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Divinity Unleashed
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Divinity Unleashed

One mod to fix every community complaint about the world's greatest RPG, fully compatible with all of your favourite mods! REQUIRES NORBYTE'S SCRIPT EXTENDER TO RUN.

Divinity Unleashed keeps the core DOS2 experience everybody loves and polishes its flaws into a solid foundation compatible with nearly any mod you can dream of. This gameplay overhaul bends over backwards to integrate with your favourite class mods, skill expansions and content packs, letting you fully customize your every playthrough.

This mod requires Norbyte's Script Extender[github.com]. You must install it first!
Norbyte's Script Extender is a powerful new tool that makes features like cooldown reduction, status extension and stat modification possible. To install it:
  • Visit this page[github.com]
  • Follow the instructions on the latest release
  • That's it - nothing else!
If you still have trouble installing, refer to Odinblade's How to install Norbyte's script extender guide.

  • Armour Overhaul: No longer acting as two separate HP bars, the armour you build now behaves as static damage reduction. Hybrid parties are better than ever before.
  • Status Simplicity: No status, even from mods, is resisted by armour or any other kind of mechanic. Instead, statuses from both the base game and other mods have been rebalanced for immediate application.
  • New mechanics: Cooldown reduction, status extension and more add a fresh coat of paint to the gameplay you love.
  • Lightweight and Immersive: Divinity Unleashed's features are unintrusive and let you pile on as many mods as you want, letting you play the game your way.
  • Turns Galore: Turn-skipping status effects have been made scarce, allowing for faster-paced combat. Even modded statuses have been predictively altered to fit this style.
  • Build Freedom: Offering more build freedom than ever before, Divinity Unleashed puts hybrid parties, healers and tanks on even footing with a comprehensive overhaul of character progression.
  • Not in the mood for cheese?: The game’s craziest exploits have been reined in for a tighter, more challenging experience. Telekinetic instant kills, infinite resurrection chains and sniping enemies miles away outside of combat have been scripted into oblivion. Get ready for a challenge!
  • Superior Balance: Thanks to an in-depth reworking of core game skills and mechanics, the Damage Meta is a thing of the past. With an even playing field, any sufficiently planned build is viable.
  • Might and Magic: Enemy resistances are squashed down to size and bosses no longer generate immunities on higher difficulties, gaining other buffs instead. Witches and wizards alike are more viable than ever.
  • Permanent Summons: Summons now have infinite duration, but while active, the skill used to summon them remains permanently on cooldown during combat. Summons are encouraged to cast before combat and keep alive.
  • Existing Save Compatibility: Thinking about trying this, but don't want to start a new game? Go ahead and slap it on an existing save file. This mod won't bite!
  • And much, much more!

You can read absolutely everything this mod has to offer in the cleanly formatted mod document[docs.google.com].

Divinity Unleashed works with all of your favourite class and skill mods. No compatibility patch required! If it doesn't work, I'll fix it. Just post about it in the compatibility discussion.

From any mod:
  • Corrosive and Magic damage are converted to Physical and Air respectively
  • Armour restoration is either converted to Vitality healing or converted into a custom status effect such as a boost to physical armour
  • Statuses previously resisted by armour... aren't!
  • Skills that scale with armour are boosted to deal appropriate damage
  • Weapon damage bonuses have been increased
  • Turn-skipping crowd control (except invulnerability statuses like Feenex's Cyclone) are automatically converted to non-turn-skipping, debilitating statuses instead

Mods that do not work with this mod:
  • Other core gameplay overhauls, such as Divine War. (Skill and ability overhauls like Odinblade's are fine)
  • Other mods modifying statuses.gamescript. (Only other overhauls presently do this)

Load order:
  • Does not matter.
Just be sure to load any mods changing base game skills after this mod, if you want their changes to take priority.

If you want to learn more about the extensive changes Divinity Unleashed has made to the game, you can browse the documentation[docs.google.com] at your leisure. It's an easy read, promise.

Want to discuss the mod and exchange build ideas with our community? Join our Discord server![discord.gg]

If you really do like this mod enough to pop me a coin, my link is here[www.paypal.me]. Alternatively, you can get rewards from my Patreon[www.patreon.com].

Donations aren't necessary, but help me big time. They help me find time to keep making Divinity Unleashed a better mod, and Divinity: Original Sin 2 an even better game.

Do you own the GOG version? No problem! Just use the Nexusmods Link[www.nexusmods.com] to download and play this mod.

Special thanks to Wes Fenlon for featuring Divinity Unleashed in PCGamer Magazine!
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LapohC 4 hours ago 
... just a quick Q. what difficulty is it balanced for?
Netrol 9 hours ago 
Hi. First - this is surely BEST DOS2 mod, thank you VERY much for it!

Now a lil problem in game balance copatability with Odinblade Spectre:
Spectre skill "Pact of Immortality" with mod "Divinity Unleashed" = permament immortality if you have 40+ intelligence and 10 Aero. Buff duration 4 rounds and cooldown is 3 rounds. I found and tested this abuse at lvl 13.
Is it possible to ban +duration from INT for this skill and make it "one use per combat" ? Like "Living on the Edge" or "Uncanny Evasion" - they are don't gain +duration from INT.
If somebody knows how I can fix it by myself - post advice please!
The Great Bouzouki May 10 @ 8:48am 
Addendum: loading the save without the mod, saving, then loading the save with the mod, seems to have fixed it, similar to the "Infinite Warfare" bug from way back when. Still, keeping the comment there in case that's a thing that should be looked into.
The Great Bouzouki May 10 @ 8:30am 
I've been looking and I can't find any discussions on this, but:

I've noticed that *every single character* now has lifesteal. I just fought Windego on the beach in act 1, and Ifan, with no points in Necromancy and using a weapon that doesn't grant lifesteal, hit her for 56 damage and healed for 10. In another fight shortly after, a Noxious Void Salamander hit three of my guys with Poison Dart for a combined 267 damage, and it healed for roughly 30 (I didn't catch exactly how much).

Is this intended behaviour?
Rat Trapper May 8 @ 11:33pm 
better than base game
Spesh May 1 @ 6:12am 
could you upload a version without all the misc skill changes? they make the mod incompatible with a lot of things
Tarso Apr 30 @ 5:35am 
Not sure if it is a bug, but I cant kill Void Devour. He is not only immune to physical damage but also heals from it. Rhalic keeps attacking and healing it to full hp Help plz?
Millenniar Apr 28 @ 4:38am 
After removing the mod, all the enemies start combat with reduced magic and physical armor...anyone else? Any solution?
akashdsaha7 Apr 27 @ 10:23am 
The bouncing shield ability is broken , gaurds one shot all characters hit by the shield every 3 turns
Omeganism Apr 22 @ 5:06pm 
Important question:
Is there KNOCKBACK?!