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ColStax V2 - Stacks/Weights, DLC Engrams, & More
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Feb 8, 2021 @ 12:26pm
Jan 21 @ 1:33pm
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ColStax V2 - Stacks/Weights, DLC Engrams, & More

In 2 collections by Kozenomenon
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MOD ID: 2388946017

While this mod adds lots of other things, at its core, this is a StackMod. All StackMods should be loaded first to ensure the item remaps work properly.
It may work w/ some Core Mods taking 1st load slot- I have only verified this with Primal Fear.


Highly CONFIGURABLE Stack & Weight Mod with DLC Engram AutoLearn/Unlock and many other features added. This mod is Version 2 - it removes the color dyes from v1 and adds apex drops, trophies, artifacts as well as many other things.
See Simple Info for a brief desc of what the mod's defaults will do.
  • CONFIGURABLE Stacks/Weights: Resources, Consumables, Seeds, Ammo, Buff Foods, Single-Use, Apex Drops, Trophies, Artifacts
  • Compatible with S+, AA, & other "pull" mechanics
  • Item Info UI shows config settings applied for items
  • DLC Engrams available to learn on any map
  • Auto-Learn Engrams / TekGrams config options
  • Config Settings to control all aspects of the mod, with broad spectrum & fine-tune options
  • Colony Trough - Fridge(power) or Reg, Holds Any Food, Balance Food, Accurate Range Display/Config, Feed Modes
  • Quantum Item Wrapper - cryo for items, freezes spoil & they weigh nothing, uses charge power(variable by how much held)
  • Colony Glide Suit - easier to craft, weighs less, more forgiving during use, doesn't break
  • Element Osmosis - craftable element
  • Admin-Only: Colony Rocket Launcher / Tek Rifle / Pick
  • Config to control upload: apex drops, trophies, artifacts, element
  • Config to control artifact respawn rate
  • Players can hold 1 stack qty of an artifact (config), in any amount of stacks
  • All Shoulder pets can hold 1 stack worth of qty of any artifact (otter works same as it did)
  • Fix for Tek Grenade being unlocked if killed Alpha Manticore/Megapithicus
  • Config for Rare Flower/Mushroom Seeds added to map harvestables (or craftable)
  • Config for Convert Other Stackmod Items & Item Blacklist

  • Stack / Weight Mod based on multiplier for item's vanilla values
  • By default provides 100x Stack Size / 0.01x Weight
  • Config Settings allow for changing both multipliers for all items, item groups, or individual items
  • Includes items/resources from DLCs Scorched, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis, Genesis2
  • All Resources - wood, stone, metal, fungal wood, scrap metal, etc
  • Crafted resources - sparkpowder, cementing paste, clay, narcotics, stimulants, beer, etc
  • All Apex Drops, Trophy Heads, & Artifacts
  • Consumables - meats, berries, mushrooms, seeds, honey, soups, brews, etc
  • Weapon Ammo - all weapons
  • Single-use items - grenades, spears, glow sticks, flare gun, etc

  • Makes Learnable All DLC Engrams for Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, & Genesis
  • Optional AutoLearnEngrams / AutoLearnTekGramsLevel config
  • Extra points for engrams added will be spread evenly across level ramp
  • Configurable Multiplier for added pts to level ramp (default 50%)


Join me on the ᑎOᑌ Modding Discord to discuss my mods.

Not expected, but appreciated!



This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]

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Kozenomenon  [author] Jun 15 @ 6:17am 
@Ryan - glad you are finding the mod useful. :steamhappy:

@Viirella - apologies that there might be some issues I am not yet aware of w/ the auto-learn engrams feature. one of the cons w/ having so many features is that they sometimes break and if its something i do not use myself I may not notice it. (I added auto-learn due to ppl asking for it, never use it in my own games). anyway, when I have a chance I will take a look. it is perhaps not accounting properly for config overrides.
Ryan Jun 14 @ 1:38pm 
This mod.... Is definitely something I've never seen before. Such a unique combination of abilities is truly mindbolgling. Certainly has the potential to replace serveral mods I use on my own server. Thank you for this!
Firella Jun 2 @ 12:49am 
Sorry, my comment was supposed to be "UnlockGen2=False", not "=True". Point still stands.
We only have The Island engrams available for us, but even with ALL the settings for engram unlocks being set to false, Gen2 still unlocks for us when Auto Unlocking is enabled. We are on The Island, only supposed to have The Island engrams, yet the Gen2 engrams get automatically unlocked...

Also, every engram that we have moved from one level to another gets unlocked at the previous level instead of the new one.

We have Dino Storage on our server, and I have set the items to unlock at later levels as we consider cryopods to be quite powerful. Instead of unlocking them at level 0, they are supposed to unlock at different levels. Traps the same level as the default cryopods, the gun at level 100 ish, I don't remember exactly what levels but they are way up there.

However, with AutoUnlock engrams, all our engrams that we have moved still get unlocked at their ORIGINAL level.
Kozenomenon  [author] Jun 1 @ 2:11pm 
A typo in the discussion, obviously it is supposed to have the '=True' on the end for UnlockGen2.

But as noted there, unlocking gen 1 will also unlock gen 2, was true when this was last tested anyway. ..
Firella Jun 1 @ 10:28am 
Gen2 engrams still unlock even with "UnlockGen2=True"
N0thyn Apr 30 @ 7:41pm 
Just wanted to point out that there is some kind of conflict between ColStax and the newest update of Primal Fear. Creating a singleplayer on a new map works fine but quitting and loading back in crashes the game.
Kozenomenon  [author] Mar 18 @ 5:24am 
I believe that is why. I keep meaning to look at that again, but time.. I will take a look when I can.
Harald Mar 17 @ 6:28am 
It still does but I use a mod in which you can tame Mantis with Kibble, on vanilla you still need the horns. Could that be the reason you did not touch the horns?
Kozenomenon  [author] Mar 17 @ 5:14am 
used to?
Harald Mar 17 @ 3:53am 
Maybe because it is used to tame Mantis and it would make problems because the Mantis would not accept the modded horn?