Revivinator at your dino to see what color
  • When Dino Dies shoot with Revivinator to bring back to life!
    • This works whether you gave dino revival ahead of time or not
    • Still recommended to apply revival ahead of time, as corpses can be consumed/destroyed/spoil
    • You can shoot your living dinos to apply revival stones to them, shoot again to remove
Manual Stone Method
  1. Build the Dino Revival Station or Primitive version for early game
  2. Craft Dino Revival Stone
  3. Use Revival Stone in Dino Inventory
  4. Return to Dino Revival Station when your dino dies
  5. Use Dino Revival to bring your dino back from the dead!

See Revival Stones & Pods discussion for more info.

🢜 🢝 🢞 🢟 M Y 🢟 O T H E R 🢟 M O D S 🢟 🢞 🢝 🢜

🢜 🢝 🢞 🢟 D I S C O R D 🢟 🢞 🢝 🢜
Join me on the ᑎOᑌ Modding Discord to get notified of updates and/or get help for my mods.

🢜 🢝 🢞 🢟 S U P P O R T 🢟 🢞 🢝 🢜
Not expected, but appreciated!



🢜 🢝 🢞 🢟 L I C E N S E 🢟 🢞 🢝 🢜
This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]

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mjlalonde05 Jun 4 @ 5:01am 
if the dino is only a bag (fully dead corpse is gone) can you still revive it?
Seryntas May 17 @ 11:22am 
I know you say you don't have the time or will to update this mod, but if there's a dollar amount that would make you change your mind and consider some quality of life ideas I'm interested in having, I'd love to talk it out.
Kozenomenon  [author] May 14 @ 1:44pm 
this doesnt add any custom dinos.
TheColtolorian May 14 @ 12:54pm 
If I uninstall the mod, will the dinosaurs die or will they remain alive?
LootBug Rancher May 14 @ 9:20am 
just got the game gonna install my first mods gonna try this one
Kozenomenon  [author] Apr 5 @ 1:18pm 
one day i hope to return to the ark community and if my mods dont have comparable / equivalents in ASA, i may actually do that.
i originally intended to make asa versions. and started to do it.
but life took some turns and i have just not had the time nor the will for it. sorry
Predat0rZz Mar 29 @ 1:08pm 
Hello, could you make a version for ARK Ascended please ?
Erys Mar 27 @ 5:10pm 
plz plz make an ASA version of this!
Sidierexx Feb 4 @ 10:26pm 
Saved my ass lmao. My favorite argy died from a glitch and I was NOT letting her go. Thank you! <333
how do i make a revival stone for some reason my tips are not working