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Upgrade My Dino - Mod Wild Stat Levels, Imprints, & More
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Jan 6, 2020 @ 3:34am
Jan 15, 2021 @ 6:40am
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Upgrade My Dino - Mod Wild Stat Levels, Imprints, & More

In 2 collections by Kozenomenon
ᑎOᑌ Modding Ark
17 items
ᑎOᑌ Community Ark Cluster
19 items
MOD ID: 1961542614

🢜 🢝 🢞 🢟 L A T E S T 🢟 🢞 🢝 🢜
Minor Update 12/27/2020
  • UMD Buff Foods can be put in fridges
  • Dino Upgrade Table has spoil mult for UMD Buff Foods
  • Vulture can now use UMD Items
  • Added UMD Preserving Salt
Big Update 12/24/2020
  • Gacha Resource HUD & Wild Inventory Tame (see videos)
  • Gacha Reroll Resources Item (see video)
  • Meal of the Dauntless: Immune to Shocks, Stuns, Pins, Fear etc. Player or Dino (see video)
  • Reset Mating Cooldown item
  • "To Speed" Stat Items
  • "From Crafting Skill" Stat Items
  • Dino Broth of Enlightenment item
  • Buff Foods reworked, fixed, enhanced. Dmg increase & healing working now. Buffs can stack. (be careful stacking the tartare!)
  • Gachas don't eat UMD items (do not leave them on Gachas through restart/stasis or may be eaten)
  • EasyMode config now has wider craft req impact, removes more 'hard to get/make' things.
  • Many new config settings added (Gacha related), all settings now display on the UI.
See mod discussions for updated details
Gacha Features & Integration Details added to discussions

🢜 🢝 🢞 🢟 W H A T 🢟 I T 🢟 D O E S 🢟 🢞 🢝 🢜
This stackable mod adds an engram for the Dino Upgrade Table. Build this craft station and it will have the dino consumables available to craft.

All consumable items include dynamic description text that will tell you whether the item can be used. If it can be used it will tell you what using the item will do to the dino. If it cannot be used it will tell you the reason why.

These are the types of items avalable, or see Full Items Descriptions.
  • Shift Wild Stat Items
    • exchange 1 level point from one stat to another
  • Increase Wild Level Items
    • +1 / +5 random wild stats
  • Mutate Wild Stat Items
    • add / remove wild stat mutations
  • Imprint Items
    • increase imprint or add / change owner
  • Change Gender Item
    • male <-> female
  • Change Colors Item
    • use dyes or can extract from one dino apply to other
    • also 2 random color items
  • Reset Mating CD Item
  • Reroll Gacha Resources Item
  • Buff Foods
    • Meal of the Dauntless (Shock,Stun,etc Immune)
    • Healing Brew & Others

🢜 🢝 🢞 🢟 M O R E 🢟 🢞 🢝 🢜

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🢜 🢝 🢞 🢟 D I S C O R D 🢟 🢞 🢝 🢜
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🢜 🢝 🢞 🢟 S U P P O R T 🢟 🢞 🢝 🢜
Not expected, but appreciated!



🢜 🢝 🢞 🢟 L I C E N S E 🢟 🢞 🢝 🢜
This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]

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kirisotu Nov 25 @ 10:15pm 
Does this work in primal fear?
Tsucho Nov 6 @ 6:31am 
@TheCat you could use Zoa's Potions as there is a brew to get your dinos back to full
Kozenomenon  [author] Oct 20 @ 6:25am 
@TheCat - I could probably add that, time is my enemy though :/
TheCat Aug 21 @ 10:06am 
I love this mod. I've never played ARK without it since I found it, and Best Eggs is awesome as well. Cannot express how grateful I am to have these.

Would it be possible to add an ini to change how much healing the dino healing brew does? I've got some boss rexes with so much health that healing them up after the battle takes forever.
Cloud Jumper Aug 4 @ 2:00pm 
is there anyway to make this mod admin only?
Ole Hockey Thighs Aug 3 @ 9:53pm 
This mod just saved me from a whole lot of heartbreak. That being said are there console commands to manually edit dino stats?
Korra Aug 1 @ 4:56pm 
Looking forward to it! Spent the whole day browsing through all the mods and couldn't find one that does that haha
Kozenomenon  [author] Aug 1 @ 11:29am 
yanno i'm surprised nobody has asked for that until now :steamhappy:
Korra Aug 1 @ 7:50am 
can you add ini to allow changing values of buff foods?
Kozenomenon  [author] Jul 26 @ 11:13am 
i put a config to allow 255 if u want that
breaks the dino though, cant level tame points anymore if you do that
(so wait til u max tame level it first i suppose)