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(-NSC2 Season 7-)
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(-NSC2 Season 7-)


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March 16, 2023 - Season 7, Episode 2: First Contact
Update 3 - Mod Version 7.2.3
New Save Game is Not Required
  • Due to popular request (and because I don't feel like messing with it and arguing about it anymore), all cloaking has been reverted to vanilla. For the NSC2 classes, the Strike Cruiser and Battlecruiser will use the Cruiser cloaks, and the NSC2 capital ships will use the Battleship cloak. We're not planning on any further changes or modifications of the cloaking system.

  • Fixed a bug where the Optimized Dark Matter Reactor onm the Carrier had the wrong power setting (it was 9000 and should have been 13000).

March 16, 2023 - Season 7, Episode 2: First Contact
Update 2 - Mod Version 7.2.2
New Save Game is Not Required
  • NEW WEAPON: Harrington Advanced Missile Pod - An advanced PD missile weapon for those who want all-missile builds in their fleets!

  • Fixed a bug where the Exploration Cruiser was unable to equip a hyperdrive.

  • Removed the Monty Python jokes - hopefully it made some of you laugh :)

  • Adjusted the stats on the Carrier cloaks, they should carry very heavy penalties for being able to cloak a capital ship.

  • Fixed a bug where the Starbase Construction Office was requiring another building to be built.

  • Fixed a bug where the Machine Shipset assset files were missing from yesterday's upload.

March 15, 2023 - Season 7, Episode 2: First Contact
Update 1 - Mod Version 7.2.1
New Save Game is Absolutely Required
  • Mod code updated for Stellaris 3.7 Canis Minor.

  • Special Note: Just in case anyone is not aware, the Cloaking feature is part of the First Contact DLC, not the base update. You must have purchased the DLC in order to use cloaking on ships.

  • I would also like to mention that around 90% of the new content added to the mod comes directly from our Discord users using our Suggestions channel. If you'd like to make suggestions and be a part of that, join us!

  • Cloaking: NSC2 ship classes that can cloak are the Strike Cruiser, the Exploration Cruiser, the Carrier, and the Flagship. Each class comes with their own cloaking devices with special modifiers, which will be shown in the tooltips when you hover over them. We removed the cloaking ability from Battleships, because that was just ridiculous. The cloaks for the Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, and Cruiser have not been modified from vanilla (but we may do so in the future).

  • Added asset files to fix the issues with the Machine Shipset until its author can return to modding. All NSC2 classes in the Machine Shipset should now appear normally. (I don't have enough knowledge to address the missing turrets, sorry.)

  • FLEET POWER CHANGE - Due to extremely popular request, we have changed the fleet power formula to reduce the numbers to avoid the overflow issues. All fleet power numbers have been reduced by 50%. This means that a fleet that had 500,000 fleet power before today will now have about 250,000 fleet power. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT THE ACTUAL FIREPOWER OF THE FLEET - all it does is change the numbers so they don't overflow. All of your weapons will do the same damage as they did before. Just remember that after today, a 250k fleet is actually a 500k fleet under the old system.

  • Added a new Destroyer bow section with 4 Small slots, by community request.

  • Added 7 new starbase types: Mining Station, Orbital Factory, Orbital Farm, Orbital Refinery, Observatory, Power Station, and Orbital Colony. These tpyes will be chosen automatically based on the buildings and modules you add to your bases. (I haven't had a chance to test this feature, so feedback would be appreciated!)

  • Removed the current NSC2 Mod Menu (the one with the AI bonuses and such) in preparation for the new more advanced one coming soon.

  • Removed all NSC2 modules & buildings from Orbital Rings that are not currently designed for them.

  • Fixed some confusing localisation terminology in the Hyperlane structures. All text should now refer to "Transmitter" or "Receiver".

  • Fixed localisation errors calling all of the station & fortress reactors as "Secondary".

  • Increased the power output on the higher level Carrier reactors.

  • Changed the Flagship fleet capacity from 25 to 24, so Ragnarok101's head won't explode and he'll leave me alone.

  • Fixed a bug where the Fungoid Light Carrier sections had a gap in between them.

  • Fixed a bug in the Exploration Cruiser Navigational Array that was not properly adding the sensor and hyperlane ranges.

