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! Starnet for NSC2
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! Starnet for NSC2

This is a mod which intends to make my AI mod, Starnet AI work better with NSC2 (New Ship Classes and more).

It requires NSC2 and Starnet to function (detailed instruction below).

What is Starnet

Starnet is an AI overhaul which intends to make AIs much more aggressive. Digital enemies will build and support significantly larger fleets and will be happier to kill anyone who didn't manage to do the same.

Recommended settings: Commodore, no scaling, 1-3 advanced empires. After your first game feel free to adjust the difficulty.

For more info, check the main mod's page.

Installation instructions.

For the mod to function you need to enable

1)NSC2 Season 3
2)! Starnet for NSC2 (this mod)
3)~ Starnet AI (main mod)
4)1080 UI overhaul (NSC requires it)

Do not use this mod without main Starnet mod. Do not use this mod without NSC2.


Compatibility with other mods is mostly unknown.
If you are using any mod impacting districts, use Universal Districts Patch, it will help make things compatible.

Final remarks

Both this patch and Starnet is a work in progress, but it still should perform well enough to
provide formidable enemies and an action-packed experience.

In the future I am planning to teach AI to use Support Ships/Strike Cruisers better and possibly make
midgame fleet composition more varied (for example make AI sometimes use carriers as their main force).

If this patch isn't working the way you want I would be very happy if you reported it. Sometimes NSC requires
reset to function well (deleting the mod, unsubscribe, then subscribe again).
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NovaG7 Sep 3 @ 5:10pm 
As mentioned in my first comment, i restarted a game after you said you updated your mod for the specific problem but the ai ship designs were still the same when the first wars started.

With the mentioned changes the ai fleets (still corvettes with small weapons) can now shoot at each other since they are all using "swarm" behaviour.
ManOfHonor - Szara Sep 3 @ 3:49pm 
There seems to be a bug with the privateer_operation policy, it adds 3 trade collection range to all starbases, but that includes outposts. Since outposts aren't recognized by the game as being valid for collecting trade, in the trade map mode it will show the trade as being collected, but there is no way to actually transfer the trade to a starbase > outpost or your capital, so it is lost.
salvor  [author] Sep 3 @ 2:30pm 

You said it "resolves the problem for me.", does it mean that you still have the problem of AI using artillery computers on corvettes? I thought it was fixed a while ago, do you still have it?

What you did is disabled these computers for both humans and AIs.
NovaG7 Sep 3 @ 1:14pm 
Thank you for the feedback.
According to steam this mod (patch) is updated for me but what i see in ai_behaviour_computers.txt for
"ai_behaviour_stationary_40", "ai_behaviour_flank_xx" and "ai_behaviour_hitnrun_xx" etc. is

size_restriction = { corvette destroyer cruiser StrikeCruiser Battlecruiser battleship Carrier Dreadnought titan Flagship escortcarrier explorationship }

Removing corvettes from those defines resolves the problem for me.

Maybe steam is giving me an older version of this patch for some reason?
salvor  [author] Sep 3 @ 8:43am 

AI using artillery computers on their corvettes was fixed by me (by making autodesign not use artillery until it gets dreadnoughts), so at least in the new playthroughs you should not witness artillery corvettes anymore.

But any time you as a player want to use something different from AI (artillery in early game, charge in lategame, mart AI) you will need to switch autodesign off.
NovaG7 Sep 2 @ 2:09pm 
@Legion this was updated right after NSC
Legion Sep 2 @ 11:12am 
Might as well ask only because nsc2 updated for season 4 does this need an update?
NovaG7 Sep 2 @ 6:08am 
Thanks for your work!

With regards to this:
"salvor [author] 20 Aug @ 9:59pm
@Do'tasarr the Khajiit

Yes, the only way to change ai ship designs is by changing autodesign rules(ai always uses autodesign).

Later in the game they are moving to cruiser/battleship fleets, hence they are using artillery behavior.

I can suggest switching auto-design off, is it ok?"

I saw your earlier comment regarding that behaviour being fixed in an update, but i can confirm that during the first wars of the galaxy most enemy fleets are still corvettes using 40 artillery behaviour with small weapons with shorter ranges - so no action, no border changes etc.

From the above reply, am i understanding correctly that the only way around this issue with early fleets are to "turn off auto design" - how does one do this for the ai players and i assume it would require a game restart again?

Thanks in advance XD
salvor  [author] Aug 29 @ 11:34am 

Most likely not.
KingLightning Aug 29 @ 8:53am 
will army mods conflict?