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Dominance-II-Class Super Carrier
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Sep 3, 2019 @ 11:42am
Sep 8, 2019 @ 5:39am
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Dominance-II-Class Super Carrier

In 1 collection by Yuna
Star Wars / Reborn 7th Fleet
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Model: Dominance-II-class Super Carrier
Affiliation: Empire
Role: Carrier, Mobile Shipyard, Fleet-Supply
Classification: Super Star Destroyer / Star Dreadnought

Original Length: 13.000 m,
Replica Length: 382.5 m
Scale 1 : 34
Block-count: 16.106

The Dominance-Class Super Carrier is a huge fleet carrier of roughly 13km length. Unlike other dreadnoughts and battlecruisers of this size, the Dominance's main role is not offensive. Instead the ship's main purpose is to act as a mass carrier and mobile shipyard/repair yard. For this purpose a quarter of the ship's forward hull is made up of hangars and production facilities that can hold and maintain capital ships of up to cruiser size.
The Dominance-II improved the design of the original Dominance-class by reducing the exposure of the super-structure on the surface as well as on the hangar area.

Original Armaments:
No Data available

Replica Armaments:
Laser Turrets (30)
Turbolaser Turrets (76)
Proton Torpedo Turrets (22)
LAAT Turrets (2)

Scripts set:

Details based on:
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Vince T Sep 16, 2019 @ 5:00am 
Looking forward to seeing those. Though I'd be wary with the info from those wikis. Like I said over at Sovereign, they already got that length wrong XD.
Yuna  [author] Sep 14, 2019 @ 11:10am 
i do them on mini-size though to be able to set them up as an entire fleet at the same time
Yuna  [author] Sep 14, 2019 @ 11:09am 
again glad you like them vince.t,
i also currently work on the other ships of that set, using your models for the looks and taking the numbers from wiki
Vince T Sep 14, 2019 @ 6:19am 
... And you made my Dominance, too!! O.O
BTW, great job on capturing the lower section!
Spartanjey Sep 4, 2019 @ 8:12pm 
0_0 HOLY MOTHER OF IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYERS THIS THING IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! this is actually amazing keep up the great work im going to use it so much my PC is going to have a fit (not that it dosent already)