  • Updated the Exploration Cruiser event so that it will not occur until the player discovers hyperlanes (if they start without that tech).

  • Fixed a bug that was allowing the Carrier Command & Control Network to be equipped on any ship.

  • Fixed a bug that was not allowing the MARS Weapon System to be equipped on Exploration Cruisers.

If the above steps don't work to solve your issue, the best way to get assistance is to open a Support Ticket on the NSC2 Discord:

To report a bug with the mod, you can file a new Bug Report on the NSC2 Discord:

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oskarwild 14 hours ago 
just read monty python jokes gone wondered why i hadn't seen them going to miss them :steamsad:
CaptainX3  [author] Mar 29 @ 3:08pm 
Freelancer - Is that save from before the game updated to 3.7? Because if so, it's gotta go, it's broken permanently. If not, that really is odd, but I couldn't give you an exact cause.
Freelancer Mar 29 @ 2:34pm 
Captain - The only mods ive added since the "working" games I mentioned are "Ancient Cache of Technologies" and "More Precursors"

Like in my current game (all tech done) i cannot build battlecruisers, carriers, and maybe 1 other. But i CAN build titans, dreads, exploration cruisers..

I reloaded another save (previous working games) and everything is there. Can build all types. Flip back to current save, carriers etc missing.

Both games full tech done (on repeatables only)

It very well could be a conflict, but it'd be a recent one. It's weird nontheless. Gonna do a new run today and will update this.

Side note: This mod is amazing - thanks for all of your work.
CaptainX3  [author] Mar 29 @ 9:19am 
Killjoy - Yes, Escort Carriers are gone. The Battlecruiser class can now upgrade to a Light Carrier, but the drop pods were removed completely as they caused major bugs.
Killjoy Mar 29 @ 8:19am 
wanna ask here so i know im not being a stupid

Escort carriers gone? im in late game and have flagships, dreads and juggers but no escort carriers, no more fleet invading? :(
CaptainX3  [author] Mar 29 @ 6:42am 
Autochrone - Ahh ok, I missed that, that range is too high. I’ll fix that on my next update, although I’m on the road working so it may be a bit. I originally tested the weapon with longer ranges to see how it did, but looks like I forgot to change it back before releasing. Oops. LOL.

Freelancer - Are you using any other mods that add Carriers or mess with them somehow? That’s very oddly specific to be missing ONLY that ship class.
Autochrone Mar 29 @ 1:59am 

In my current game, Harrington missiles with 0-80 range, outrange Knetic batteries (45-20 range), Tachyon lances (0-25 range). In some occasions with the carrier computer on, as the carrier is fleeing other vessels i even see harringtons preventing fighters that have an engagement range of 100 (125 for ancient fighters) from reaching their targets. The missile is just a must have since the AI uses it. Two of my supercarriers once destroyed an entire fleet of anemy battleships and corvettes by outranging them, showering them in harringtons.
That'a bit much for a PD countermeasure...
Freelancer Mar 29 @ 1:44am 
Ive done quite a few games where the mod works fine. Recently however, I am able to research Carrier/Heavy Carrier etc, but not be able to build them. Weirdly enough I can build the exploration cruiser, and everthing else in the mod seems to be fine. Dread, Titan, and Flagship also fine.

Just Carrier and Heavy, Strike Cruisers, maybe some others, not available in Ship desiger or to build at all (end game all tech researched)
CaptainX3  [author] Mar 28 @ 12:11pm 
jimmy cooks - Once you upgrade the megastructure through all 5 stages, the Flagship will appear about 30 days later.

Autochrone - Not sure what you mean by "ignores the system scale". All other stats for the missile pod are correct.

angpetru - I doubt it, but I may add this ability back into NSC2 now that Hyperdrives are a thing again.

clogbenner - Not sure what could be causing that, I haven't seen that. Are you using any AI mods?

Midnas - That's a mod load order issue, please read follow the instructions under the yellow banner above.
Midnas Mar 28 @ 12:04pm 
i've been having an issue where the AI can't build ships at the start, due to them (and my ships) being generated with the Antimatter Reactor at the start. This one does prevent the AI from building ships for a very long time...Anybody else been having this issue?