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(-NSC2 Season 3 - Episode 2 - Mod Version 3.2.x-)
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(-NSC2 Season 3 - Episode 2 - Mod Version 3.2.x-)

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  • New Ship Classes: Strike Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Fleet Support Ship, Carrier, Dreadnought, Titan (Upgraded From Vanilla), Flagship.
  • Ship Class Upgrades: New upgrade section options include the PD Destroyer, Light Carrier, Spitfire Battleship, Heavy Carrier, and Supercarrier.
  • Advanced Ship Behaviors: Follow, Charge, Artillery, Flanking, Hit and Run, and the original Default.
  • More Titans: Titan limit increased, because 3 is just not enough.
  • Solar Stronghold Starbase: This new Level 6 starbase is the ultimate system defense station.
  • New Starbase Modules & Buildings: Various new modules and buildings to enhance your starbases.
  • New Special Components: Special upgrade components for all classes.
  • New Weapons: A few new special weapons for more dakka.
  • The Return of Defense Stations: Stations and Fortresses are now buildable as Starbase Defense upgrades.
  • And Much More: Many other tweaks and changes to improve the gameplay experience.

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March 20, 2019 - Season 3, Episode 2: Behavioral Therapy
Update 3 - Mod Version 3.2.2 - New Save Game is Not Required
  • Updated the mod files for Stellaris 2.2.6.
  • Based on community feedback, changed the Fleet Support Ship back to a normal military ship.
  • Added a new Advanced Behavior: Standoff (Range 200) - This computer will force the ships using it to stand off outside of normal weapon range, protecting them from most enemy fire but also preventing them from firing at the enemy themselves. Ideal for ships you want to stay out of combat as much as possible, such as the Fleet Support Ship. (NOTE: T class weapons may still be able to target ships at 200 range or higher, so be careful!)
  • Added in a System Modifier swap for the normal empire Starbase Admin building which will grant +2 Executives instead of +2 Administrators if you are a Megacorp
  • Buffed all FE/Crisis Ships to be more of a challenge for NSC2 Users. The changes are listed below.

Fallen Empires
FE Titan - Hull 80k, Shields +100%, Armor +100%, Upkeep -25%, Armor and Hull Regen +5%, +200% Damage, +100% Fire Rate
FE Battlecruiser - Hull 40k, Shields +100%, Armor +100%, Upkeep -25%, Weapon Damage +100%, Fire Rate +100%
FE Escort - Hull 10k Evasion +50 from +35, Shields +100%, Armor +100%, Upkeep -25%, Weapon Damage +100%, Fire Rate +100%
FE Defense Platform - Hull 15k, Shield +100%, Armor +100%, Upkeep -50%, Weapon Range +50%, Fire Rate +100%

The Scourge
Warrior - 10k Hull, Armor +15k, Tracking +25, Fire Rate +150%
Brood Mother - 15k Hull, Armor +15k, Tracking +25, Fire Rate +150%
Small Ship - Hull 5k, Armor +5k, Tracking +25, Fire Rate +150%
Swarm Queen - Hull 50k, Armor +50k, Tracking + 25, Fire Rate +150%
Scourge Starbase - 90k Hull, +90k Armor, Tracking +25, Accuracy +25, Weapons Range +50%
Sentinel Starbase - 100k Hull, +25k Armor, +25k Shields

The Unbidden
Battleship - 15k Hull, +15k Shields, Tracking +25
Cruiser - 10k Hull, +10k Shields, Tracking +25
Escort - 5k Hull, +5k Shields, Tracking +25
Portal - 500k Hull, Armor +25k
Dimensional Anchors - 40k Hull, +120k Shields, Tracking +25, Accuracy +25, Weapons Range +50%

Warform - 8k Hull, +25k Shields, +25k Armor, Tracking +25
Seekers - 4k Hull, +10k Shields, +10k armor, Tracking +25
Nexus - 50k Hull, +25k Shields, +25k Armor, Tracking +25, Accuracy +25, Weapons Range +100%, Weapon Damage +100%
Platform - Hull 25k, Weapons Range +100%, Tracking +25, Accuracy +25
Core - 250k Hull, +100k Shields, +100k Armor, Weapons Range +100%, Tracking +25, Accuracy +25
Final Core - 500k Hull, +250k Shields, +250k Armor, Weapons Range +100%, Tracking +25, Accuracy +25

Cybrex Core - 250k Hull, +100k Shields, +100k Armor, Weapons Range +100%, Tracking +25, Accuracy +25
Heavy Station - 50k Hull, +25k Shields, +25k Armor, Weapons Range +100%, Weapons Damage +100%, Tracking +25, Accuracy +25
Light Station - 25k Hull, Weapons Range +100%, Tracking +25, Accuracy +25

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Ram Ranch 10 minutes ago 
When I upgrade to citadel, it downgrades the starbase to level 1
Ram Ranch 12 minutes ago 
The solar stronghold upgrade doesn't seem to be working for me
AFK 1 hour ago 
...What're the odds it caps at 255?
Gideon Falcon 1 hour ago 
Okay, figured it out, it was a strike-craft radar from a different mod that put it over the limit.
CaptainX3  [author] 2 hours ago 
Somewhere between 250 and 350, we haven’t been able to nail down the exact number.
Gideon Falcon 2 hours ago 
What is the max range where it rolls over? I'm having the problem again even with X slot weapons- and all the range modifiers are from empire effects so I can't change them.
Hurt Locker 7 hours ago 
Alright, thanks!
CaptainX3  [author] 7 hours ago 
Hurt Locker - Yes, the reason for it is because if we turn on auto design, our changes to the Titan cause a game crash if the player tries to edit the default design. The AI being unable to design Titans is a major issue though, we may have to go back to a 3 section design for it.
Hurt Locker 7 hours ago 
In the 00_ship_sizes.txt file, enable_default_design in titan section is set to no, so not like older versions, I have to load the design manually pressing 'New Design' tab in the ship designer. It seems that AI can't design and produce titans because of it as well. Is there any reason for it?
AFK 14 hours ago 
Ship behavior appearing to reset is a known cosmetic issue; designs will actually be built as saved.