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AQD - Vanilla Ore Distribution
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Aug 26, 2019 @ 6:59am
Jan 17, 2022 @ 10:44am
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AQD - Vanilla Ore Distribution

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AQD - A Quantum of Depth
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Shipbreakers: Hardcore Survival and Salvage
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Current version: 1.3
Please refer to the changelog for patch notes.

This mod changes ore deposits on planets to be further below the surface but also much larger. It further also changes ore distribution: Now certain ores can only be found on specific planets, and what resources can be found in asteroids is greatly reduced.

AQD - A Quantum of Depth is a project of mine, encompassing multiple small and larger mods aimed at improving the gameplay experience and eventually overhauling larger parts of the game:

Planet ore deposits
Ore deposits on planets have been altered. They are much, much larger than in vanilla but have also largely been moved further down into the ground. As a result, it is much more worth to build permanent mining outposts.

Ore depth is determined by their "tier":
  • Tier 1: Iron, Nickel, Silicon - 50-300m
  • Tier 2: Cobalt, Magnesium, Silver - 200-800m
  • Tier 3: Gold, Platinum, Uranium - 400-1000m
Lower tier ores may still appear at lower depths, however.

Ore distribution
Ore distribution has been altered significantly. The goal is to add a reason to visit all planets, which is achieved by distributing ores over the different planets. The distribution is designed with a start on the earthlike planet in mind, but with the economy update you may be able to make any planet work - or even a space start.

Earthlike, Triton, Pertram


  • I recommend using AQD - Planetary Respawn Rovers together with this mod. It will allow you to more easily start out in a good spot close to the now harder to reach ore deposits.
  • As of patch 1.1 this mod does not directly edit the vanilla planets anymore. As a result, it is compatible with other mods changing the vanilla planets.

  • This mod is inspired by Chrido's (Scarce Resources) as well as Ghost722nd's (DeepOres) mods. I really liked their ideas but wanted to make some changes that better suited my vision for how it should be set up. Hence this mod.
  • Meridius_IX / Lucas - For writing the base script, with which the ore remapping is implemented.

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Nov 29, 2019 @ 1:26pm
Log Errors
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enenra  [author] Feb 23 @ 9:12am 
King Matt 👑 Feb 23 @ 6:36am 
Is there a version of this that doesn't affect asteroids? I want Configure Paramaters to handle asteroid generation. Is there a way to use only the planet oregen from this mod?
garith_mar Feb 22 @ 10:31pm 
my error why it wasnt spawning ore. I wish more planet creators would stop adding ALL ore types to their planets its annoying when im trying for a hardcore mode playstyle.
enenra  [author] Feb 22 @ 8:20am 
It is only compatible with the vanilla planets. If the starsystem generator is placing those that's fine. Larger planets should have no effects on the depths of the ores.
garith_mar Feb 22 @ 7:49am 
Is this compatible with star system generator? everytime i create the planets and land on mars i scan for deposits underground and cant find any, however i do see the rocks above ground are as they should be. I make the planets x2 the normal size, would that effect this mod?
enenra  [author] Feb 21 @ 10:16am 
I don't know of any way.
Catalex Feb 21 @ 7:13am 
Is there a way to alter all voxels, including those that have already visible? To update the ores according to the mod in already explored territories.
I tried the command “!voxels reset planets” by Essentials plugin for Torch server, the voxels were reset (the surface of the planet became the same as it was originally, without any traces of drilling), but the ores remained the same as they were before installing the mod.
TAB Jan 27 @ 10:54am 
@ArcZeroNine Thank you
enenra  [author] Jan 26 @ 1:00am 
The patches aren't wider but they are substantially thicker. Ten times and more.
MikeMTK Jan 25 @ 6:40pm 
How much bigger patches are we talking? Like a 20x20 large grid block size?