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I'm not maintaining this mod anymore, it's being reworked into a generic vehicle mod (air, land, sea). Don't ask about it here, if you want info on the mod, drop by the discord. I post updates regularly.

This mod adds Boats into the game, allowing you to travel across the map as well as across the world. What does this mean? Boats are not only a method of transportation, but also provide great defensive and offensive capabilities. Pawns are restricted to the world map based on whether or not they are bringing a boat with them. Deep water and Ocean Tiles are untouched so unless another mod changes that for you, your pawns will not be able to cross them without a boat. Caravans with Boats may also Dock at settlements which will initiate trading and gift options. In the future I plan to add a bonus to rest and mood when docked at a settlement.

Row Boat

Fishing Boat



Stats and Information of Boats

This mod adds Boats in a way that all of the necessary stats and properties are accessible via XML. They are not hard coded in. If you wish to make your own boat addon, feel free to do so! Please give me a heads up or send me a message if you plan on uploading it to the workshop. I would like to keep track of any additional Boat addons that come out.. for personal reasons. You will of course need to include Boats as a requirement and load it above your mod.

Modding Tutorial[github.com]

Not compatible with multiplayer yet, it causes dsync.

Compatible with CE Fast Track.

RimCities don't generate well on coasts, so I wouldn't suggest bringing boats to the settlements from RimCities. No mod conflict, just poor beach generation in that mod. You'll probably lose the boat or beach it.

If you're unable to exit the map on a river or cannot enter a river because it says the river size is not large enough or there's no exit direction, turn off RiverSizeMatters in the mod settings. It's currently WIP so you might encounter this bug if you're interacting with rivers a ton.

This mod has a lot of code into it, even though there are only 4 boats right now. This means inevitably there will be more bugs pop up in areas you would never expect. So far, everything has been pretty smooth sailing and there hasn't been any issues that are super difficult to fix. Report them and I will get to them :) Thanks.

Why does Boats have such a long load time?
I can't emphasize this enough... this mod is huge lol even though there aren't that many boats right now, the work behind them is... more than you guys would think. Each patch I make adds an additional amount of time to your load time, and I am required to make patches to change mechanics for pawns to better suit them towards vehicle like behavior. This is what gives Boats their boat like mechanics. Ingame, this mod is very lightweight. Load time? It's gonna be up there with Human Alien Races and Combat Extended.

Can I add this mid game?
Yup! But then you'll miss out on cool stuff like being able to spawn more settlements on the coastline or increase the beach sizes on tiles with coastline, which are in the mod settings and only affect new saves.

What about load order?
Load order doesn't matter, but put it as high up as you can, cause some mods might overwrite some patches that I use. If you're getting a duplicate statBases error for water, it's because you're using a mod like Water is Beautiful or Simply More Bridges, whom aren't careful with their patches. Just move their mod above Boats and it'll disappear.

My Boat Doesn't Work! Help!
Well either you're using godmode to build them or you put Boats at the bottom of your list. People... stop placing boats in godmode. Boats are not buildings, they are pawns.. So if you want to devMode them into the game, go in and spawn them like you would spawn in a pawn.

Fishing Isn't Working!
Either you don't have a compatible fishing mod installed or your fishing delay (in mod settings) is set to 0. Default for that is 10,000. Or you could also just be doing it completely wrong... which brings me to the 2nd part of this answer.

How Fishing Works:
Once you have a compatible mod installed with boats, and a fishing boat built, you don't do normal fishing jobs like you would with your fishing mod. I would straight up have to create jobs or hook onto / patch the fishing mod's jobs to do that, and no I won't do that. Way way WAY too much of a hassle. To fish on fishing boats you must manually put the pawn onto the fishing boat, take the boat out onto a suitable water cell (the deeper the water, the better the fishing rates), and toggle fishing on. The boat will auto gather fish over time, but don't forget your pawns! Cause they will continue to fish until you pull them back.

Fishing Compatibility
If you are using one of the following mods, you will be able to gather fish on any boats that are capable of fishing.
  • Vanilla Fishing Expanded
  • [RF] Fishing [1.0]

Additional Boat Mods

Note to those that don't know.
You can select a group of colonists (including tamed animals) and order them to board a boat. This means no individual clicking of every single pawn.

In the future, I would like to fully expand upon the Ocean and events outside of normal terrain. This includes Pirate raids, Sieges from the water, other variations of boat weapons including but not limited to... Turrets, Rotatable Cannons, Submersibles, and possibly a sea based event for naval battles. This is all planned, so it may be some time before they are implemented.

Thank you Dr_Zhivago, dninemfive, Jamaican Castle, Dyrewulfe, Pelador, Mehni, and Ibmaian from the Discord Server for helping me resolve errors.

Dr_Zhivago, NECEROS, and Kerberos for helping me bug test

Rowboat - MistorLove
Fishing Boat - Edmund Wulfgarth
Rowboat, Caravel, Galleon - Odz

Track this mod's progress.[trello.com]

Check out my other mods!

Join me on Discord[discord.gg]

Note: Please do not copy and re-upload this mod. This mod is translation capable. If you would like to add a translation please make a fork from GitHub and I will work with you to add it to the mod.
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tilarium, are you even associated with this project or did you just subscribe to this thread because you had nothing better to do all these years?

Also 1.3 version wen?
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From tiny acorns, mighty oaks sprout
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The Fool asks for a Boats update, the wise woman asks for a conversion of these boats to Vehicle Framework.
Robosium Aug 7, 2023 @ 11:28am 
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for those begging for and update and to lazy to read or scroll:


This mod is being REWORKED into a new mod called Vehicles that will include these boats as well as other vehicles covering land, air and see vehicles! It is currently in testing! be patient, it will be worth the wait
tilarium Dec 7, 2022 @ 3:09pm 
tilarium Nov 23 @ 6:46am
tilarium Nov 10 @ 5:57pm
The answer to your request is literally the first thing in the description. Read it.
The solution to your request is just a couple of comments down in the comments. Read it.
krokotai Dec 7, 2022 @ 2:31pm 
please update?
Squaul Nov 23, 2022 @ 11:03am 
Preach brother preach ! The imperium seems to have lost his mind !
tilarium Nov 23, 2022 @ 3:46am 
tilarium Nov 10 @ 5:57pm
The answer to your request is literally the first thing in the description. Read it.
The solution to your request is just a couple of comments down in the comments. Read it.

Why do people have such a hard time actually reading?